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  1. Hey man, yeah I've been picking it up just recently. Super noobish though still! Hoping to spend some proper time with it tomorrow actually...

  2. Did you ever find any paper that fits into those Nintendo notebooks?

  3. Don't ever let the fact that you can't be perfect stop you from doing your best.


    Murs for President!

  4. No waaaaai is that the best Pokedex ever made.

  5. I lolled so much when you dropped Nathan Drake.


    U make me happy.

  6. I've gone back to trying to mention you in every post I make.




    (This counts as a post)

  7. I had a dream that you and I went to a theme park last night.


    It was awesome.


    Although the roller-coaster we went on was a bit odd...


    Its' tracks were made of lovely green hedges.

  8. I think we should combine the two!

  9. Yeah it's so awesome! I just saw Robert Ashley mention on Twitter that he will put ICTS upon Spotify as well.

  10. REZ!wdsefsefsefsef

  11. I wish I'd misread it as [email protected]k


    Can you imagine fucking an atom?

  12. When I think of you I always picture a cum-ridden rag that's been discarded on the floor.


    Also I misread that email below as [email protected]

  13. Because I don't post a lot.


    And you've asked me to.


    Whenever I do post I'm going to mention you.


    In any way I can.

  14. I love it.


    I will post more for you.


    Also, as you said Jolly Rancher Ice Pop I got an erection.


    That has to be the best thing ever.


    Then you said my name and I came.

  15. Ok dude no problem, cheers for letting me know.

  16. Well if you like I'm fine waiting a while for you to get the cash together as long as it's not too long.


    In all honesty I'd prefer to sell it to an actual person cause I hate GAME and all the rest.


    Yeah I suppose it's more risky but I've got good rep on the trading boards (it's only 1, but it should be 2 like yours).


    If you really want I could put it on eBay as a buy it now and then the second it's up send you link or something.


    I am sexy.

  17. Right at the end! The fucking amazing(!!!!) towers that feel like they're in the sky. Feels like I'm about 30 minutes from ending this bad boy. Gonna do it tonight!

  18. ReZ at night I masturbate thinking of you.


    Also, that monster in Uncharted 2 scared the shit out of me.


    When you first see his outline, etc.



  19. This will cheer you up, rebel.



  20. You be hardxcore bro.

  21. Why'd you get kicked out of college?

  22. That's pretty sweet!


    I think I'll jump online this weekend then.


    Don't hurt me.

  23. It was a time hole.


    Tiiiiiime hole.


    Plus you were my only real friend and now that we regularly sleep together it's pointless.


    I'm at the end of Uncharted 2.


    Every time I try to complete it I poo myself with excitement.

  24. Also, why have you not added me on PSN.