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  1. Ring Fit Adventure

    To be fair, Smash nicked that particular one. As for @sumo73's point, I'd say that all depends on how successful Ring Fit is. The Wii Balance Board was utilised in other games because Wii Fit was a smash hit. if a lot of people buy this, then other companies can assume that a lot of people will own the accessories. This is probably the first game that can't really work that well for the Switch Lite as well, so it'll be interesting to see how that works out.
  2. Ring Fit Adventure

    Mario Kart, duh! It's already aiming to get every accessory in there somehow.
  3. It's kinda lame if Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash is the Shield exclusive to counteract Sword's Farfetch'd/Sirfetch'd. One version gets a brand new Pokémon to play with, the other gets an alternate form instead. If that's the case, it's the first time two versions don't have the same footing as far as Pokémon distribution goes.
  4. That's certainly an interesting conclusion from this. Most people would think that the Zelda: Oracles games would be a good fit, but you go and ask for a different genre entirely. I'd be fine with it.
  5. Yooka Laylee And The Impossible Lair

    There are literally dozens of us who liked Yooka-Laylee.
  6. After collecting each instrument, there's a sequence where the game fades to white and you're given a hint of the area where the next instrument is. For example, one of them mentions a bay. Now of course, someone like me who has a creepy memory for games like this will go "OK, time for Martha's Bay, that's at the bottom and center of the map if I remember right. Better remember to carry on with the trading quest up until the Mermaid's Scale" Yes, I know. I'm sad. But what if you're playing for the first time and have never even been to Martha's Bay? Well, here's the clever bit. The library has a map that's completely filled in. If you went to check it out, you'd soon see where Martha's Bay is. This was the case even in the original GB version. So there was always some kind of navigation guide for those who needed it. As for the trading sequence and the path needed for the Wind Fish's Egg. It is a strange occurrence of the trading quest. Link's Awakening may have been the first Zelda to have one, but it's the only one where it's basically mandatory to complete the game. So it is very weird. But the Switch version has made attempts to make it more clear that the book with tiny text is important. I believe they changed Marin's opening dialogue to include a line where "the library is full of information" (It could be Tarin who says that) and upon entering that library, you'll quickly see that two books look different to the others. The Colour Dungeon cover being red was always the case, but if you went in there, saw that black book in the sea of identical green books and concluded "Well, that clearly means nothing" then I have to conclude that you're mostly to blame. Hell, the Switch version even added to that "This text is too small!" description to now include a segment explaining that you need a magnifying lens and you might be able to get one if you help lots of different people. (How Link knows that is beyond me) If a book entitled "Dark Secrets of Koholint" doesn't spark your curiosity, I can't help but question where your sense of wonder is.
  7. Ring Fit Adventure

    What? Friends? It's OK. I've seen better sitcoms, mind.
  8. I find that the library is more useful than any old video.
  9. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    Whenever this happens in a game, I like to pretend that I'm watching a spiritual sequel to "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" The lip syncing in Astral Chain was even more startling for me, because I played the Dragon Quest XI S Demo before hand, which has impeccable English lip syncing for a Japanese RPG.
  10. A dungeon that changed it's layout after you solve its puzzle was pretty revolutionary for Zelda at the time, and from the Game Boy, no less. These days, it's nothing special, but that key gimmick was very memorable for those 90's Nintendo kids. You just didn't see that kind of thing these days. Ah yes, the interminable "Money or time" conundrum. That annoying truth that when you have the time, you don't have the money, and when you grow up and get the money, you no longer have the time.
  11. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    I normally can't play during the week or Sunday. Friday or Saturday would be good for me though.
  12. Yeah, Eagle's Tower is my favourite Link's Awakening Dungeon. The complexity is welcome to me at that point. That said, the improved map screen in the Switch version was very welcome in planning my route. I used the pins to mark where the Red/Blue crystals were, as well as any parts that might have been blocked due to those. @Aneres11, for the 8th dungeon, I recommend using those pins to mark which staircases connect to each other. There's a lot of them and it can be easy to get lost there.
  13. Ghostbusters

    That feeling when you enjoy a meme so much, even your typos start to reference it.
  14. That's fine. Opinions and all that, but I must respectfully disagree.
  15. Congratulations @Dcubed, you've made a thread that has changed someone else's life for the better!
  16. OK, I have played both. (God, I wish I haven't) and I genuinely can't make a gut instinct decision. So my only choice is to write a post going over why both games blow in the small hope that I can find an answer to this horrible turmoil I've found myself in. OK, so both games are basically pinball adventure games where both characters are flung around pinball table style areas in order to defeat Bowser/Robotnik by slamming into them and not falling in between the flippers that are there for some reason. And yet both games manage to completely fail in this concept that really should work better than it does. I guess I'll start with the one I played first. Sonic Spinball (Actively making game collections worse since 2002) Like most Nintendo fans unfortunate enough to play this dreck, I first played this in the Sonic Mega Collection that released on the Gamecube. An otherwise brilliant collection of Sonic games, and Ristar's there, for some unknown neat reason. Written down, a Sonic pinball game makes a whole lot of sense, curling into a ball is one of Sonic's defining abilities since the first game! But upon playing it, I kinda wish I never unlocked it. Ignorance is indeed bliss. I suppose I should try to find something good about it apart from the natural fit Sonic is for a pinball table... Uhhh... The text box is full of "Totally Radical" 90's American speak which is always amusing in a kind of cringy way. Something about that makes me laugh, I guess. Not in this game though, it's hard to smile playing this. Visually, this game looks really grungy and unappealing, which is a stark contrast to other Sonic games, which tend to be nice and colourful and just lovely to look at. But this game just looks depressing. That soundtrack on the other hand... I mean, how can I possibly describe this? "You can't stab people with soundwaves, but this song is trying its damnedest" - Youtube Commenter It actually physically hurts to listen to... Because it's a pinball adventure game, there's an end goal to reach. Which makes it an utter shame that this game has the traditional pinball "death chutes" which basically means you're screwed if you're unfortunate enough to go down one. You will go down one, because the physics in this game are weird and don't behave like they should. It's also not helped by the screen being too close to Sonic to reasonably react to him going so fast at times. Which means you'll have to memorise where the flippers are to even have a hope of doing well. But the biggest problem this has is the complete lack of any way to save your progress. No saving, no continues and no passwords. And considering how hard this game is... yeah, good luck with that. Visuals - Gross Soundtrack - Painful Gameplay - Frustrating Replayabilitiy - Forced, thanks to no continues Verdict - Just play Pokémon Pinball instead. Super Mario Ball (Nintendoes what Sega does... Unfortunately...) One day, my dad took me to a local game shop and asked me to choose a game for him to get me. Score! Naturally, I, having pretty good taste, chose Mario Vs Donkey Kong, which happened to be in a collection of games that the shop cut down to half price. Because of that, daddy dearest said "Well, you might as well get another one then" I wasn't quite as certain on what I should get as my second game, so after browsing a bit, I decided "Hey, a Mario Pinball game. Should be pretty fun" I wish I had access to time travel so I could spare my younger self that mistake. Super Mario Ball tasks you with manuevering Mario through a large amount of screen size tables in order to collect stars so he can get to Bowser and beat him up, why he has to do it as a deformed ball is beyond me. Unlike Sonic Spinball, this game is actually quite nice looking, and not just because it's on more powerful hardware. Even by GBA standards, it's a good looking game. And that's about it for good stuff to say about this rubbish. Soundtrack is completely "meh" Forgettable, but not horrible, which I guess is a win. Then we get to the gameplay, an activity in smacking your head against a wall as you hopelessly try to beat all the enemies in the screen so you can maybe get a star and get one step closer to not playing this game anymore. The problem with this is that if you ever go off to a different screen, everything in the screen you just left gets bloody reset! Even if you kill all the enemies and make the star appear, but then accidently mistime a shot and go up too high, you have to make that star appear all over again! This happened to me on the final Bowser fight and I was done at that point. As far as I'm concerned, Peach can stay with Bowser, he's cooler than Mario anyway and would make for a better parent as well. At least you can save your game, through suspend saves. For your sake, make sure you suspend save before turning the game off or you're starting again. Yes, all of it. Just, why? Visuals - Actually, quite good. Soundtrack - Boring Gameplay - Infuriating Replayablility - HAHAHAHAHA! Nope! Verdict - Just play Pokémon Pinball instead So after all that, I think I have to say that Sonic Spinball is the one I'd shoot in the head if I only had one bullet. While I hate making a decision on what game is better based on graphics. Mario Ball manages to at least not make my eyes sad while my ears scream in pain. I'm gonna play Smash Bros. and beat up a CPU Mario and Sonic with a team of Pikachu and Samus now. They deserve it for their crimes against Pinball. EDIT:
  17. The Jimquisition Thread

    It seems that in Europe at least, progress is being made against this kind of practice. It would be wise for EA to try and find a different way of making money before they hopefully run out of time on this.
  18. It's like Sophie's Choice... Except I want to kill them both, but cruel fate won't let me! I'm gonna have to get back to you on that...
  19. Well, I guess for me, the first one that I happen to be playing right now is Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy, which I believe is a remaster of the Wii title Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. I think I'm on the last dungeon before the credits. But the Bahamut fight there is kinda kicking my butt. The soundtrack on that game is way too good! I already had that impression because a few of those songs appear in the second Theatrhythm game, but damn, this has some amazing arrangements! Just like @Dcubed, my Mega Drive Mini arrived. Unlike him, however, this is the first Sega console I've ever owned. Yes, it counts, shut up! I haven't booted it up, waiting until I get home for that. But looking at the back of the box, there's a pretty sweet selection of 41 games! And Sonic Spinball... which I wish wasn't on there, actively bringing down the quality just by existing. Seriously, I'd want them to just delete it off of my MD Mini. Wouldn't even need to replace it with another game. Just get that garbage out of there! @Dcubed informs me that the Tetris game there is that super rare one that's crazy expensive. Which is pretty damn cool. Makes the PlayStation Mini look really awful in comparison. The only obvious blemish it has (apart from that game which shall not be named again) is the lack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Don't get me wrong. I completely understand the sheer amount of problems porting that game comes with. But it is my favourite Mega Drive game that I've ever played and the best Sonic game and it does feel one step short of being a complete Mini console collection without it. I might have to fix that when the console inevitably gets hacked. It'd be nice to have quick easy access to that game without digging out my Wii. Plus, I'd be able to play it with a Mega Drive controller as well! So yeah, lots of new (to me) Mega Drive games for me to discover and try. Shining Force, Phantasy Star and the Monster/Wonder Boy/World games jump out to me so I'll probably try those first.
  20. Hey, I only do Gym Leader runs on any third versions or repeat playthroughs. If it happens on a first playthrough, it's only because I really like the designs of Pokémon that just happen to share types. My first playthroughs consist of nothing but brand new Pokémon! And no, I didn't count Alolan forms as brand new for Sun/Moon, so I won't have Galarian forms in my first team here. (Except Zigzagoon, because it has a new evolution which is KISS Fan, the Pokémon, which is just great)
  21. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    On looking at that a few more times, I noticed that there was an amazing boomerang throw you can barely see.
  22. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    There we go. All done. Naturally, the Mario player gets all the credit. I assume Luigi died on the way back from the Valley of Bowser. Thanks to @Vileplume2000 for doing half the work and providing sarcastic (and sometimes genuine) claps. I still can't believe I pulled off the Valley Ghost House secret exit on my second attempt! That is not the usual.
  23. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I've opened the room now @Vileplume2000
  24. Is that a genuine question about the stream? It's a 24 hour stream of a still image of an area from the upcoming Pokémon games. Rarely, a Pokémon will be shown for a brief moment, which effectively confirms that Pokémon will be catchable in Sword/Shield. Yeah, someone at the Pokémon Company is probably high out of their mind.
  25. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    OK, I can't get Twitter embed to work, so no highlights for now. It's gotten really close near second place. A single point seperates 2nd and 4th! Next League Night: 10th October 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell