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  1. Can anyone help me with a problem with my stepsons switch? So he has just got a switch after having playing mine to death over the last year and I went onto his switch to set it up. Having thought I had family membership I signed into his Switch using my Nintendo ID and this has now wiped his user profile but still has his save file on Mario & Rabbids but on my profile. Is there a way of transferring this save file to another user (I have now since setup another user on family membership). Or if I delete my Profile on his switch will this revert back to the user that was on there before? Any help will be much appreciated
  2. Im kind of enjoying doing the little thing in this game; ie just exploring every nook and cranny rather than just wanting to complete the main story mode which I guess it where this Zelda is different to previous games in the series. Only problem is Id rather get a refund from game as it cost me £35 on Amazon and £60 in game
  3. Absolutely loving this game after getting it launch, I didnt think I could love a Zelda game more than Ocarina/Majoras but this is on its way to becoming my favourite Zelda. I like the way you have boss battles on the overworld. I came across a bear that was running towards me yesterday and was surprised when it ran straight past only to find that there was a huuuge Hinox coming right at me! ON another note, has anyone had any luck taking a game back to game as I pre-ordered with Amazon but it didnt arrive so I decided to buy a copy from game as i thought ill just take the Amazon copy back to Game and get a refund but they take the game out of its wrapper and put their own seal on.
  4. OOh im getting pumped for this tomorrow now. Still no e-mail from Amazon to tell me that it has been despatched
  5. Looking to play some online Mario Kart - my nintendo id is portlett if people want to add me
  6. bought my wii U last week and this is my second game after Mario kart. Loving the little time I have played so far. Its got a lot of style - great music, great art diretion and of course gameplay has that old skool fun feel to it.
  7. Quick question....was wondering if anyone knows whether you can install minecraft on the hudl android system. I have a friend who is thinking of buying one for xmas for his kid who wants it to play minecraft, hungry shark, my monsters, cut the rope, dumb ways to die. important one is obviously miecraft. Cheersnguys.
  8. Portlett

    Diablo 3

    downloaded this yesterday and i must say its pretty awesome....from not having any desire to buy it I am now thinking I have no choice but to purchase it. Not played co-op yet, looking forward to that.
  9. I use flashscores.com - it's pretty good for checking the scores
  10. Federers been a great player in the history of tennis but he just annoys me. He's not a great loser and his gold RF clothing line just oozes in self indulgence.
  11. if Djokovic wins wont he be the first to hold all 4 slams at the same time?
  12. ive been pretty addicted to watching the french open this week too seeing as ive just moved to Sheffield and dont currently have a job. Was sad to see Murray exit but Ferrers a better clay court player. The Tsonga Vs Djokovic was the match of the tournament so far for me though. Just watching the Federer/Djokovic match and it looks like itll be Djokovic against Nadal in the final.
  13. mine arrived this morning from shopto, just rescued the doctor from the mill....pretty damn cool so far.
  14. well no rioting here, although I do live in a small village in Wales....but this is just crazy, this is the most destressing thing that has happened to this country in living memory for me. I know you might say the london bombings was more destressing but this is just madness, people are destroying other peoples livelihoods because they can and they dont care of the consequences because they think they can get away with murder. Utter disbelief at what has happened over ther last 3 or 4 days
  15. well ive managed to get it working again today by doing the towel trick, not sure how long itll last though. Its the original 360 20 gb so not worth that much probably.
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