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  1. Yeah, I try my best to catch any spelling mistakes, but I had no clue what that was meant to be. @S.C.G, when you get the time, could you do me a solid and remove the brackets from that quote in the article?
  2. This is fact. You're liable to be trampled most days.
  3. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    Righty-o. All set to go. Next League Night: 8th August 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i (Team Leader) @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell (Team Leader) Dragon Quest is finally poplular because it's in Smash. That's how things work, right? And to celebrate, we're having a night where some guy with a sword faces off against an evil, albeit, slightly goofy-looking reptile thing. It's a Team Night, so you'll need to send me a Private Message stating your allegiance for the team you're joining. Remember, if one team has way more members than the other, the Team Leader with fewer members will get to pick who gets moved over. And before anyone asks, The Link Team are free to choose whichever Link they prefer. Sign up Now!
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Oh man, Heavenly Flight is a beautiful piece. I might have just flown around randomly in game just to hear the full song. While I do prefer the selection of songs Dragon Quest got compared to what Persona has, I am a bit disappointed that it only focused on the games the 4 Smash Heroes came from. There's also no original Smash remixes. I mean, I'm not surprised, given who composed them (No way in hell he'd let anyone else remix his work). Still, at least it's not a Final Fantasy situation. Now I go to hoping that they go all out on Banjo's songs. We already know about that awesome Spiral Mountain remix, but I want rips of loads of songs from Kazooie and Tooie. Give me that Rusty Bucket Bay! And I secretly hope that a Diddy Kong Racing song sneaks its way into there.
  5. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    While I wait for a response from someone about next week's team night. Here are some highlights. Hey, at least I didn't throw them backwards. Oh, and @BowserBasher and @S.C.G... This was really bad. Simultaneous course blunders that make a more than 25% chance of wrong course choice?
  6. One last go around. Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Hyrule Warriors Bayonetta 2 Child of Light
  7. Voting is now closed. WiiU "Great artists aren't always appreciated in their own time" - Wii U Fortune Cookie, Animal Crossing: New Leaf This series of top 10's are most certainly not ending with the biggest of bangs, huh? You don't need me to tell you that the successor to the Wii had some pretty high expectations to live up to, but it didn't quite live up to them. It kinda came closer to falling flat on its face, really. The WiiU was besieged with problems from the get-go, including the confusing name and third party support abandoning ship ridiculously fast. That said, smart people like me know that the WiiU has some absolutely stonking titles on it. The library is so good, the Switch nicked them for half of its own library. It also introduced Miiverse, the best online thing Nintendo did and its control sticks don't break, which is nice. But it's the games we're focusing on. Here are the restrictions. Breath of the Wild counts as a WiiU game and will have to be considered for this console. Remakes/Ports are banned (Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Resident Evil Revelations, Wii Sports Club, etc.) Retro Compilations are banned (NES Remix, etc.) Download exclusive titles are eligible for nomination. Virtual Console is banned, this also includes the digital rereleases of any Wii title. Applications are banned (Art Academy SketchPad, Miiverse, etc.) Super Smash Bros. For WiiU is a separate game from Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS, they only share character roster and physics, everything else is different. Games that had a simultaneous release with the 3DS will be counted for this console. (Shovel Knight, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, etc.) Here's a list of the WiiU titles. Careful not to choose a game that's banned. Nominations close on the 10th of August. And a reminder that this is the last top 10 list. It's far too early to do a Switch list.
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Afraid I won't be able to then. I need some sleep.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    If you don't want Joker, you can buy Hero by himself. But it is better value to get the fighter pass if you're just going to end up getting all 5. Hero is the most fun I've had with a character since Bayonetta in Smash 4.
  10. Last day for voting. @Nicktendo, @killthenet, @Vileplume2000, @Vanilla, @S.C.G and @Gadwin still need to vote.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    If you're reading this @Sprout, you're crazy good! Normally, I'm just smiling throughout N-E matches, but when everyone else has left and we get some 1-on-1 going, I turn into this. Great matches! I've gotta learn to grab after blocking more often.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    On the other hand, I can never tire of @BowserBasher blowing himself up.
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    @S.C.G If you got no MP, you can't use B.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Room's open now. I'm ready for quick menu-ing!
  15. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    Thaaaaaat's Frantic Items!
  16. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    @RedShell, all three of those were mine. I'm totally sorrrrry!
  17. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Righto, time for regularly scheduled Smash. Seeing as we did Time yesterday, we'll stock today. Cool? I won't be able to open the room until 9:15 though.
  18. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    No, no luck for me. Just gotta wait.
  19. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    There are some people that are saying that they got the Labo Spirits on the Spirit Board, despite missing the event. I think @RedShell was the one who missed that, so it might be worth checking it out.
  20. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    For what it's worth, I do agree that Three Houses could stand to look a bit better. You just reminded me of the amount of times I've read someone criticise a game by saying it looks like a PS2 game, and it's always a bit of a stretch.
  21. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    Why is PS2 always the go to for people to rag on for visuals? I wish PS2 games looked that good.
  22. N-Europe Mario Kart League 2019

    Next League Night: Tonight 8pm Room 1: @BowserBasher is host @Glen-i @BowserBasher @viceview51 @martinist @RedShell
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Ok, I'm done too. Thanks for the quickie Smash!
  24. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    3 whacks in one match! Total skill!
  25. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Whack count: 2