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  1. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

    Played the demo yesterday, really enjoyed it. And luckily, a store just put it on sale for as cheap as about £20 (directly converted) so ordered it, going to pick it up tomorrow. I'll be playing Figment 2 this weekend for review purposes but after that, I think I'll dive into this. Looking forward to it.
  2. A (true) demo has been released, and the game just got a new trailer:
  3. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

    A demo has gone live, lets you play the Prologue and most of the first planet: Also English version of the above trailer:
  4. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (April 7th UK)

    The release date was always April 5th here in Denmark due to Easter holidays on Thursday and Friday (movies usually premier on Thursdays here). You don't have days off due to Easter in UK?
  5. Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe (24th Feb 2023)

    When you first start the game, it kind of aggressively wants you to start an online subscription and it makes it seem that if you don't, you won't be able to play the game at all - selecting cancel then just tells you that you can't see friends' high-scores etc. and starts the game. That wasn't so user-friendly. Other than that, it's a good game. Nothing great but it's fun to play for an hour or two, and do that three or four times and you are finished... I'm about halfway through with about 3 hours on the clock. Haven't touched the multiplayer-games yet, though.
  6. Seems like Bandai Namco acknowledges the bad state of the game: https://www.abyssalchronicles.com/news/bandai-namco-addresses-issues-about-tales-of-symphonia-remastereds-nintendo-switch-edition
  7. Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe (24th Feb 2023)

    I got the game yesterday and am about halfway through world 2. It's actually quite fun and fast. Not hard but is a bit more difficult than I expected at first. My son tried it this morning. He had the Magalor helping system on which prevents you from falling down and doubles your health. With that, he was able to complete some levels completely on his own. He's 5. He found it really fun.
  8. Pokémon 25th Anniversary

    Good lord that is crazy stupid...
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, there's plenty of those sites and apps out there but I couldn't find anything. Until I asked ChatGPT about it and it pointed me to Nintendo Developer Portal. So I signed up there but still haven't found the endpoints to use. So I asked the support and am waiting for an answer.
  10. DLC for Scarlet and Violet is probably a given... exciting to see what they would add.
  11. Switch eShop Thread

    Fur Squadron is releasing on eShop on March 17th. Does look a bit familiar, though...
  12. Marvel's Phase 5

    True but there's something wrong when the post-credits are what make a movie matter... https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2023/02/20/ant-man-quantumanias-post-credit-scenes-are-more-important-to-the-mcu-than-the-whole-movie/
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Is there an official API to the eShop? To extract games and in particular sales data by code?
  14. Marvel's Phase 5

    I didn't expect it to be hilarious just to be the same level of funny as other Marvel movies. It wasn't. At all. But that's fine, that's not why I watch this stuff, but the story and setting was just not interesting, there was no character development, and And yes, I know about quantum physics but there was nothing wonky about the physics in the quantum realm. I just think the whole thing is a bit too weird - quantum level universes don't feel natural but that's on me. I just really don't enjoy how the physics work with Ant-Man and it throws me out of the movie. Again, that's on me. I even think this was worse than Captain Marvel which was completely mediocre and didn't matter at all.
  15. Tetris (the movie)

    Oh, thought it was a series. Now I'm much more inclined to watch it. Shame it's on Apple+, though.
  16. Switch eShop Thread

    New sale this week, with some good titles: Lasts until February 26th.
  17. Marvel's Phase 5

    Watched Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania yesterday. It was terrible, and Kang and MODOK were the only uplifting things about it. It just made no sense at all, the story progressed at a weird pace, and Ant-Man was basically completely useless. Everything that happened just felt so convenient and artificially timed. And it wasn't even funny, I literally only laughed when MODOK appeared. Basically no jokes at all and the ones that were there fell short. So wait for streaming premiere, don't waste the money. I had a hard time believing in the premise for the movie. The quantum realm is just a major WTF, and the physics is just wonky - I know I shouldn't complain about physics in a superhero movie but I just dislike that it's not coherent - when Ant-Man is big, he is heavy and strong, when he is small, he is light.... where does his mass come from / go?
  18. Metroid Prime Remastered

    Nevermind, just ignore this ...
  19. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Pretty nice trailer but it kinds of... Spoils the entire story and cameo? But at least it looks decent and will probably watch it.
  20. Metroid Prime Remastered

    Does it make sense to add suits to the game? It's not like you actually see the suit you're wearing much in the game.
  21. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (April 7th UK)

    I'll be seeing this on March 31st at a press viewing. I had to take some time off work to do that so I hope it's worth it...
  22. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    See, I found the Pikmin 4 trailer boring and a lot of more of the same. I enjoyed the Zelda trailer, it gives a lot of tidbits about the story and the new stuff without giving it all away. I think that the entire sky section is more dungeon-like, as is the underworld. And they need to shake the ground a lot because most of us have already spent hours in that world.
  23. That was extremely void of any actual Nintendo games... Pikmin 4 and TotK were the only ones created by Nintendo, the rest were remasters or DLC.
  24. They'll just look back on the past 25 years of gaming. Taking up 10 minutes of the Direct.
  25. General Switch Discussion

    Nintendo also states that the Switch sales declined 21.3 % year-on-year (first nine months) and software sales declined 4 %. Shortages on semiconductors and other components are the reason for this according to Nintendo. From their own report: