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  1. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I had that way before Club Nintendo thought it was cool. Keep in mind that it's not the full version of Jump Up, Super Star. Just the first half.
  2. I'm gonna put it down to stubbornness. "There'll be a better price later, I'm sure of it"
  3. Is the weather determined by the real life weather as well? It's reet nice out, and it has been for most of April... No, it's dependant on the season with a hint of randomness thrown in. The Wii Animal Crossing did actually use the weather channel to determine your town's weather, which was pretty cool. And that's why you'll never see a Scottish person with a full bug catalogue in Let's Go to the City.
  4. I have 100 portions of fish bait all ready for when it rains so I can get a Tuna and a Blue Marlin before May rolls around. Problem is, it hasn't rained since April began. Starting to get worried now. Oh, also got a 3-star rating and K.K is visiting soon, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.
  5. Paying real money to easily make fake money? See, this is why almost all mobile games are utter crap. Huh? We're not talking about Pocket Camp?
  6. Yeah, the old style Fishing Tourneys were way better, where you competed with the other villagers (and other human players who lived in your town) for that trophy. It really goes to show that I honestly think my little fishing competitions are more entertaining. What really annoys me is that the timer is there in the HUD, but there's no sign of a timer item. I really want the timer.
  7. 300!? Yeah, I started late, don't have time to get another 200 points. Will have to wait until next time. Silver lining for me being isolated and unable to go online, I didn't have to deal with any eggs.
  8. Man, my prices have been on a steady decline all week and I've held off hoping for a spike and I can't fall back on heading online to sell them. Living proper GameCube style here.
  9. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Yep, I'm lazily quoting myself.
  10. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Event raids like the G-Max ones do have different odds. It's no coincidence. £4.49 for a yearly subscription of Bank and £2.69 for one month of Home. Careful that you don't accidentally send a Pokémon that isn't in Sword/Shield over to Home, because they can't go back to X/Y.
  11. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    I suppose if you spent way too much time grinding, you could buy one of those endgame pieces of equipment and blitz the first half of the game. The protect option does stop the Nemesis from getting deleted once it's full. Completely optional to fight, mind, and has no effect on the story. You'll want the Special Move parts though, not straight away, but you're gonna really appreciate them in the second half. Some of the more interesting fights are near the end game and you'll need that extra boost.
  12. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    1 in 32 chance. The other 2 IV's are randomly picked on a 5 star raid. And in case you're wondering, that makes 6 perfect IV's much harder to get. You'd probably save more time using a 5 star one and using Hyper Training for any Pokémon you breed that need it.
  13. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    Talk to that save point guy and once a day, he can go get 4 random people on the internet and they get treated like Streetpasses. Summoning Friends isn't too helpful unless you get lucky and someone sends you a perfect ability. You can pretty much ignore that if you want. I do recommend building up Norende though, you get a lot of stuff for that. If you put the game on Sleep Mode, then Norende can still be built in the background while you're not playing. Oh, and I can remember one name in this game in particular that was really groan inducing.
  14. I know I'm a bit late, but complaining to Isabelle is for getting rid of any custom designs they might be wearing, as well as resetting their catchphrase. It's basically for getting rid of naughty stuff some people can't help but make.
  15. Miiverse gave birth to so many great Ninty community moments that you'll never get anywhere else. Of course, we all know about the famous "Why can't Metroid crawl?" person who ended up completing Super Metroid with the help of Miiverse. That guy whose Miiverse page was mostly pictures of water he thought looked good. That one shovelware horse game where no-one played the game but just drew funny horse pictures. The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Virtual Console games were surprisingly popular on Miiverse because of the rescue system. People used that board mainly to ask other people to rescue their fainted team, despite neither game having that kind of online feature built in. It was a real life Rescue Team Job Board. Miiverse will always be the best thing about the WiiU.
  16. Compared to the 3DS, they're both the inferior option.
  17. Seeing as you have access to other people's towns, there's a good chance that you can make a profit if you remember to check in on this thread regularly. So, I'd say as much as you like. Just remember that there's two prices every day, AM and PM.
  18. You know, I only just realised that they didn't bring back the crossover Villagers from New Leaf. (Ganon, Wolf Link, Epona, Medli and Felyne) I mean, Felyne, I sorta get not wanting to bother with Capcom to get, but I'm disappointed I can't have Ganon strolling around my Island.
  19. General Switch Discussion

    They probably will fix it, but you'll have to pay, seeing as only America gets the free replacements.
  20. I was about to ask whether the campsite ever gets more visitors after the initial one or if it's strictly an amiibo only thing. I've got space for a new resident, but I want to be sure that who moves in isn't Olivia. Also, Tapirs are cool. Hypno is one of my favourite psychic Pokémon.
  21. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Finished Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology recently. I'm on mobile, so no hilarious captioned pictures. It's an enhanced 3DS port of my favourite DS RPG, Radiant Historia, which never came out in Europe originally. You play as Stocke, a secret agent working for the Alistel army. Apparently, he's really good at his job, despite wearing a bright red cape. One day, he's given a job by his boss, Heiss, along with a strange white book. He's also put in charge of two mercenaries, Raynie and Marco, for this assignment. Upon meeting the spy he had to get intel from, everything goes proper tits up as the Granorgian army (They're the bad guys), seems to be one step ahead of Stocke the entire time. The whole mission is hopeless, Raynie and Marco die and Stocke has no choice but to jump into a raging river. Suddenly, that book comes into play and Stocke is transported to a strange place called Historia. Two children, Teo and Lippti, guard this place and tell Stocke that the White Chronicle he has allows him to travel around in time. He can use this to fix the mistakes he made in the past. In return, Stocke is made to promise that he'll use this power to find a way to stop the desertification that the world is slowly falling victim to. That time travel is the key mechanic for this game. There are two timelines that originate from an initial decision that you make at the start of the game and you have to jump all over the place to find the one path that'll save the world from becoming the world's biggest sand castle. Going down one timeline will sooner or later get you to a dead end where it's impossible to carry on for some reason and you'll more than likely have to go to the other timeline to see if you can find an event that'll affect the first timeline. You see, the two timelines affect each other. For example, saving a demolitions expert in one timeline will mean that he shows up to where he was supposed to be in the other timeline, allowing you to blow up some rocks that are blocking the way. It all makes sense in context and a very strong plot with some great characters helps to make it all the more engaging. Stocke may just be one of my favourite JRPG protagonists precisely because he knows what he's doing and isn't an utter idiot, I can honestly believe he's good at his job. It's also worth mentioning that there's well over 30 endings. Granted, most of them are not the ideal outcome you're looking for. They normally come around when you make a choice that thoroughly screws everything up. You're not really punished too hard for finding these bad endings (You can travel through time, after all), so it's quite entertaining to see just how bad things can get. The best thing about this is that you're taken back to Historia after getting a bad ending and effectively told off by Teo and Lippti, especially if what you did was really, really stupid. One of my favourites came around when I had to input the right code to stop some kind of robot scientist from malfunctioning. I already knew the code from another timeline, but I messed around with the other options, only to find that 4444 was the self destruct code that the guy programmed into himself. The resulting conversation at Historia was similarly amusing, as it boiled down to Teo and Lippti effectively saying "Well, that was unlucky" and Stocke interrupting to point out "Who programs themselves to blow up like that!?" This 3DS port adds full voice acting for any character important enough to have a portrait during dialogue, which is always worrying, but thankfully, the voice work is solid here. I heard Heiss' voice and I immediately thought, "Yeah, that's a great fit". When you're not messing with timelines, you'll be in battles. It is an RPG after all. Radiant Historia's battle system revolves around swapping turns around. You can effectively choose who goes next, but do this and the character that swapped their turn will be left vulnerable until they act. Why do this then? Well, manipulating the turns like this can let your party bunch their turns together and perform combos by attacking one after the other, doing more damage and getting more experience and money. The other key battle mechanic involves physically moving the enemy around. The enemy is on a 3X3 grid. The closer they are to your party, the more damage they'll give and take. Some characters can shove enemies around to change how much damage they do. Or you can manipulate the enemy positions so they are all on the same spot. This allows any later attacks in the combo to hit everyone on that spot. I probably make it sound more complicated than it is. And if that isn't enough, the 3DS port adds a third timeline to explore! It's surprisingly lengthy too, focusing on "what if" scenarios where one key detail differs from the original game. You can choose to have these happen during the plot or only have them available once you finish the original plot. Oh, and there's plenty of bad endings to discover here as well. The whole package is more than worth the money that I paid. (5 quid in the latest sale). The only downside I'd say this port has is that the redone character art looks really generic compared to the original game. The original art had a nice rustic style that helped it to stand out, but on the 3DS, characters look more like the standard Japanese style we've seen many times before. You can purchase the option to have the original style with real money. It's really cheeky and it doesn't even apply that art to the menus, but I paid 5 quid for the actual game, so I didn't mind dropping an extra couple of quid on it, Radiant Historia is that good. So yeah, if you haven't played this and like a good turn-based RPG that does something unique, play Radiant Historia! Play it now!
  22. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Yep, exactly. Send them to me @BowserBasher, so I've got easy access to them once the situation improves. Anyway, crappy mobile formatting go! Next League Night: 9th April 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @BowserBasher @martinist @viceview51 @RedShell @S.C.G
  23. No, I got laid off a while back. And it wasn't exactly the most lucrative earnings in the first place. Other things take priority. But yeah, I have the latest update that came out around the launch of this, so I thought I was set to go, but I booted it up today and nothing special apart from my new resident. You need to be online.
  24. All you guys complaining about the lack of fish, but I won't even get to take part in Bunny Day because my Switch can't go online and I'm stuck in my house. You're all entitled whiners.
  25. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah, I didn't believe the Flipnote thing for a second. Have you tried doing precise drawings on a Switch screen? Even with a top-of-the-range stylus, it's impossible to draw anything accurately. Flipnote isn't happening on the Switch. Y'all got played.