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  1. It just dawned on me that Final Fantasy VII Remake's whole "Change Aerith's fate" shtick is basically Special Episode 5 from Explorers of Sky, except non-optional, and likely not done as well.

    And now I want that theoretical remake more then ever.

  2. I've been meaning to ask. And considering you're active here, I think I already know the answer, but still.

    You OK after your COVID positive?

    1. Julius


      Still on the mend, but doing much better now thanks :peace: 

  3. Spoiler

    It's Shin Megami Tensei V.


  4. Yo there. Just letting you know that I'll be available to trade your Magmar around from 5pm today.

    Just let me know what time you're ready to do so.

    (I'll be playing in the Mario Kart League from 8pm to 9pm, so I won't be available then)

    1. Fused King

      Fused King

      Cheers, cheers.

      I'll keep it in mind. I will be ready from that time onward. 

      I also have a Boldore in need of evolving. I believe I need to trade that one as well, right?

    2. Glen-i


      Yep, don't need an item though, just trade the Boldore.

  5. Hey there, hope you don't mind, but I took the initiative of adding next week's theme on the nice shiny new calendar tool. Maybe it'll remind Nicktendo to join this time.

    It's on the 29th. Right?

    I'm right in saying that it's Player's Choice? Seeing as how it's the end of the month.

    1. The Mole

      The Mole

      Absolutely fine. Yep, gonna keep it on Thursday, better turnout with the people being more reliable. Also yep Player's choice. Thank you

  6. Thank you, I appreciate the effort. I might chance it, depends on how I'm feeling later today.

  7. By Alola forms evolutions that are obvious, do you mean something like Alolan Meowth evolving into an Alolan Persian? Because while it is obvious it would happen, I wouldn't want to see pictures, unless it actually shows up in the demo.

    But if it's a brand new Alolan Pokemon, then nope.

    New Moves/Abilities is a bit of a weird scenario though. Personally, I wouldn't want to see them if possible, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it slipped through.

    It's mostly new Pokemon/Alolan Forms I don't want to know anything about.


    I suppose any major story elements either, but I doubt datamining a demo can ruin that. Also it's Pokemon, the only decent story the mainline series has had was Black/White.

  8. Basically, anything to do with the leak. Stuff that was obviously never planned to be shown. In other words, stuff that has not been shown in advertising, etc.

    Whenever a new 'generation' comes out, half of the fun for me is discovering all the new Pokemon. So if someone came along and showed me a complete list of the new Pokemon, the urge to punch them in the face would be very high.


    Granted, Game Freak have been advertising a lot of new Pokemon, but I still believe there's some that they wanted to hold back. Those would be spoilers to me.

    Although it could just be me, some people might like to know all of the Pokemon before hand.

  9. Ha! It's so perfectly timed!

    Anything involving awesome music and demeaning Trump is OK by me!

  10. Hey there. Could you do me a favour? It's alright if you're not up for it.


    You know your new signature picture? Could you perhaps make me a similar one with this picture?




    I don't need any links at the bottom of it or anything. I just want something interesting as my signature.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  11. I haven't played any other roguelike games, to be honest. Never really given much thought to doing so.

    I'll have to check that game out a bit then. Thanks for the heads-up.