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  1. 11 hours ago, GenericAperson said:

    Getting near the end of Dragon Quest IX now. Just got the final dungeon to go but I'm hearing about a weapon you can get in the game if you get the Rusty Sword (which is apparently in the final dungeon in the game), some Orichalcum and 9 Glass Frits. The first two I think I can easily get, but the 9 Glass Frits are proving to be difficult to obtain. Can you only get them in post game or something?

    I doubt you could get nine before seeing the credits. I wouldn't worry too much about getting it before the credits. There's a more effective Sword anyway. (Uber Falcon Blade)

  2. 11 minutes ago, Sméagol said:

    No, this particular aspect is not a dumb decion, it's a good one. it's there to stimulate trading and the community aspect in general, and it's obviously working. If, instead of complaining here for the wrong reasons, you asked in the trading thread if someone had a white piano for you (I assume you wanted the white one), you'd probably have gotten one by now. I happen to have one in storage, and I'll trade it for something else expensive. So let me know if you're interested.

    Same reason Pokémon trading works so well.

    If there wasn't the chance of finding something you really want, there's be a lot less people visiting other islands.

  3. 51 minutes ago, drahkon said:

    Whenever I visit an island from one of the people here I'm amazed at how seriously you all take breeding flowers :D Then I come back to my island with all the randomly placed flowers and colours and think: "Meh, can't be arsed" :p

    You and me both, I see all these pictures and I keep thinking, "All that space, wasted..."

    Oh wow, you have a purple rose, your island is so much more interesting for having it. Said no-one ever.

    I just plant a couple of flowers whenever one of those Nook Mile+ achievements comes along with a multiplier. Now there's a blue pansy growing and I didn't even try.

    You know how many watering cans I've gone through since my first day? 1. And it was a flimsy one at that.

    Flowers are boring. I'll stick with my T-Rex Fossil sitting right next to that Godzilla rip-off statue on top of a mountain!

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  4. Spoiler

    If I'm remembering right, Chapter 6 is the first point where you can get the final job. One of those side quests should be in a place that never had one before, try and find it. Once you've done that, move on through the main plot until the next chapter.

    Also, you're not the only one who thinks that the characters here are really dumb.




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  5. 1 minute ago, RedShell said:

    Nothing beats good old regular Poké Balls! For not catching Pokémon. :heh: 

    Man, I haven’t played this game in ages. Can’t see myself getting back into it now though, even for the DLC.

    Honestly, I'm still on the fence as to buying it.

    It all depends on whether there's a tough as nails Battle facility to smash my head against.

    The Battle Tower in this game is proper weak sauce. Doesn't even ban using legendaries and it's so easy to cheese it with Choice items and Dynamax combos.

  6. Anyone watching the daily briefing? The media are going to town with the Cummings questions. (As they should)

    Of course, normal Tory policy of saying he did nothing wrong and there certainly isn't a case of "the rules don't apply to us".

    Official government policy seems to be "If you followed lockdown procedure, you clearly hate your family" Sorry @Dcubed. Tories say that Glen hates you.

    If he doesn't resign by Wednesday, I'm eagerly looking forward to PMQ's.

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  7. Dragon Quest IX is truly the Four Swords Adventures of Dragon Quest. Kinda average on it's own, amazing in multiplayer, a bit of a hassle to set up.

    Also weird in that it's the most unique Dragon Quest I've played because of the multiplayer, despite it not doing anything that stands out in anything else.

    It was my fave entry for quite a while, until DQ XI S: EoaEA: DE.

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  8. 20 hours ago, Agent Gibbs said:

    I only hope this is moving in the right direction, not overly keen on the spinning plates battle system, gimmicks turn me off in these games after the fetish for forcing them in and damaging the overall game in others.

    Apart from Paper Mario 64, hasn't every entry put in some sort of battle system gimmick?

  9. 13 hours ago, Aneres11 said:

    So how long do you guys traditionally play AC for then? 

    Normally, a year or two.

    New Leaf got a little resurgence when the Welcome Amiibo update came out and Ganon and Wolf Link moved in to my town and I spent way too much time playing Puzzle League.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Jonnas said:


      Chapter 5 (Hide contents)

    Oh yeah, didn't even think of the idea that the rematches are there for those who missed them. Makes sense, with how little everything's changed. I'm guessing we're supposed to reawaken the crystals, the pillar of light reappears, the loop starts again, and that's when the characters decide that "A'ight, doing the exact same thing expecting a a different result clearly didn't work, let's actually think". Also, that might be the opportunity to do something actually new with the asterisk holders (hopefully).

    The Vampire Castle thing makes more sense in Chapter 5, too. The sidequest, the lore dump, and the fight, all probably work better during this lull time (especially since Airy's getting more nagging by the second, so the reveal works better while she's like this). However, I could see this point of no return coming from a mile away, so I bothered to the castle at that point in Ch.4. I noticed some of the monsters I gained Blue Magic Genomes from are absent, and I don't know if I'll see them again, so I'm thinking, they made the sidequest available then to learn all that before the time travel... which makes me further pissed off at how they designed this job!

    (Though, learning two Genomes from DeRosso himself was absolutely delightful. Rereading the bestiary, Energy Burst came from Chaugmar, and it's super useful. Also, the Bestiary outright tells you which moves are Genomes if you read between the lines!)

    To be honest, I didn't know at first how to feel about "wake the crystals again", because that bothered me from a story perspective first and foremost (stop being dumb and put Airy in a cage!). Unless I'm missing something, it should be as simple as going back to the temples, possibly refighting those easy bosses (probably, since the Bestiary tells me they have Genomes), mashing X, and be done with it. The second thing that bothered me was what I mentioned previously, about the rematches having nothing especially new.

    I can see why it would bother people: after the Earth Crystal, we're sent to a climactic battle with a major reveal, followed by a lull moment (if you can call all of Ch.5 a "moment"), and that can feel like a letdown. A lot of people prefer going straight to the next story bit, and don't like lull moments, which is why the Triforce Hunt in Wind Waker is so infamous (another large lull moment). There's a reason "fetch quest" is a dirty word, and it's because players only see moments like these as "go here, now go there" parts where the story slows down (though those players should hate Ch.3 too, because fetching Egil 20 times in a row is as annoying as I made it sound).

    Me, I'm usually patient with these things, and the rematches have been giving me some catharsis, JP, and opportunities to test new stuff. I admit, the lull moment should've ideally come between the Earth Crystal and the Alternis battle, but I don't see how that could've worked.



    Don't worry, no Genome is permanently missable. You'll get your chance.

    I wish I could go into more detail, but I have to be wary of spoilers, so I'm gonna hold back for now. Later though, because I feel Chapter 5 would be a lot better if one thing was changed.


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  11. 20 hours ago, WackerJr said:

    I’ve encountered what appears to be a bug where images of Spirits I’ve collected have been replaced with the Smash Bros logo....

    This looks to have happened with all the additional spirits added (I.e., from Link’s Awakening onwards).  Has anyone else encounters the same problem or know how to fix it?  I’ve only found one other reported online and they cleared their system cache.  I tried this and it didn’t solve the problem.

    If it's just the spirits that were added post launch that's having this problem, it might be an issue with your SD card.

    Just a random guess, mind.

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  12. @Jonnas


    There's no major punishment for sparing the asterisk holders here. Do whatever you like. Chapter 5 is just one big opportunity to get any jobs you missed. There's a few minor differences in the cutscenes, but nothing major.

    You seem to be taking the whole "wake the crystals again" quite well. Most people really start to hate the game at this point.

    You've probably also realised why I thought it was interesting you did Vampire Castle immediately. I don't think the developers anticipated people actually getting the Vampire job in Chapter 4. If you went to fight him again, you'd notice it's the only fight that isn't harder than the original battle.


  13. 23 hours ago, MindFreak said:

    Sorry. Meant when you were further in the game and had full capacity. 

    Uhhh... Pretty sure getting to max paint capacity in Colour Splash would take an insane amount of grinding!

    I think you're thinking of HP, which maxes out at 200 by the end.