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  1. i'm addicted to Tactics Advance again and can't wait for number 2. Trying to make amends for my many mistakes but might buy a 2nd version, not only to make up for them but to trade items.
  2. Falcon will definately be in it - Samurai Goroh was an earlyish update. He shouldn't be an unlockable as he's a veteran.
  3. about the whole microphone thing. I read somewhere that there is gonna be a second add-on in with the rev. the nunchuku is one so maybe a microphone is the other? they are the dev kits don't say otherwise! also, will the revolution launch in all the colours we have seen? (black, grey, red, lime green and white)
  4. Zelda revolution starfox revolution Resident Evil (resi 4 camera view) with gun attachment Mario Tennis Star Wars game (jedi/soldier) Rogue Squadron
  5. they are cgi obviously but oh well they look great! Maybe show them in all colours like the wonderful lime green colour!
  6. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link awful, awful game...why did it get remade as a NES classic? Why Nintendo why?
  7. the screens look so good! i cant find the magazine anywhere though!
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