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  1. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    That's one small segment of the track. The rest of Toad Harbour is a lot narrower than that. In fact, that course completely contradicts your point because the quicker routes are actually narrower than the average SMK track. Which provides a nice "risk, reward" aspect. And if you're getting hit all the time, than you're playing too aggressively with items. Using them defensively is just as important as using them to attack. Believe me, if SMK somehow supported 8 player racing, you'd be getting attacked just as often as in other games.
  2. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Nope, not letting that one slide. Wider tracks are necessary because of the 12 racer cap. And that point becomes real apparent when you play on 200cc, where braking actually becomes necessary. The main reason SMK seems challenging is because the CPU's are cheating bastards. On the later classes, CPU's will 90% of the time just use one of their infinite feathers to dodge anything you throw at them. Naturally they have infinite of their items (Some of which you can never get) to use whenever they like. Seriously, the best strategy for bananas and green shells is to throw them somewhere they can never hit you. Because you're the only one who ever will. Add to that the insane rubber banding and the coin management rule that only the player has to follow and you've got a whole heaping pile of fake difficulty. And don't even get me started on how far you barrel off of the track if a second player actually performs a miracle and hits you with a Red Shell, might as well throw the race right there and then. I can assure you, careful item management and skill will win a MK8 single player Grand Prix 100% of the time. I like Super Mario Kart, it's fun, and it's great playing it online. But don't pretend that it's even remotely balanced.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I don't think you can any more predictable than that particular screenshot. The first game I had on Switch was BotW. Didn't take a single screenshot.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This game, I have no idea why. But it is the first time that all regions have the same measurements. American versions of Smash used to use feet. I only managed a measly 660-ish km. with Peach.
  5. So I totally didn't see this on ResetEra, think it sounded like fun and shamelessly nick it for N-Europe use. With the Switch version of Smash Bros officially announced in the latest Direct, there's no doubt going to be a steady stream of trailers revealing new characters for the game. Good old Smash hype, you know? So I want to get this going before we know too much about it. I'd like you peeps to predict which characters you think will be playable in the next Smash Bros. When more info starts coming out, we can then compare each others answers and see who is the most grounded in reality and who is right up there in crazy fantasy land. Here's what you should do. Post your list of Smash Bros. Newcomers. Preferably in a numbered list. For each character you successfully predict, you get one point. For every one you get wrong, you lose a point. The difference between the amount of newcomers you predict and the number there actually are will also be deducted from your score. (So if there's 15 newcomers, but you predicted 18, you lose 3 points) Whoever gets the most points wins! Whoever gets a positive score gets major bragging rights. For possible tie breakers, please also list 3 new stages you predict as well. Rules There is no fixed amount to how many characters you can predict, just remember about the penalty you get for being off when it comes to the number of characters. Don't bother listing characters that are playable in the 3DS and WiiU versions of Smash, let's just assume they're in for now. Otherwise, we'll have lists of over 50 characters all over the place. Also, we already know that Inkling and Breath of the Wild Link is in, so don't bother with them. Characters from previous games that were cut in the 3DS/WiiU versions are fair game. So you can put in Ice Climbers, Squirtle and Snake if you wanted. Characters from future games are fine. So saying a Generation 8 Pokemon is perfectly OK. If you think a character will be able to transform or effectively change character mid-battle, you can list them as Character/Character (For example, Zelda/Sheik). If you think a character will function much like Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, then say which characters you think they'd utilise. (For example, Pokemon Trainer [Charizard/Squirtle/Ivysaur]). Just like other characters, you'll get a point for each one you get right. So if only Zelda was in but not Sheik, you'd get 1 point and lose one point, cancelling each other out. No editing your post once the next character reveal happens, you gotta commit! It'd be great if you explained why you think a character has a chance/would be a good candidate for Smash. It'd be nice to get a bit of conversation/arguments going on here as well. Doesn't have to be big, just a sentence or two. If DLC gets announced for this game, then I'll go back and see who wins after we know who gets in through that. Think that about covers it, so I'll get the ball rolling. Brackets indicate the series they're from. My Smash Newcomers Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) - These guys were cut from the latest Smash because of issues with the 3DS version. That's not a problem this time. Wolf (Star Fox) - We've technically had 2 new Star Fox games since the last Smash Bros. So why not bring back Fox's rival? The fact he was in Brawl would help streamline the process of getting him in. Paper Mario (Paper Mario) - Honestly, I'm amazed he's still not in. Paper Mario is still kicking with games coming out on both the 3DS and WiiU. There's potential there, plus he got a stage in the 3DS Smash. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - I think we're due for a new Donkey Kong Rep, and while I'd love K.Rool to get in, I think Dixie is much more likely. Yarn Poochy (Yoshi Series) - Bit of a weird one this, but Yoshi's Woolly World did pretty well and everyone fell in love with Poochy. Would have a moveset based around the wool mechanics in both Yoshi and Kirby's Epic Yarn. Also would be the cutest character in Smash history. Decidueye (Pokemon) - There are many Pokemon from Sun and Moon I think are way better choices, but this seems the most likely. It's popular, and is a grass type, which compliments Charizard and Greninja. Sorry, Alolan Marowak, I still want you in. Fire Emblem Switch Protaganist (Fire Emblem) - Moan all you like, but Japan loves their Fire Emblem, and so does Sakurai. Rex (Xenoblade) - Xenoblade 2 seems to have been quite successful. Rex could utilise some interesting mechanics with Pyra, much like Shulk did with his Monado. Also, more British voices in Smash is a good thing. Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven) - One of those characters that almost made the Smash WiiU roster. Good candidate for the weird "WTF?" character. Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western) - Sure, I was a massive dreamer when I was wishing for him in Smash WiiU, but he's got a retail game coming very soon, plenty of inspiration for a moveset and a suspiciously detailed Assist Trophy model in the last Smash. I think it's time. I just gotta believe! Spring Man (ARMS) - I could see it happening, pretty liked new IP from Nintendo. Why not? Ribbon Girl would be a likely alternate costume. Bomberman (Bomberman) - Smash needs a new 80's throwback and I can see him being a good candidate for new 3rd party rep. Rayman (Rayman) - After the Mario and Rabbids crossover and taking into account that Rayman ended up getting dropped in Smash WiiU, I'd say it's a possibility. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) - If there was a character to represent the indie games, it'd be the master of Shovelry. Easy choice there. I think 14 (Plus Inkling) is a nice number to add to this Smash, and any other characters I can think of are too unlikely to risk on this. Tie Breaker Stage Predictions Moray Towers (Splatoon) Miitopia stage New Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey) Well? Go on. Have at it!
  6. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Ah, I see you're a proper Zelda completionist. Might play Breath of Fire for the first time next.
  7. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    OK, so you might have been first to see the credits on Switch, but did you get every item and heart piece, huh? HUH!? With no deaths to boot!
  8. Switch eShop Thread

    When playing as Bard, take your sweet time, and learn how each enemy moves, nothing moves until you do. And don't forget to spend those diamonds whenever you can. Each floor has one bit of wall where you can see a speck of blue inside it. Dig that up and you'll get a diamond. Using that you can get 2 diamonds on each floor, that can help you get some permanent upgrades and items to add in the pool. Prioritise getting a long range weapon like a spear first as the more distance you can keep an enemy at, the safer you'll be. The dagger sucks and should be replaced ASAP. Failing that, go for armour and heart containers. Glass weapons suck, don't bother picking those up, and never use shrines. The risk just isn't worth it. When you're playing as Bard, there's no time limit, so you should explore the entire floor and stock up on items, visit each shop, etc. Apart from that, practice.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    What's your best score on Home-Run Contest? Well, that score sucks. BTW, mine's 409.873km with Olimar. @Ugh first aid and I managed to get 460.860km with double Joker.
  10. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    NOOOOO! I was 3 crystals away from being first! This is @RedShell's fault, distracting me with fun times and helping me unlock Special Cup on Super Mario Kart! You and Paul are so getting shanked!
  11. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    OK, I'll give it a shot.
  12. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    OK, yeah it's not happening. Sorry. Feel free to suspend that game until I get a better connection going.
  13. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Got disconnected there, @RedShell Gonna try rebooting the internet, see if that helps.
  14. Only if I get half a point for Rex. Which means nope. Terry correctly predicted by: @Jonnas Is that the most miraculous prediction to date? Because I think it might be. Congrats to @Jonnas for getting one of his long-shot dream characters. It's such a good feeling, huh? You basically have to main him now! Sorry, there was barely any footage of him, I couldn't get a funnier screenshot. @Fused King -5 points @Ugh first aid -6 points @Julius -10 points @Mandalore -11 points @Glen-i @RedShell -12 points @Nintendo Fan @markderoos @Jonnas -13 points @Vileplume2000 @S.C.G -15 points @Nicktendo -16 points @Dcubed -17 points @EEVILMURRAY -20 points @GenericAperson @Ashley -21 points @bob -23 points @Jonnas moves up a place now. And now I have to get into the awkward affair of explaining a change of circumstances. If you watched the direct, you'll know that there'll be even more DLC characters coming after the fighters pass. Of course, this is great news, but it does mean I no longer know the final amount of newcomers. Which means that none of the scores are finalised. Once these mystery post-fighters pass characters come out, everyone's scores will change to reflect it.
  15. It's also worth noting that this version will have cut content restored. The last shot with Shulk and Melia seems to be the Bionis' Shoulder, which you could never get to before. With Shulk being in Smash and Xenoblade 2 being so successful, I'm sure there'll be loads of people who will be discovering this game for the first time. I kinda wish I was them a bit. And remember, you can't have a rainbow without Reyn, baby!
  16. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    Next League Night: 12th September 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell Yep, it's that time of year again! The best night of the N-E League has arrived. It's the night of... It's the 29th anniversary of the freshest sitcom ever and it's time to bust out those Banks inspired Miis once more. Im sure most of you still have your Miis saved, but if you don't, or you're new to this night, or just want to switch it up, here's a picture of @RedShell's awesome Miis for you to reference. You only have to recreate the one you want to use. Get to that Mii Maker and use the above picture to help you get it right. Don't forget about the option to fine tune facial features. When you finish with your Mii, make sure you name it in a way that others can recognise as you. So, S.C.G might name a Will Mii "S.C.Will" or viceview51 might go with "Jazz-view" When you declare yourself IN, mention which character you'll be using, because it'd be pretty dope if we could have at least one of each character next week. I'll wait until everyone else has chosen a character and take whoever is left over. Sign up Now!
  17. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    You were second, @viceview51! You actively sabotaged yourself just to hit me. You know what that means. Worse thing about that one was that I knew he would do that, but I trapped myself with bananas. Soooo, I guess this one's aimed at me, really. Speaking of @RedShell not using Red Shells correctly... I can't be mad at that, really. And finally... Funnily enough...
  18. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I still hate Tubular. How about next time we actually finish the rest of the game? Everyone does Special first after all, right? Here's some moments from my multiplayer sessions. With a kid from my community centre who's never played a Super NES, @RedShell and @Vileplume2000
  19. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Don't you worry, Debbie will flat out murder John next time, I'm sure of it.
  20. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Moldorm in a Link to the Past is still about as fun as pulling your own teeth out. With a spoon. Covered in acid. Anyone's welcome to jump into my room and play stuff. (Or watch me play Zelda)
  21. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Super Mario Kart online is surreal. I can see everything they can see, but they're not in the same room as me. It's weird! @Vileplume2000, when you figure out when you want to play our Star Road Mario World run, let me know.
  22. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Thanks for the games @S.C.G 'twas good fun. Stunt Race FX's frame rate is... Very ambitious! Let's go with that.
  23. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Screwed out of a Star Cup win by alphabetical order!
  24. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    ARGH! GameCube controller can't sarcastic clap! Nooooooo!