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  1. Netflix

    NETFLIX! Has finally launched in the UK. You can get a free month's trial by signing up at https://www.netflix.com/ The price is £5.99 a month for unlimited streaming. Hopefully this will get competition in the UK heated up a bit because so far LoveFILM pretty much the only big player... YAY MEDIA!
  2. good stuff thread.

    I've also been watching this on Amazon Prime! Just trying to relive a bit of my childhood.
  3. good stuff thread.

    Just found out that all of My Wife and Kids is on Netflix. For years I've tried finding a download/DVDs of that show. Finally I can ruin my childhood memory of it!
  4. Netflix

    Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 15 got added last week. Already done with it. Now to wait motionless until the next one is added.
  5. Indie Games

    So what indie titles has everyone been playing? I've been trying to complete 4 minutes and 33 seconds by the guy who made Crayon Physics, but so far no luck. I'll try to complete it in a few months when everyone has hopefully forgot about it. Crayon Physics, by the by, was also a blast. Pretty fun, addictive and at times really shines.
  6. Netflix

    Just looked past the last few pages and I'd kind of forgotten that Netflix isn't just for watching bad Nic Cage films.
  7. Online Storage

    Hey guys! So I was wondering what online storage people use. I use DropBox but I've nearly filled it. I also use SkyDrive but it's pretty slow and shitty. I've just started using SugarSync and that has 5GB free, with a decent desktop app. It's just like DropBox but 5GB instead of 2GB. If anyone wants to try it they could always use my referral link and get 5.25GB too. https://www.sugarsync.com/referral?rf=djzvze0w8jrnz&utm_source=txemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=referral But yeah I was thinking of paying for a DropBox account... not sure if it's worth it yet though. Okay, also with SugarSync you can complete little tasks like, "Upload a file!" and get more space. You can get just over 6GB by just simply using it.
  8. 3D Modelling Thread

    Dan, your progress is great; keep it up!
  9. Podcasts

    What podcasts do people listen to, if any? I started listening to Penny-Arcade podcasts while I'm at my PC, just a nice alternative to listening to music at time. But they haven't got many and I'm going to run out. So what other good podcasts are there? Gaming specific is good, but not a nessaccary.
  10. good stuff thread.

    I was just finishing up Luigi's Mansion and about to buy Super ario 3D Land; and then it became free for registering your 3DS! Glad I didn't register it yet.
  11. Hey man, yeah I've been picking it up just recently. Super noobish though still! Hoping to spend some proper time with it tomorrow actually...

  12. Awesome stuff thread

    Fucking Americans...
  13. The Great Big Job Hunt Thread

    I spend all day on all fours (calm down) to prop up the a map artist's desk. And yeah I moved to sunny old Edinburgh for this job. Moving about in the games industry is super common - and also fun! Cause it means people like me can escape the farmlands of Lincolnshire.
  14. The Great Big Job Hunt Thread

    "Shit done changed" - Biggie Smalls - Wesley
  15. The Great Big Job Hunt Thread

    I've been slowly putting together a Google Map of game devs. UK is pretty packed - but I've been avoiding start-ups and mobile stuff really. But anyway you might find it helpful. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=205433213486745599629.0004d6f9c6ac8957a5971&msa=0&ll=53.514185,-2.460937&spn=11.341079,28.54248 Man some of these job searches sound awful. I don't know how people keep sane given the amount of stuff happening/for how long. Mine was fairly simple. Finished uni June/July last year (seems much longer than that :P) and then focused on my folio for about 2 months - then applied for all the larger/console studios in the UK. Within a month I got an interview at Rockstar North and, just over a year ago, started there as a map support artist. Was fairly simple and makes me feel super lucky/guilty at the same time! If you feel out of touch with some of this stuff but want to get back in - while having something to show for it folio wise - then why not try out Unity? Fantastic for mocking up something simple and showing you can code competently in C# or Java. Just take a puzzle game like Devil Dice and re-make it in Unity. 3dmotive have some great Unity training going on over at udemy for only $5 each!
  16. good stuff thread.

    Such a cute pup! That made my day. Well today is my last day off from work. After V shipped I got given 2 weeks of comp time. This is in the GOOD thread though because although it's ending it was a really relaxing and I'm looking forward to going back to work and getting into stuff.
  17. Your Last Game

    PC. I hear the updates/patches are coming out super slow on consoles.
  18. Your Last Game

    Yay! Thomas Was Alone is all kinds of fantastic! I'm just going to say Payday 2 - even though I've not 'completed' it. It's amaaazing. Ticks all the boxes I want ticking.
  19. Eurogamer Expo

    If anyone is about and they see Dream; could they find Sam (who should be standing next to it if he's doing his job properly) and tell him he owes me money please? Thanks.
  20. good stuff thread.

    We love you too.
  21. 3D Modelling Thread

  22. Living alone

    “If you are lonely when you're alone, you are in bad company” But seriously. Living alone is great. There aren't any time stealers.
  23. Alternative to "adult" games?

    Things with "xxx" in the title sell twice as well than if they didn't.
  24. Grand Theft Auto 5

    I never left baby. Just didn't post. But I've been watching. And I'm disgusted with you Magnus...