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  1. EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis!

    This game is really good! If you hold the wii-mote like you would when you play tennis, ie in front of you (before you take a shot), there seems to be far less glitches.
  2. Blast Works

    Does anyone know whe this is released in europe? (or uk) I cant find release date anywhere!
  3. FIFA 2008

    Isnt this game out on friday?? Wheres all the reviews?
  4. What do you want in 2008 from Nintendo?

    Demos of Ds games downloaded from the Wii shopping channel.... Huge support of WiiWare... (i wanna see the next geometry wars!) More emphasis on online games... Wii channels/main menu customization, skins etc bought from shopping channel A skiing game done on the Balance board, maybe using a remote in each hand representing the sticks! Pikmin 3 No game droughts.... i havent bought a game in ages....
  5. Ghost Squad Wii

    If they have some calibration for the pointer, i cant see how they can go wrong with this one!
  6. Manhunt 2

    Has anyone thought, rockstar might have intended for the game to be banned by countries, thereby raising the games profile, then releasing a toned down version which they had all along and was the intended one to begin with! could be a marketing ploy...
  7. Playstation Discussion Archive

    whoops!! my mistake
  8. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Well, the PS3 is becoming more affordable by the day on ebay.... see here
  9. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Wow, there was more people at the Wii midnight launch of my local tescos than the official Australian launch of PS3!
  10. Playstation Discussion Archive

    You might as well get one off ebay, ive seen loads go for round 400 quid, im so gald i didnt pre order one to sell on ebay!
  11. WiiPlay and Extra Wiimotes AWOL?

    I think Table tennis is soooo addictive! Takes time to get used to the controls, but once you do, its so intuitive!
  12. Full Nintendo Wii European Launch Line Up

    Looks like it'll be an axtra remote for Wii play, Monkey ball for all those multiplayer mini games, and Zelda because its Zelda.
  13. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Few questions... 1. Can the gamecube controller be used for virtual console downloads? 2. Can te nintendo wifi usb connector be used with the wii?
  14. European Event- General Chat

    The controllers are so expensive because basically no-one is likely to copy it, there is unlikely to be any third party controllers. So nintendo can charge what they want, no competition.
  15. Doesnt the US presentation start at 2pm, GMT?
  16. Iwata talks Wii controller, Wii online

    Am i expected to keep my computer on all night in order to keep connected to wiiconnect24?
  17. Game & Watch

    Does anybody here collect the old Nintendo Game & Watch series? Ive just come back from a flea market, with a boxed, 'Vermin' including instructions, excellent quality! I was wondering if anyone knows how much it will be worth. It would be interesting to know if anyone else collects them. Theres 60 in total and they are well cool!
  18. Game & Watch

    UPDATE: Its up to £142 and finishes on WEDNESDAY night!
  19. Game & Watch

    Great news! Its only been on ebay 1 day and its up to £95 with 9 days to go!! if anyone interested, i'll send you a link to the page!
  20. Game & Watch

    Wow, been researching before i put it up for sale. A mint condition 'Vermin' once went for 700 U.S dollars in 2004! Mine, although it was on a flea market, it was more of a collectables store so cost £35, i could tell it must be worth something as the box was immaculate to say it was from 1980! Just working out my ebay strategy now!
  21. Picture a guy waiting at a bustop, looking really aggitated and sweating profusedly. People stare at him. Next clip shows him sat on the bus, closing his eyes everytime it goes over a bump. He gets off the bus and runs like hell to get home. He reaches the door, struggles like hell to get his keys out of his pocket, and struggles to actually direct the key into the lock, he opens the door. Cuts to next scene..... the guy is looking really relieved and he's smiling playing on wii. Ad finishes, 'desperate for a wii?' It would be good if nintendo could take the mickey out of itself like this.
  22. Force Feedback for Rev?

    What if the controllers have dynamo's in them, like watches, whereby the movement of the controller actually powers it, thus no batteries!
  23. Elebits!

    What is good is that it is designed in a way which wouldnt work with existing controllers! This is a good sign, i see a lot of exclusive games coming revolutions way.....
  24. After the first shots... How do you feel?

    I think the screens look great, but Nintendos efforts are going to really show what the Revs graphics are capable of. Im pretty sure only Nintendo will have the final 'final' dev kits, they are in a business and will want their own games to sell the most and one of the ways they can do this is by ensuring their games look the best.
  25. New ONM

    Just got new issue of edge, contains exclusive Shigeru M. interview. If ONM isnt released till 20th, maybe it'll give them time to include some new revo info? With all the ideas about rev having 3D functions, does anyone not find it a bit weird that no media types have asked Nintendo about it? Matt C is always quick to tell us when we are off track, but i dont think he's ever said 'look guys, quit it with the 3d rumours, there is no 3D!!' Just a thought.