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  1. "Pokemon Grumble" Interactive pocket-monster porn (cartoon voices, naturally!). "Mushroom City" Mario themed GTA clone. That'll do for the first 5 years.
  2. I'd prefer if they called it:- Italy Vendetta IV: The Conspiracy Of The Alien Guns In The Post-Apocalyptic World War II Whore Gangster Car (Destructible Scenery Edition) Part II HD Redux.5 The twats.
  3. My two cents... Sorry if somebody else has already come up with this but... Starfox: Multiverse (Working title) A rift in the Starfox universe opens up, resulting in Fox and co chasing Andross through other Nintendo universes with predictable awesomeness. Imagine boss fights such as; blasting Bowser in his flying machine over a lake of lava or chasing and zapping Ganondorf (on horseback) across Hyrule. You could even enter the Airwing into a Mario Kart race...
  4. ... and if you play right now, the little robot fella is adorned with a Santa hat and red nose.
  5. The colour scheme looks nice but the music could be a lot better.
  6. After reading the Eurogamer review, I caved in and ordered a Wii speak. Never thought I'd do such a thing... I feel... dirty.
  7. MrRon

    Pikmin 3

    Didn't enjoy it much then?
  8. MrRon

    Pikmin 3

    I wonder where can they go next with this franchise. What new pikmin types and abilities will be included? What Wii specific features will be included? M+ for plucking and herding? Online? Will there be 2 or more playable characters? More than 100 pikmin to control?
  9. MrRon

    Pikmin 3

    Time for a thread for the flowery little buggers.
  10. I've been led to believe that the sword is a character (the silver female with the pointy head, depicted in the painting shown at E3) that will float alongside Link, thus negating the need to jump to First Person for 1:1 handling.
  11. Getting the star coins on 9-7 is some kind of inhuman torture that I'm too scared to even attempt again for at least week, fearing some kind of a mental breakdown. I have every star coin bar the three in this level which is, indeed,
  12. You can already play OOT on the N64, GC and Wii. I don't think a remake makes any financial or creative sense.
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