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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Honestly, I'd rather do it myself. Once they become part of the normal rotation, it should be easy for me to find them, thanks to the fact I have all the other spirits.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I'll just have to wait for them to roll out later on, I suppose.
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Yeah, I was worried about that. I won't be able to get them. I can't go online for the foreseeable future.
  4. 99K. 200,000 bell profit a day, baby! (Although, it might risk not growing, hasn't happened to me yet, but you never know)
  5. Is it the second game, or the third? No-one knows! I'm well haps, the 3DS games are great. Wonder if they're retconning Bravely Second with that title.
  6. Psshhh! Come back to me when you have over 2,500. My whole back room consists of two Switches and a bunch of turnips.
  7. Nothing is ever simple when I'm involved.
  8. Town time. So she should be there. I do have an incline now, so she might be on the cliffs somewhere.
  9. Town is open now. Guaranteed lower prices than @Vileplume2000's town!
  10. 94 on my Island. Assuming no-one comes along with a better price, I'll open up at 11.
  11. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. From left to right, @Sméagol, @BowserBasher, @Mr-Paul, @Nicktendo, @RedShell, me and @Ronnie I was half tempted to disqualify Ronnie from that last question for the sheer cheek of shouting that answer out.
  12. I've sent a PM to everyone explaining how the party will go.
  13. The games lasted about 45 minutes last time, plus the 15 minutes grace time we gave everyone to arrive. For the sake of the new page: Party begins Saturday 28th at 8pm on the Island of Daybreak Party Game Host - Glen-i (Glen) Island Venue Provider - Ronnie (Patrick) (FC: 2093-6613-0337) Party Guests RedShell (Manolito) Mr-Paul (Paul) Party Guests who attended last week BowserBasher (Simon) Nicktendo (Nick) The maybes Sméagol
  14. Yeah, I'm actually surprised how Nintendo implemented censoring here. You can see what you type, but others playing online see the word replaced by a single asterisk. Except @Dcubed's town of Craphole, that doesn't get censored.
  15. Just a reminder that the N-E party is on tonight. There's 4 spaces left.
  16. General Retro Discussion

    Any translation that has the gall to remove "You spoony Bard" doesn't deserve to be on FFIV.
  17. Bravely Default II (2020)

    Side quests in the Bravely series are way more important than you get in the demos. You only get fetch quests in the demos.
  18. Saturday now, today is your last chance to sell turnips. 215 Bells at my town until 12pm.
  19. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Next League Night: 2nd April 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @S.C.G @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell With the current situation with Covid-19, it's looking likely that I won't be able to participate in the N-E League until things improve, so you're going to have to go on without me for a bit. This also means that I won't be able to update the League Table and provide the theme either. I'm going to need someone else to take screenshots of the end results of each GP (and race, in case someone gets disconnected) and send them to me each week so that when I can come back in, I have everything I need to bring the table up to speed. As for the theme, I suppose after this, Player's Choice would be fine. Sign up Now!
  20. Bravely Default II (2020)

    No. If you think that going all in with BP will end the fight, then go right ahead, just be sure it does end the fight, otherwise, you're in trouble. Not really, Shield Bash is a great move for characters with more defense then attack, like mages or Vanguards. There's two problems though, one being that no enemy is ever weak to shields, so jobs that focus on inflicting heavy damage won't get as much use from that. (BTW, casting Protect increases the power of Shield Bash, nice touch there) The other thing is that spamming that move with anyone who isn't a Vanguard won't build up your special attack. (Only Seth can use it in the demo though, so it's not that big a deal) Yep. Exactly right. That said, in the full game, those job bonuses eventually become one of those equippable abilities if you get that job level high enough. Not in this demo though. Bravely Default has a demo with a seperate scenario just like this, so you should give that a go as well. It's quite packed and gives you more freedom in difficulty. Plus, you can see why the encounter rate slider is such a great QoL feature.
  21. Bravely Default II (2020)

    OK, so when that survey comes along, these are the things I'm going to suggest. - Have the L button be bound to Default, I have no idea why they removed this. They already have Brave set to R while L doesn't do anything in battles, so it's just bizarre. - Random encounters with an encounter rate slider was one of the best things about the 3DS games. Visible encounters that chase or run away from you are nowhere near as good in comparison. - That minimap needs some rethinking. Even if it means having to have it on a separate screen, there needs to be a way to get this kind of map up when you need it. I get that this is harder to do without a second screen, but it would help to allow the game to have more complex dungeons without becoming too frustrating. - I'm not sure about the changes to how turn order is done. While the way BD2 does it allows for more improvisation, it can be quite hard to plan ahead, because you're never certain how often the enemies turns will come around before that character can act again. A good way to help counteract this would be some kind of graphic showing the upcoming turn order. Sort of like Final Fantasy X. Something like what's on the right would go a long way to helping with strategic planning. Those would be the major things that I think need addressing. I remember the first Octopath Traveler Demo also had a similar survey and when the second demo rolled out, it was a remarkable improvement, so here's hoping the same happens with this.
  22. Bravely Default II (2020)

    Yep, the game literally tells you so when you boot it up.
  23. Bravely Default II (2020)

    Yeah, that demo wasn't nearly as good as the first two. I beat the first boss only for it to give me the "Thanks for playing" spiel. The lack of a second screen hurts this game so far, everything feels so less convenient. That said, the battle system started to give me that old Bravely feel once I tried one of the optional post-demo bosses. That was a tough fight, and there's a harder one as well, not sure how I'll pull it off.