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  1. E3 2019

    About to tune into Ubisoft's conference in the hope that they pull a Child of Light and have something that interests me. This orchestra makes a change from the usual dance parties.
  2. The Jimquisition Thread

    I think he saw the Bethesda E3 conference. Haven't watched it yet, but will edit my thoughts in when I do.
  3. Yes, I mentioned this during the N64 nominations. A game can be nominated if it's the first time it appeared on a Nintendo console, even if it first appeared on a non-Nintendo console. So, for example, Resident Evil 2 could have been nominated for the N64, but it cannot be nominated for these Gamecube ones.
  4. E3 2019

    Well, you see. When I was watching Bethesda's conference, I noticed something interesting about YEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHH! and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So yeah, that was something.
  5. Nintendo at E3 2019

    With how prevalent social media is in this day and age, it's very difficult to avoid stuff like this. People like me enjoy the element of surprise when watching E3 and yes, that makes me nerdy and that's fine. But I get the same kind of enjoyment from reveals like this that some might get from watching a TV series.
  6. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Holy crap! The Ninty Ninjas are not effing around! For context, this is the leaker that @Hero-of-Time warned us about a few pages back. She's apparently been on the money for everything she said about the conferences that have shown so far. Should be a bit easier to avoid Ninty leaks, at least. But I'd still advise caution.
  7. E3 2019

    I think this might be a Twitch thing? That guy wearing a Devolver shirt is totally throwing me off though. Oh wait, now they're actually playing a Devolver game? I'm so confused!
  8. E3 2019

    In other news, the soundtrack for the Devolver Digital Cinematic Universe: Phase 1 is now available on bandcamp. Yes, really.
  9. E3 2019

    Is... Is it still going on? I can't tell anymore!
  10. E3 2019

    Yep, that was incredibly enjoyable. Worth watching Bethesda's one for.
  11. E3 2019

    Devolver Motherfucking Direct! Brilliant! The aesthetic is so perfect!
  12. E3 2019

    Oh, this is great already. Some shade thrown at Sony pretty quick. And a Direct joke there too.
  13. E3 2019

    Welp, time for the Devolver Trilogy to conclude soon. Been looking forward to it for a long time.
  14. E3 2019

    Well, it picked up a bit in the end. But man, that was mostly painful. Poor Commander Keen...
  15. E3 2019

    Yep, that sure looks like Doom.
  16. E3 2019

    Wow, a new Commander Keen game... which is a free to play mobile game.
  17. E3 2019

    A standing ovation? For that!? Yeah, blatant plants.
  18. E3 2019

    You know, some actual gameplay would be nice. Just a suggestion.
  19. E3 2019

    It was a purely CGI trailer though, so I know nothing really. This crowd is really starting to get on my nerves now. SHUT UP!
  20. E3 2019

    Yaaaaaayyyyyy! Cracked up hard at that entrance. Sounded like my Mii.
  21. E3 2019

    Was wondering when we'd see a Battle Royale show up.
  22. E3 2019

    Not explicitly, no. But it does have a bit of that tinge. This crowd is highly suspect though. Feels pretty forced.
  23. E3 2019

    Honestly expected them to try and brush that particular game under the rug. They're definitely going the apology route.
  24. E3 2019

    I'm getting some heavy feelings of this South Park clip when they said "You keep us in check"