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  1. Medal of Hounor Vangaurd faulty?

    The game now works. The problem was this disk contains a system update, and for whatever reason it could not update so the game never loaded. I did an update via wireless at a friends, and then inserted the MOH disk and it came up do you want to do a system update and them played.
  2. Medal of Hounor Vangaurd faulty?

    They had 2 new Wii's in stock which they would'nt open; they may have a trade in by tomorrow to try them on. Good idea about the receipt, will try that if nothing definate happens at EB in the next week.
  3. Medal of Hounor Vangaurd faulty?

    The problem is stores other than EB wont change games (without a REAL lot of hassle), if you say its faulty they say its your Wii.
  4. I tried 2 copies of Medal of Honour Vangaurd, both failed to load at all (in the Wii initial menu screen). So both went back to EB (Australia). Has anyone else had this problem? All the guy at EB could find out was one copy was also returned in another branch he phoned. All other Wii games (5 titles) and gamecube games work fine.
  5. Playstation Discussion Archive

    It will be interresting then to see the follow up numbers in the coming weeks, there will be no excuse that small sales are due to shortages. I dont think the launch in Australia went that well, but again it could be excess supply (annidoctal evidence: small price drop from RRP, JP-HiFi extending 10% off PS3 games, my friend at EB pissed off he did a midnight launch to only shift 6 units). Lets hope Sony are quick to drop the price so I can pick up a unit. Already 1080p widescreen LCD's are becoming affordable here in Australia, and should quickly half in price.
  6. what the hell is going on?

    Well excite truck is a title I still play, along with Wii sports when friends are around but that is it. If devs want to put in shiit graphics OK, but charge a budget price, not the same price (or close to it) as PS3 titles which cost much more to develop for and ATM has a smaller user base. The Wii is capable of excellent graphics, but so far devs are following the Gamecube and releasing games not up to the capabilities of the machine. Hopefully things will change, but for not it looks like its following gamecube, only with more support from third parties with many poor quality titles.
  7. Playstation Discussion Archive

    My local EB has the PS3 in a fully enclosed area with no ventillation and it has not locked up once since it was installed. They tried the X360 there before and it failed constantly. The other thing I noticed was the start up time for games of the PS3. While > than the Wii they are acceptable and much less than the 360 games Ive seen.
  8. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Well there are bound to be some faulty units; the PS3 does not seem to have the epidemic of faults that plague the X360. Maybe the new X360-Elite will solve some of them.
  9. Playstation Discussion Archive

    The PS3 is definately the way to go. Why would you get a X360 with all there reliability problems? So far there have been no reports that I've seen to indicate PS3 is unreliable. And if you add in blueray DVD then the PS3 is better value than X360.
  10. what the hell is going on?

    I dont have a PS3 (YET) I have a Wii and apart from WiiSports, Zelda (a GCN port but best Zelda game ever) and maybe Excite Truck (shiit 2 player/slowdown, brilliant single player) the rest are medioce at best. Cant vouch for Eledees, it aint released here yet and is one game I'll be picking up. And no I aint 14 I'm 50 my keyboard is fu##ed.
  11. what the hell is going on?

    Well at the moment I could pick up PS3 release titles with amazing graphics at JB-HiFi on Australia for the SAME price as craptastic graphic WiiFiiLess Wii titles. Or if I had an X360 I could pick up X360 titles for 50% less than Wii titles. As per the gamecube devs are putting in shiit grpahics, no wiifii and charging the same as or more than higher def titles on other systems. And Friend codes on a console is the last straw. FFS.
  12. what the hell is going on?

    And WHAT planet are you living on? There are already better titles available on the PS3 than the mediocre titles on the Wii. Cant wait for PS3 to price drop and get Wii like controllers.
  13. Experts Expect Sony PS3 to outsell Wii

    Theres already MORE games I want due to be released on PS3 than have been released on the Wii. Its a FACT that the Wii is still getting mostly kiddy games and crap ports. Apart from Zelda, Excite Truck and Wii Sports there is nothing of much use on the Wii at the moment except mini games. So for me I will only get a few Wii games until I can $$$ to get a 1080p LCD screen and PS3.In 1 - 2 years the PS3 will be thrashing the Wii.
  14. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Well I played the PS3 at EB and it's at least 1,000,000,000,000.11% better than the Wii. Now to wait till I get a 1080p LCD screen.
  15. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    What is the multiplayer like? Does it remain smooth and fluid or does it slow down and become unplayable like in Excite Truck? IT seems like many Wii games everyone has a totally different opinion, especially on the controls. Makes it very confusing.