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  1. European Event- General Chat

    BK in Europe? Are you sure?
  2. European Event- General Chat

    No, nothing new I'm afraid...But there is also Tokyo Game Show within 5 days
  3. No. I never get my consoles at launch. There will always be problems at the beginning (like a dead pixel on the dslite), so I'll wait a few months (probably 2 months).
  4. European Event- General Chat

    I thought Mii was one of the channels and is free? What is Wii play?
  5. European Event- General Chat

    Only the white version for now, sorry! Personly I'm glad about the price and date. It's the first time we get a console this fast after Japan and America I only hope that they will make it
  6. European Event- General Chat

    I heard the GC version will come in december in America. We'll probably gonna have to wait a few months more.
  7. European Event- General Chat

    Oh, sorry! I thought that you were complaining about that we have to wait longer and stuff. My mistake
  8. European Event- General Chat

    What's up with you?! It's only 3 weeks longer then America and not 5-6 months like the gamecube! God, why do people always have to complain?
  9. European Event- General Chat

    Well that's because the Japanese gamers won't be getting Wiisports (or whatever you call it) with the wii console.
  10. Someone Broke The Forums!

    I'm having the same problem here and i'm a newbie
  11. Crystal Chronicles This Year

    That's not true at all, my friend. All FF games are known for their great story en lovely characters. But when you look at crystal chronicles, you see that there is still some story left. Only not as much as you would like Game Designer Studio know their mistake now, so maybe we'll get a better story plus some online gaming