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  1. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    The key phrase in that comment Sakurai made was "new challenger video". This seems too big for a veteran. This smells of completely new character. (Shulk makes it in time!) Sonic got one. Charizard as well, if you count sharing the spotlight with Greninja.
  2. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    Seriously getting some deja vu here... I can only imagine it's because of how unstable wireless connections can be. You have to remember, we busted out Link Cables back then. Picture it now, the instant some bad connection issues happen, BAM! Connection error. There would be so many problems, I can see why they didn't bother.
  3. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Good luck with that... I hear the monotonous argument a lot with Other M. I think most of you guys don't realise that she sounds like that only when she's narrating events. She's giving a report, why would she sound emotional? That said, there's a lot wrong with that game, but I still think it's great fun and that's all that matters to me. Anyway, in my opinion, I don't give a damn, really. If Samus had more realistic proportions, given her upbringing, she'd look closer to female weightlifters than to Ripley. And no-one wants that...
  4. Hyrule Warriors

    Actually, it seems to depend on the stage you're playing. The Twilit Realm stage had the enemy designs from TP.
  5. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    2 weeks is pretty reasonable. It's not unexpected to do a club in an hour. One club a day seems fine.
  6. Mario Kart 8 - Online Meet Up Thread

    @Dcubed and I are getting some practice in if anyone wants to join in befrore the league.
  7. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    Gotta restrain myself from getting any club medals until this group playthrough gets going. It's SO goooood though!
  8. Eh... Never really liked Metagross. There are 3rd Gen Pokemon out there that needs the upgrade more. At least Steven seems to have an actual Steel Mega Pokemon now.
  9. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    You let me worry about that.
  10. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    Never mind! Just found 10 quid under my bed! No idea how it got there or how long it's been lodged there but I'm in for this group playthrough!
  11. Hyrule Warriors

    Oh! That was the Wind Waker? Awesome choice of weapon there! And nice to be moving away from Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess now. I hope it still has those choir chants whenever you do a big attack or something. That would be sweet! Link having Power Gloves for the Ball and Chain is also quite clever. Gets around the fact that TP Link could never wield it that effortlessly.
  12. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    Trust me, the amount of times I visited his site, I'm sure one more won't make any difference. Because sometimes, you just want to know what moves you should teach a Nidorino before you evolve it. (Turns out these days it's none. Thanks infinite TM's!) I am now currently scrounging around my place looking for loose change. £3.50 so far. Only a pound to go!
  13. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    I love Pokemon. My wallet hates it. Especially after Pokemon Art Academy.
  14. Hyrule Warriors

    Yep, everyone expected Girahim to show his fabulous self in this.
  15. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    I'd be up for that, assuming I can scrounge together the 5 quid. My cash flow is less then stellar. OK, now that card just looks silly...
  16. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    I suppose... Aesthetically, Fairy type Pokemon as a whole are so lame. I know there aren't a lot, but it really says something that Granbull is my favourite Fairy Pokemon.
  17. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    100 attack for a measly 2 energy cards? Wow! I suddenly feel really old. Hold up! Is that a dragon type card!? The hell? When was that a thing? I'm gonna go sign myself into a retirement home now...
  18. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    If you're expecting multiplayer on a 3DS Virtual Console game, you're only deluding yourself.
  19. Super Secret Bases is such a stupid name. So naturally, I approve! I've always wanted to make a Ground Gym Team. Because Ground is my favourite type and given the choice, I would totally have a Ground Gym! Bonus points for my name being a type of valley! It's like it's fate. Guess this is the perfect excuse to boot up Y and get that done now.
  20. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Depends, I've almost never used it and I don't think it's that essential. I guarantee almost everyone here disagrees with me.
  21. Pokemon TCG GBC Coming To 3DS eShop!

    Oh, man! I remember using that card so much! Such an easy to use card with quite a powerful presence! (As long as you have a double colourless on hand)
  22. Hyrule Warriors

    Well, not really. We know that this game isn't going to be 1-1, so there's no disappointment this time. With Skyward Sword, when we saw it was 1-1, we both thought that the Ball and Chain would fit in perfectly. Here, it's another toy to play with. Which is all you can really ask of it.
  23. Hyrule Warriors

    We all know the reason why Midna looks like that. Although, now you make me want that as well. So I'll inevitably be disappointed when it doesn't happen.
  24. Hyrule Warriors

    Still, from what we saw of the demo, Link apparently has 4 weapons. So if we were to take that 80 characters and split it up into characters with 4 different weapons, that's 20. I'd be fine with 20 characters.
  25. Hyrule Warriors

    Did each of them have multiple weapons to choose from?