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  1. I belive three things will happen soon. 1. Sony's whole videogaming industry will slowly die out. 2. Xbox will lead the path of great graphics, and some good storyline. 3. Nintendo will take the path of innovation, and make games that are actually fun, and Wii will be a huge hit, allowing you to immerse yourself into the storyline of games far better that previousilly thought possible. These are only predictions, but if Nintendo, Microsoft, ans Sony keep following the path they are taking then I belive that this will happen. However, with that said, I heard that Sony was trying to patent a kind of virtual reality. If this could be done it would take their popularity and gameplay to a whole new level.
  2. Videogames Make Kids Violent!

    I currently own 10 M games, (Fable, Resi 0,1,2,3,&4, Halo1,&2, Splinter cell and gta psp i am not violent at all and i am sixteen comma i hate stickykeys it messes up ur comp i can on ly type lowercase lettersperiod they started after splinter cellperiod comma:nono:
  3. Name A Game You Should Play Before Wii.

    Naw......mambe.......just a little.....Hey! Its only the best game ever made. I mean 4 has better graphics and storyline than Halo, and Half-Life, and the storyline of the games it amazing. I play resi everyday, and I still haven't gotten bored of it. I beat 1 in one day, and I have almost beat 23&4. I am starting Zero, and replaying the d.s. version as Rebecca Chambers. It's AMAZING!
  4. Name A Game You Should Play Before Wii.

    Hey, Don't forget Zero!
  5. Worth the $$$?

    Hey! DDR is awesome, and have you even ever played Guitar hero!?
  6. Worth the $$$?

    Let me explain. If you want more game variety CHOOSE PS2! THe gamecube SUCKS in the amount of games it has. It has mostly great games, but if you want alot of good games get ps2 (ex. DDR, Guitar Hero, Kingdom of Hearts) don't get me wrong! I LOVE nintendo, and have a GB GB color, SNES, GBA, GBA:SP, D.S., and, D.S. Lite. I love nintendo. I just wish I had more ddr songs that mario mix does......
  7. Worth the $$$?

    I purchased one last week after a long mental debate (ps2....gamecube......no ps2......but gamecube is awesome..........ps2 is better.......gamecube is cheaper......) That debate continued untill I learnt that resident evil zero is GCN exclusive. I purchased a gamecube, 2 controllers, and two games for $40.00 USD. I have not been dissapointed. For the last week I have been up playing resi 0,1,2,3,&4 untill 2:00 AM every night. I LOVE RESIDENT EVIL!!!!!! It is the Halo of GCN!
  8. Hey, what is your imput on resi 4, Is it one of the most gory games ever, one if the most fun games ever, or a big waste of time. Also, are the resi games more of a playstation, or gamecube geared product, and witch does it play better on? My friend says PS2:heh:
  9. Videogames Make Kids Violent!

    I also heard that games are sometimes an outlet for violence. Do you think that is in any way correct?
  10. Hey, I was wondering your opinions on violence in videogames. Does It make kids more violent to play games like DOOM3, or RE:4? Do you think that the research behind it is fake or grounded in facts?
  11. Worth the $$$?

    I agree that november is a ways off, but wouldn't it be better saving for a revolution now (if you only have $5.00 a week for recreation)?
  12. Worth the $$$?

    Hey, Is the gamecube relly worth $99.99? Shouldn't nontendo lower the price now. I mean, I had trouble spending $40.00 on a Gamecube. Is it relly worth $99.99?
  13. ddr:mario mix

    It's too expensive in ebay, and on amazon.
  14. ddr:mario mix

    Does anyone know the restock date of ddr? The shortages are getting me ticked off!