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  1. Mario Kart 8

    I'm waiting for a copy from the Nintendo Store (still tracking at Shaw Hub) and I'm in the same boat. Seeing as I'm not in on Monday it's looking like I'll have to wait until Tuesday for the earliest delivery date now.
  2. Wii U eShop Thread

    And Balloon Fight. I know it was updated, but it's just sped up 50Hz. It runs fine other than the helium music.
  3. Mighty Switch Force 2

    Is the music as good as the original? That was one of my favourite things about the first one.
  4. Nintendo Collectables!

    Oddly, the Samus statue and the gunship have now returned to the play.com site. Both have 'usually despatched within 4-5 days' as their stock status. I hope that means those who still have orders for them will actually get them but I suppose we'll see.
  5. Nintendo Collectables!

    OK, here's some pictures: Close up of his face: Nice shot of his sheild. Check out the detail on the map and key:
  6. Nintendo Collectables!

    I got my Link statue delivered on the 5th of this month from Play. I'm surprised how much faster it took to disappear than previous statues though.
  7. DS/DSi General Discussion

    The DSi is 137mm X 74.9mm X 18.9mm. The DS Lite is 133mm X 73.9mm X 21.5mm. Apart from being slightly thinner the DSi is actually bigger.
  8. They didn’t release Rhythm Tengoku here. Considering how brilliant it is that has to be one of the worst things they’ve done in recent years alongside what they did to Wario Ware Twisted. Also: Gamecube Animal Crossing was very late. Bit Generations games never made it here. Drill Dozer never made it here.
  9. Nintendo Collectables!

    Thanks for answering my question. I thought that might be the case. Actually, looking at their website it looks as though they have announced a distributor for their Nintendo figures in the last few days so I guess that means that companies like Play really will be getting their stock soon.
  10. Nintendo Collectables!

    Nice! Hero-of-Time, do you mind me asking where you ordered from? Did you order your Fierce Link direct from First4Figures or from somewhere else like Play.com? The reason I ask is because I've had this pre-ordered with Play since last August and I've been wondering how long I'd have to wait. I think it might be time next week to find out from Play what's going on with this.
  11. Help - My SD Card is stuck

    I've got the same problem. Both of my SD cards get stuck and I have to use tweezers to get them out. I called Nintendo about it and they said the card slot should work just like with the DS, but mine just doesn't. The cards I've tried: Wii branded 1GB SanDisk SanDisk 2GB Ultra II I find what emasher has said about SanDisk cards getting stuck very interesting. Does that mean that it's likely that the card slot of my console isn't broken? It's just that I find it very surprising that the Wii branded card would get an 'Official Nintendo Seal' from Nintendo if it was too big to work properly in the Wii's SD card slot.
  12. Yes, but he made it clear that nothing is definite yet (or I suppose they would make a proper announcement). To be fair, late May is hardly surprising after the e-mail they sent to everyone (8th December last year) talking about linking your VIP account to your Wii saying that the benefits from doing so would go live in the ‘near future’. Hopefully everything will go to plan for them and they’ll get it going nice and soon so I can discover the PC Engine. He also told me that it’s Nintendo Japan who is responsible for deciding if we get 60Hz games. I suppose NOE really is just a puppet on a string on this matter. He kindly gave me their address so I can complain directly to Japan about the various issues that we have with our Virtual Console. If that doesn’t get a result I suppose I’ll have to get an import console to get into the Virtual Console.
  13. About stars to points: I was speaking to Nintendo UK customer services today and one of the things I asked was about the stars to Wii points conversion thing (has nobody else here asked them about this?). Obviously what he said could change but I know people here are interested so I thought I’d share, especially seeing as I can't remember anyone else posting this. He said that the current plan is that it will start in late May. He also said that an exchange rate has not been decided yet.
  14. Chibi Robo

    The only place I know where you can get a PAL copy from is DVDCrave (.com) in Australia (only 1 left at this time though) and while it's not exactly cheap, it's not a bad price. I can't post a link because I haven't posted enough. I've used them three times and they have been great every time (delivery in about five days, customs friendly). Do a search on them if you want to know more because people from this site have used them before.