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  1. What's the worst game you own?

    The key word was most. I didn't say all of them required knowledge/skill. But yes, you're right. That is a dreadful show. Clearly trying to piggyback off of Deal's success.
  2. What's the worst game you own?

    Lovely to see that I've started a whirlwind of hate. Totally justified though. I give ITV a hard time with their constant ruining of classic game shows, but at least most of them require at least some Knowledge/Skill. For the record, you could get a game done in about 5 minutes if you'd just shut up with the melodrama. This show is a brilliant example as to why I hate modern day British TV. Thank god for Dave. I wouldn't ever watch telly otherwise.
  3. Mario Kart 8

    You should watch the Cat Mario Show...
  4. Wii U VC

    Holy crap! Really!? Damn, I was actually gonna give the first game a miss on account of me not liking it nearly as much as the sequels. It's OK, but it's just outshined by DKC 2 and 3. But hearing it's 60 Hz may have just changed my mind. Damn Nintendo and their constant spying on me!
  5. Yeah, I know I should, but King Can't-Walk-Right has an iron-like grip on me. I'll have to force myself to use the Circle Pad for the rest of the demo.
  6. Mario Kart 8

    There are no words to describe how insanely excited this makes me! If it is inward drift, I'm gonna use this bike ALL the time! OK, except theme nights. But other than that, ALL the time!
  7. Speed Runs

    I might as well put a Miiverse post of a speed run I did a while back for Bravely Default here. You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse That was fun. Quite funny to think that a game accused of blatant padding can be finished this quickly!
  8. Ah, interesting. I got "Defeat all trainers" today as well. Had no idea that it differed slightly on the Pokemon you fought. Nobody tell me if he does, but I swear Steven dropped a hint that he'd give you that shiny Mega Metagross soon. Is it bad that I still used the D-Pad for movement? It just feels more natural to me, it's strange... I noticed that if you moved around with the Circle Pad, then switch to D-Pad, there's a short moment when the character repositions himself. But that sneaking animation is so full of LOL. Especially if you stop halfway through, it's like he's in a bloody cartoon! Question for everyone who has the demo, is your character's name Orlando? Because if so, does that mean this isn't Brendan? (Dude from the original games) It would explain a lot as to his design if he's a different guy. It's got me really intrigued now. But I have to resist the urge to carry on and have one adventure a day.
  9. Pokémon Art Academy (3DS)

    Ah neat, I take it this is something to do with Halloween? Smash and Hyrule Warriors has really distracted me from drawing, I'm kinda in the mood to draw something now.
  10. Demo currently downloading! After I got my code from GAME, I tried to get that shiny Gengar. I wasn't having much luck, so I asked the staff for help. I got the most confused look from them. It was like I asked them for a tool belt or something. Elaborating on the event in question just got more confusion. So I just left. It things like that that make me think my local GAME closing wasn't really a bad thing.
  11. Mario Golf World Tour

    Helpful... Backspin will save you more times than you'll ever believe when it comes to getting on the green. It's far more reliable than trying to hit a normal shot and roll it on. Also, when putting, don't rely on the reccommended power. It's filth and lies! You want to notch it up 5 clicks with L (More if it's a medium/Long shot or if it's raining)
  12. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Kinda reminds me of the Boo sticker in Brawl, ended up with 99 of those by the time I 100% it. Not that I mind, Boo rocks. But I thought it was funny.
  13. Well, no e-mails for me, gonna have to rely on GAME. Might as well get that Shiny Gengar while I'm there. Weird that it's a Nintendo Zone thing. Hope I can figure it out. Wish me luck!
  14. I'm still not sure where this silhouette is... Is it behind Reshiram or something?
  15. OK, I'm not the biggest fan of the Rogue Squadron games. (I found them kinda meh and a little frustrating) But the thought of having Pointer controls for this actually made me a bit sad it got cancelled now. Kinda like how Resi Evil 4 Wii edition is way more fun than any other version in my opinion.
  16. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    To be honest, I'm amazed it's even getting a map. And I really shouldn't be.
  17. Speed Runs

    It seems that every time I watch someone speed run OoT, I learn another hilarious way to break the game! Didn't even know you could fight Ganon as child Link. Brilliant! And even better, he can be worn down with a stick!
  18. Oh, I see. They're pulling a Smash Bros with this. I thought the public demo was coming out Wednesday. EDIT: Oh geez, not even a public demo coming out? Damn, man. That's harsh. I want that Mega Evolution, whatever it is... In that case, I'd like to throw my hat in for any possible spare code giveaways. Gonna go visit GAME tomorrow though, just to be safe. Of course, King_V asked first, so after him.
  19. And you can't wait until then? Because I can, and I'm a Poke Maniac!
  20. Bayonetta 2

    As far as I can tell, no-one would say that Bayonetta has a deep story. I'd get the first one because it's such a ridiculous bargain! So yeah, I'm getting both and playing the first one first.
  21. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    OK, could have worded it better. Sorry about that. I am not a football fan, never have been. So I'm never gonna understand why it's so loved. But if you enjoy it. Great! More props to you.
  22. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Try playing more Classic mode. They'll turn up. You're more likely to get moves for the character you're currently playing as. Except Palutena and the Mii's. Their moves are all unlocked at the start. I feel like Players are in two distinct groups when it comes to Smash Run. Those with local friends and those without. Smash Run is way better with other people panicking over stuff and sending you unpleasant presents. Multiplayer Race to the Finish is sheer hilarity.
  23. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Geez, the amount of FIFA in that UK chart makes me slightly embarrassed. If I weren't on my phone, I'd find that clip of Mrs. Doyle saying "It's just a stupid game of football!"
  24. Unless it's Mega Kangaskhan. That Pokemon is hilariously powerful. In response to @Aneres11 The key thing about Megas is that they can't have a hold item. You'll be amazed how much of a difference they can make. Especially the choice items. See, I like Mega Pokemon when they're given to Pokemon that need a boost. But when Pokemon like Garchomp, Mewtwo, hell, even Groudon gets one, it feels like they don't need to be stronger. It just feels overkill for the sake of getting fans excited.