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  1. UK Covid booster programme

    It's likely because when we went to that pop-up Pokémon Center, I traveled from that area. It's possible I mentioned that. Can't remember though.
  2. UK Covid booster programme

    Appreciate the suggestion, but I live near the west of London. I totally get why you'd think otherwise though. That said, if I have the time tomorrow, I might just go there anyway.
  3. UK Covid booster programme

    Eh, none near me. (Last update for Walk-ins in that regard was 5 months ago)
  4. UK Covid booster programme

    If it's any consolation, @Cube, I've been struggling to book a boost as well. I don't think my internet is good enough to handle trying to get through that high traffic nightmare.
  5. Kirby's the big one that I'm certain is coming out in 2022. Apart from that, meh. I agree with @Dcubed that Bayo 3 likely isn't coming out next year. So not much I know about that I'm looking forward to. I had to hold off on Shin Megami Tensei V. (Why would you release it around the same time as Pokémon!?) So I'll likely be getting that next year. And that's about it. 2022 isn't off to the most stellar of starts for me. Hopefully some of my wishlist games get some sales to fill out the gaps.
  6. Honestly? I have a bad feeling that NES/SNES are done as far as new titles go.
  7. Oh, so it's a separate date for the two consoles to be updated. Odd, but OK. I do have to wonder if NES/SNES will get something next week.
  8. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    So it's not a general look? Well, that's just a massive tease. A full HD-2D look for my fave Final Fantasy is so close right there!
  9. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    That Celes sprite is still too simplistic compared to the SNES version for my liking, but Dayum! The scenery is a real step up! That's more like it! I hope it's a general look and not just something that happens for those iconic moments.
  10. Funny Stuff Thread

    Even in context, the Cofagrigus on the bottom left is still hilarious! Comes out of absolutely nowhere. And that tweet is even better when one of the icons displayed is anything but funny to those who played Explorers, eh, @Julius?
  11. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    You finished Paper Mario on NSO yet? Why not!? Because what do you do when Bowser socks you at the beginning of a game? Why, you halve your HP and go back, of course! Much like the last time I played the sequel, I went with a Danger Mario setup. As soon as I beat Chapter 1, I went to Chet Rippo and got him to lower Mario's HP to 5, putting him in a permanent state of "Danger". This has the weird side-effect of making Mario almost impossible to kill in the second half of the game! As long as you keep your level below 18, you can take this setup to the end of the game, and depending on how good you are at timing blocks, completely breeze through it. Like I said before, this challenge gets a lot more manageable once you beat Chapter 4 and can have Peach send over Last Stand. Once you get that, you're golden. Although Bowser's Fire can one-shot you if you don't have Flame Shield and mess up the block. I didn't, but still. It's funny how different it turns out compared to Danger Mario in Thousand-Year Door. TYD Danger Mario is all about killing everything in one turn before you get hit (Yes, even the final boss). 64 Danger Mario is all about tanking hits and dealing out way more damage in return. EDIT: From booting up the game until the words "The End" appear, my time was 11 hours, 47 minutes.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    OK, OK, you've all had your fun. Now stand aside, and lemme show how a real nutjob does things. EDIT: They suggested Just Dance to me last year as well! Stop trying to make it happen, Ninty! You can find last year's stats in this thread.
  13. Resident Evil 4

    Eh? Resi Evil 4 got a smorgasbord of praise when it was released! It was one of the most critically praised games of the era! There's a good reason why it became so influential on future games. Especially on Resi Evil itself. And you keep saying that the game isn't scary. I beg to differ. It's not the same kind of survival horror from the first three, but there's a undeniable feeling of tension whenever you have to fight through each room of the game. Leon's limited movement options combined with the generally smarter enemy AI (for the time, definitely) lends a feeling of dread that was quite unique in 2005. Garradors still make me nervous whenever I have to fight one, even though I know of the several methods you can use it's blindness to your advantage.
  14. Resident Evil 4

    It needs a HD version that offers bloody gyro controlled aiming! In this day and age, any game where aiming some kind of projectile is only done with a control stick is unacceptable! And until then, the WiiU version will still be the best way to play it. And even if Capcom see sense and allow gyro aiming in a theoretical remake, I'm concerned that they will take the plot and strip away all the silliness. Because Resi Evil 4 without the unapologetic cheese is just not Resi Evil 4. The corny dialogue just makes it so much fun! So I wouldn't want a remake of this game in the same kind of tone of the other remakes.
  15. I've finally done it after 21 months! Every single crocodilian villager now lives on my island! Because you can take your mammals and shove it! Also, @BowserBasher and I continue to take the mick out of Brewster. Coffee is disgusting, and you all know it.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Tonight was a real penchant for some jammy wins!
  17. Hello? @Julius? Have you gone into the broom closet and died? Attention, anyone in the vicinity of @Julius, kindly move his corpse and trade that Electabuzz to me!
  18. Ah, some random Japanese person has infiltrated the room! Gonna need a different code.
  19. Yeah, compared to Sword/Shield, it feels glacial. But I imagine that it's loading a lot of assets that the DS level design demands. Thankfully, all the other loading is quick.
  20. If you have a spare Electirizer, then sure, I can send over an Electabuzz. That works for me. Anyway, going online now.
  21. No problem, I'm still here. I take it you don't have an Electivire Dexed? If that's the case, then a trade-back might be the way to go. I already have a Magmortar though, so I'm also OK with just doing one trade and keeping the Electivire with you keeping the Magmortar Or you can have both. Like I said, I already have a Magmortar, and I'm only interested in filling the Dex. And then I'll give you the Yanma for whatever trade fodder you have. Anyway, I'll be online in about 10-15 minutes once I save in FF 13-2. EDIT: Oh right, yeah. Code. 1638-4387
  22. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Stamina matches tonight at 8pm.
  23. @Julius, are you available to trade rizers and get your Yanma.
  24. Sonic Frontiers (Holiday 2022)

    Woah, that's quite the blunder! It's This Man everyone needs to hire, not That Man!
  25. It's a fair point, but if they went too fast, they'd blow their load in less then a year. And then they'd get complaints that the library dried up so quick. It's a no win situation as far as the N64 games go. And it'd be weird if Mario 64 and Ocarina weren't there. Of course, while I think one N64 game a month is an acceptable pace, there's no excuse to not have some Genesis games added alongside it. That's what bugs me. (Also, the EarthBound games are still missing for some weird reason)