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  1. Mario Kart Wii on 150Cc

    Hi guys, I know this isn't really a game that is "hot in the news" but I've recently picked it up again. I found a good character-kart combination for me which makes races a bit easier. I usually go for King Boo with the Offroader. Great handling and still good drifting. Plus the fact that King Boo is a heavyweight (you got to explain to me how a floating ghost is a heavyweight but ehh) makes him less easily tossed off the track by other carts. I really like King Boo Anyways, my real problem are those @! blue shells. I played a cup on 100Cc yesterday and I got 5 (!) blue shells in my face in one damn race! I admit it doesn't happen often. I usually 'only' get 2 or 3 of those but damn... 100Cc... 5 blue shells! I'm trying to get all cups on 150Cc, but I'm currently stuck. I keep getting bombed. It usually goes like this: I'm doing fine for the whole race, usually on the first or second place. Then, when there is half a lap left and I'm on the first place, I get bombed by a series of items. Blue shell, then when I barely landed back from the explosion, I get red shelled, then smashed around by bypassing carts and OH LOOK! I'm last! And with barely half a lap left, I can't get back in front unless a miracle happens. is there a certain style of driving that can reduce this? I mean I know blue shells, lightning, pow blocks and stuff can't be dodged but is there a certain tactic or driving style to avoid getting struck so much by these? Like being second all the time and try to get to the first position right before the finish? I donno. Don't get me wrong though: I still love this game and I prefer this than a piss easy racing game. Though I miss the coop possibility like in MKDD, this Mario Kart game is my second favorite. I just wish there was a normal Boo as a lightweight And I wish there was the possibility to choose to race alone, or in pairs like in MKDD.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wish List

    Oh yeah those are a few things I didn't think off that I would actually want to see changed too... - Bigger hub world with more secret stuff. Delfino Plaza was the best IMO - No more prankster comets. The one who made enemies faster was bearable but I hated the limited time and daredevil one. Those were frustrating as hell. - Return of Bomb Boo's - More Levels with Boo's - Boulderg... oh wait I already said I want this awesome boss again didn't I?
  3. Like everyone, I'm really glad SMG2 is coming But if Nintendo were to take "requests" from fans, what would you really want to see included in the game? Just try and keep it more or less realistic. Don't say "I wish for Mario to have a BIG GATTLING GUN to kill everything that moves and have bloodthirsty zombies eat bunnie alive". Keep it Mario-esque. My personal biggest wish would be an appearance of Bouldergeist (he was my favorite boss of the game) and maybe one level with FLUDD just to remember how fun Super Mario Sunshine was
  4. Next Paper Mario?

    Hi guys. First of all, don't get me wrong, I find it absolutely great that we're gonna get New Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I've been waiting for more Super Mario games on the Wii for ages and SMG was really a blast. Nintendo has listened to the long time fans who felt left behind for the casual gamers. However, I was quietly hoping for a new Paper Mario game (not like SPM, but like PM:TTYD.. an RPG). Now I'm pretty sure this game will be made one day eventually but E3 would have been brilliant if this was announced too. Ah well I guess we'll need patience. In the meanwhile, SMG2 and NSMB Wii are fine by me! Who else is hoping for a third Paper Mario?
  5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Oh my God! Nintendo has heard the cries of the long time fans and have brought us two Super Mario games! That is really great! I was secretly hoping for Paper Mario 3, but still, New Super Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy 2 is absolutely great! Nintendo is one of the few game companies I actually still trust doing their best to please the fans because they understood that happy fans=much money. Now lets hope they'll still announce Paper Mario 3 some time soon
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - What now?

    Maybe not a direct sequel to Galaxy. If you set another game in space, people will think Nintendo is just trying to abuse of the great success Galaxy was. (Comparable to Jurassic Park III: the first movie was great, the 3rd was a shame with the sole purpose of abusing the success of the first one by squeezing the last drop of money out of the series) Don't get me wrong though, if they'd make the same as SMG but with new content, I'd certainly buy and enjoy it. But another game with the same style as SM64, SMS and SMG would be great: one overworld from which you can access several sub-worlds that each contain "levels" with stars/sprites/whatever to recover. That was one of Nintendo's biggest mistakes on the GC in my opinion: not enough non-sports Mario games. We only had SMS and PM:TTYD which were both great, but they were the only ones on the GC. I hope Nintendo will at least make another Super Mario game in 3D and another Paper Mario RPG one. And the idea of a Mario and Sonic game would be cool. As said, Sega feels they have to add slow-paced levels to their Sonic games because otherwise it's over too quickly. Unlike the old-school Sonic games (8bit and 16bit era), today's technology allows you to save games so players expect longer games. To add the slow paced element, Sega added levels which weren't all too popular: searching Emerald pieces in Sonic Adventure 2, fishing with a cat in Sonic Adventure 1, working as a team containing at least one slower character in Sonic Heroes, Werehog form in Sonic Unleashed, etc. Mixing fast paces Sonic levels with slower paced Mario levels might be good... Nintendo should care a little less about the casual gamer by pumping out all those sports/minigame series and start thinking about what their long time fans want a little more.
  7. Paper Mario: RPG or Platformer?

    I probably will. I read some old reviews about it and it appears to have received high rates.
  8. Paper Mario: RPG or Platformer?

    Wow, I actually didn't expect so many people agreeing with me. I finished Paper Mario a couple of weeks ago. I had a lot of fun with it and it sucked me right into the game. I decided to give TTYD another go for the 4th time because I wanted to use a totally different badge set up. And guess what... I enjoy this game as much as I did the previous times I played it. I really hope they're gonna announce another Paper Mario RPG style in the future. I never played Mario RPG and while I would certainly buy and play a new one, I'm kinda used to the paper style so I'd prefer a Paper Mario game. As Cube indicates, Paper Mario would still work if there was a bit more platforming than in TTYD, but still lots of turn-based as well and still the interesting level ups, badges, flower points, objects and overall, the "strategy" that TTYD and PM had. With strategy I mean not simply running around and bumping on enemies, but having to think what badge combo to use, what your next attack will be, what partner you should use when... you get the picture of what I mean right?
  9. Sonic and the Black Knight

    I'm not really excited about this game. I didn't like Secret Rings mainly because you were always running and the controls were so tricky. I have to agree that Sonic's transition to 3D is not going all too well. The old school 2D sidescrollers were fantastic, Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure were also great games... all the 3D ones were weak. The only one I really liked was Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic Heroes was mediocre. Not horrible but not good neither. The rest IMHO, was plain bad. I think it would be a blast if they'd make another game like Sonic Adventure 2 or simply, another 2D sidescroller on the Wii. You can bet that would have a lot more success and they would partially regain their credibility. There was a time where I would blindly buy a Sonic game because I knew I'd like it... that time has gone for now.
  10. How do I start with what I have to say about this... I liked the first two PM games. I played TTYD first and liked it so much I decided to give PM a try on the VC (it was great too). When I heard about SPM I knew I would be disappointed because it lacked the RPG system so I decided the rent it instead of buying it. I wanted to see if it really would disappoint me or if by any chance, I would like it. Fact is, it did disappoint me and I didn't enjoy it. As I expected, the lack of RPG killed the game for me. Don't get me wrong, it was supposed to be a platformer and I'm sure it's a great game for it's genre, but I totally preferred the Paper Mario RPG-style. I miss the turn based combat, the badges, the flower points,... Leveling up in SPM was also not as interesting as in the Paper Mario series, partially because of the lack of badges. This doesn't mean I don't like the Platformer Super Mario games but eh, I like the Paper Mario RPG games slightly better and lets say that I've been keeping an eye on the N-europe homepage for over a year now in the hope to see an article saying "next Paper Mario RPG announced!" A lot of people are probably gonna shoot me for saying this and are gonna tell me "omg move on, series evolve, get over it" blablabla and again, I'm not saying this game was bad, but I preferred the RPG style. After all, we have enough platformer Mario games at our disposal. I truly, deeply hope they'll go back to the turn-based RPG style of the first two Paper Marios. TTYD was an absolutely amazing game. Almost everyone agrees on that. I hope they'll make another one in that style. I'm not saying they shouldn't make another SPM-type game, but please, make both styles co-exist, don't replace the RPG style with the Platformer one. I'm almost sure they're going to make another Paper Mario game and I hope that we'll see another RPG one. What is your opinion on this? Do you wish for another platformer or another RPG? Or do you hope they'll keep making games for both styles? By the way, I tried searching the forums to see if there were other threads about this, but I couldn't really find one so I hope making a new thread is ok.
  11. Wario Land: The Shake Dimension

    I'm not even halfway of this game, but I like it a lot. It reminds me Warioland 4 on GBA and I loved that one. This one is much better than Wario World (which was fun, but waaaay too short) or Master of Disguise. Wario works best in 2D sidescroller IMHO. I hope they'll keep this formula for the future. I personally don't like WarioWare so I was happy to have a regular, adventure game for Wario.
  12. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics

    You know what would be fun? If they'd put a full blooper reel like they did in Mario Tennis on the GC. I'm looking forward to this game, it's fun to play with friends.
  13. Whats up with the Japanese Gamers?

    Well I'm a bit worried. The Wii hype may be fading and you can say what you want, but the PS3 has more powerful hardware. We have to be realistic: there actually is a chance that the PS3 beats the Wii totally next year. You just don't see many kids who enjoy Super Mario games any more these days. They want to play some game where you can be a tough gangsta in da hoodz and shood homiez up yo! Many people prefer these types of games with powerful graphics rather than pure fun games that stress more on gameplay rather than amazing graphics. I may be mistaking though. Does that mean we have to fear Nintendo will go bankrupt, beaten by Sony? I hope not and I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. Let us not forget that the Gamecube got raped by the PS2 yet Nintendo still comfortably survived and kept making games that we like. Someone here said something a long time ago and I can't remember who it was, but he was right: Nintendo perfectly knows how to make profit and comfortably survive on the second or even third place.
  14. Sirena beach Hotel theme

    I tried vgmusic, but I thought they only had midi's. It's a good site tho But retro-lover's link has exactly what I needed. Thanks a bunch! I need to credit you for this in my level
  15. Hey all, I'm making a level for a game, and I'd like to use the music of Sirena Hotel in SMS. Not the beach theme or the casino theme, but the theme of the hotel itself. I searched google, but I can only find the theme of Sirena beach. Does anyone has an idea where I could eventually find this music? I don't know if it's legal or not... I guess it is since it's for a non-commercial project, but if it's not, feel free to close this thread. Thanks