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  1. Could i be diabetic? :-/

    Just take a test at your doctor or a bloodclinic. Did the test which basicaly means they let you drink a high sugared glas of water and test your sugar level over a couple of hours to see if it has declined steadily or it is still at too high levels. Plus you've got several forms of diabetis. The worst would be where you take shots during the day for the rest of your life. The other means taking a pill before you eat and by changing your diet and excersising there is a chance you even get rid of the pills all together. Which means your body has stabilised. Also the description you are giving probably means you are either allergic to something or its just in your head (mental thing). But then again it is always prudent to just check
  2. I deleted paint, help....!?

    No it shouldn't XP pre installs all windows data on the harddrive. It is not like ME or 98 where you have to put in your cd to get the files back. Just go to the control panel ==>add or remove programs ==> Add or remove Windows components.==> desktop accesories (or however it is called in english)==> if paint is not taggedthen tag it en press next or else untag it press next. when it is done restart XP go back and tag it again press next and voila you have a full working paint back
  3. Personal media players, an flash to mpeg

    Just recently bougth the Peekton PK6006 HDMI myselve. This thing is a monster. compatibillity with Ogg media , divx 1.xx to 6.xx DivX Pro and Xvid. Even plays srt and ssa etc subtitles. Off course it also plays the general stuff like DVD SVCD VCD etc.
  4. Commando!

    Problem with my beardgrow is that the hair structure gets really hard. With hard I mean "shave twice with the same razor and it becomes blunt" hard. I do sometimes leave it be for a while and let it grow to a certain lenght (it helps prevent the homer simpson beard). But then the women start complaining that it actually stings them like a needle. So going "commando" like mr_Odwin did is probably not the best of choices for me.
  5. Commando!

    Didn't that start to itch after a while? like a beard does when you leave it long enough?
  6. December 2nd Theories

    A moose or mousse? Because if he did that he would have a lot of problemens getting in to Canada or scandinavia for that matter. BTTP: I think the true name will be revealed. The shell and a few tech demos. Plus shiggy is going to give some more game ideas to the crowd. This so developers get more of an idea what is still possible and has not yet been thought of. Because dev's still don't know how to implement the contollers into a game without it becomming a gimmick or a minigame.
  7. Plasma or LCD?

    The big advantage of a Plasma screen is the fact you don't see any large pixels when looking a bit to close to the screen. LCD does have that effect. plus Plasma's go way bigger sizes than an LCD.only con would be the power usage nowadays. Burn-in is a problem of the first screens. they fixed that problem allready. Also a new plasma screen has about 40.000 burn hours to go. after 25.000 you may start getting less brightness. but 25.000 hours/ 12hours burn a day would add up to 2083 days at 365 days a year==>5.7 years before serious screen degreadation would occur LCD has about 60.000 hours whic would go to about roughly 8 years before screen degradation. Nowadays who has a tv screen fo that long? normal screens would be about 8 to 10 years.
  8. Whats Your System Made out of ?

    Well joining the My systems going to be bigger then your system thread....... current PC 1Ghz AMD Athlon ASUS K7V mainboard 1GB RAM 250GB harddrive Geforce Ti 4200 Soundblaster LIVE soundcard Hoping to build soon, AMD64 X2 4400+ 2GB Corsair TWINX 3500LL Pro DDR RAM ASUS A8N32 SLI mainboard ASUS Geforce7800 GTX Maxtor Diamondmax 11 500GB NCQ Harddrive Sunbeam Transformer Midi tower Sunbeam NUOO 550W black edition powersupply Saitek eclipse keyboard Logitech MX1000 Laser mouse plus the usual modding equipment (coolers, SATA and PATA cables etc.) Oh yeah , allready bought an Samsung 930 BF 4ms 19"TFT screen not to mention my HP dvd640i dvd DL burner with lightscribe. Plextor 52 speed cdrw burner And my 5Mbit down 758 Kbit up internet cable connection is not to shabby aswell :wink:
  9. What's your nationality?

    Which angle would that be? 15 30 45 90 or maybe 270? couldn't be 180 or 360 because they have no angle! :wink:
  10. What's your nationality?

    No we actually just let you think that!! We really wanted to raise our national IQ average a bit....... with about thirty points.
  11. Best PC game ever?

    The best Pc games of all time would have to be this top 20 List 01 Warcraft 2 02 Diablo 03 Civilization 04 All Monkey Island games 05 Day of the tentacle 06 Outcast (still hoping for part 2) 07 Total War series 08 Leisuresuit Larry series 09 Sim City 2000 10 Command and Conquer 11 Ceasar III 12 Colonization 13 Age of Empires 14 the Need for Speed 15 The Settlers 16 Battlechess 17 Mafia 18 Homeworld 19 DUNE 20 The Incredible Machine
  12. Best PC gaming case

    What about this one The sunbeam Transformer. This one I will buy real soon. It actually has an aircooler on top so hot air wil be blown out above the pc. Plus added neon light make it look extra cool!
  13. Lets have everyones input here......

    What I would love to see would be: Double Dragon (Does that company still exist? ) That actually was the first two person beat em up I've played and kept on playing. Jimmy and Billy Lee all the way. But to my knowledge the company that created DD went bankrupt and was not heared from since. Who has the license? Castlevania RPG ( Just think about it :shock: ) Castlevania back to the roots of Simon's quest (2D side scrolling RPG). I really prefer to play castlevania that way. Not like the other castlevania's Outcast II (creaming my pants just thinking about it.) I still have this game and play it still when I can on my PC. Back in the days when you had to have a powerfull CPU to play it because it did not use the graphicscard to calculate everyting. I think Appeal used voxel technology back then. But man oh man the worlds you walked in were stunning and open! And a good storyline to boot. For those of you who haven't played it!Just think of a prerunner on Beyond Good and Evil. But with a Stargate Crossover.
  14. Revolution's Graphics

    I beleive it is going to be way better than we expect. But actualy I would be happy if it is at least two times better than the cube itselve. Graphics are allready good as far as I'm concerned. Just make the enviroment in the games more interactive. Than I'm one happy camper!! Oh yeah bring on more RPG's and Adventure games
  15. IGN has gone Krazy

    Why not? It would be an excelent idea to create a new market and profit from it. Plus by doing it you give people the old arcade feeling back. You give developers the idea they don't need to configure buttons etc. just create an addon where the functionalities of the game are naturaly incorparated. That way they don't need time to consider buttonlayout and function and test it to see it works. It saves on developement time and eventually developement costs. The company comes up with the design and nintendo creates it. They can even dish it out with the game itselve. and create more for lets say multiplay. And sell those seperately. For a small price because it is just a shell. BTW They indeed sell the bongos seperatly It is possible to buy the bongos without the game. At least where I live I could.
  16. IGN has gone Krazy

    Well how about this. every gamedeveloper creates a shell especially suited for that type of game. Since game developement on the rev. will be less costly. A shell could be created and added to the game. And still keep the price below the competitors games. It would be great if that would be implemented together with Nintendo. I mean. Nintendo would forgo or lower on the royalties for creating a game on the console. Instead they create the addon and make a profit on it. by selling it on the side or adding it to the game. This way they have a unique game on their hands even if it is a multiple console port. Plus they make a profit.
  17. Baten Kaitos Origins Official Thread

    It is actually not a sequal as far as I know. it is actually a prequel. What I don't seem to get is that by doing a prequel you only get a different story within the same setting. The problem I have with that is that you only have so many islands in the sky and they are not that big. I know that from a developers point of view this would be a blessing because you would not have to lose time on creating new worlds and surroundings. Just the better graphics and storyline. the rest are be the same. I personally would have preferred the story within the "after baten Kaitos ends" setting. From a players perspective it would add to the " I'm playing a new adventure" feeling. You know how in the end of baten kaitos (those of you who finished it will know) everything changed. From that point everyting will be new. It ads to the world of Baten Kaitos. But with this part it will stay the same. just a different story with mostly if not all different characters That doesn't mean I won't play it though :wink:
  18. Colours

    Well. I;ll be getting the black and white one that's for sure. I'd think red and possibly blue for the other two! Wait a minute....why am I thinking in fours? it has no ports anymore!! Since it is all wireless...how many controllers can you actually use with this thing anyways? If it is more than I'll probbably get more than four. Can you imagine an eight player Super Smash Bros? Or eight player mariokart! Or super mario party!!
  19. Spiegel Online interviews Iwata

    Well thank god I can read german. it made it more fluid and easier to read through that load of text. The online translators are nice but you can never make out what the sentences mean because words are being put in the wrong place. With that I mean words are being translated directly without taking into account the meaning of the entire sentence. If you really want it I could take a swipe atranslating it for you. It would take a little while though. (load of text......translating german to dutch and then dutch to english....in my head that is!!)
  20. Who do you think you are?

    The man formerly known as Burning_Dragon. Oh yeah, great site by the way, forum looks good as well