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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    Yes, because waiting around for time to pass is soooo difficult. Face it, the only difference this will is less time doing nothing. Great for handhelds. I welcome this.
  2. Wii U General Discussion

    The items. Quite frankly. I wouldn't like Mario Kart without them. I'm also not that great at the more finicky handling most other racing games have. Nothing bad about that, I look positively clumsy playing F-Zero. The only reason I downloaded the SNES one was because it was 30p. Still don't enjoy it.
  3. Wii General Discussion

    Definitely gonna pick up Sin and Punishment. I remember that game being fun, but I don't own the game.
  4. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Why do I get the feeling some of you don't understand how to mark a monster? You hold R and face the part of the monster you want to extract from. Then let go. There should be some kind of mist if you've marked it. Then whenever you have an opening, unleash the Kinsect. You don't have to unleash the Kinsect as soon as you mark a monster. Funnily enough, I think the Charge Blade is better than the Switch Axe. You might just be too used to the Switch Axe. (They're both heavy weapons, so I don't like either) But give it more of a chance before dismissing it completely. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Read the weapon manuals! Even if you know a weapon well. Most of the old weapons have new moves!
  5. Wii U General Discussion

    BTW, I know it's probably been said. But I really want to hammer this point home. Metroid Prime Trilogy for less than a tenner is too awesome for words. If you don't have a disc version, get it. Get it now! If you don't, I seriously have to question your proficiency with money.
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Bugger... It would have been nice, but oh well... No making countless Miiverse posts about Disaster for me then. (I would honestly rebuy Disaster for added Miiverse support, too many golden opportunities for funny there.)
  7. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    That's... a very good question... I'd like to know this as well. I already have Galaxy 2 on account of it being brilliant. Disaster: Day of Crisis NEEDS to get released on this, and in America to boot! Such an underappreciated game!
  8. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    I kinda did throw you in at the deep end, huh? Probably should have picked Tetsucabra. My bad. I think the ID thing is just for the demo, I'd be very surprised if that's the norm. Although it'd be nice to have the option to do it like that. You know, for those N-Europe only hunts.
  9. Hyrule Warriors

    Wait! A thought occurs! Perhaps the Level 3 variant is the Great Fairy Sword? It would also explain why the Kokiri Sword is so massive here. Gilded being Level 2. You know, the more I look at Young Link in this, the more adorable he looks. Starting to warm to him a bit. Artwork and screens for everyone.
  10. Rhythm Tengoku 3DS!!

    CALLED IT... KINDA! I said there'd be a nice surprise for me! I love Rhythm Tengoku!
  11. Hyrule Warriors

    Feburary 5th. They missed their deadline. But not by much. EDIT: It did not take long for the salty tears of GameFAQS to begin. Here's just one of the new threads there... The sheer meltdown on GameFAQS has only justified Tingle's inclusion tenfold. It's delicious!
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    That's a very pretty New 3DS XL. Still getting the blue one. I get the feeling I will end up being more unique among the New 3DS XL users because of that.
  13. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Wonder which one of you was my mystery hunter just now? Seeing as it was a Hammer user, I'm gonna guess... @RedShell? That was fun, even if we did get disconnected. Gore is one toughie, huh?
  14. Wii U General Discussion

    Take this from someone who has done a similar thing. (Community centre) 8 controllers gets really hard to keep track of.
  15. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    I've got the e-mail! Despite already having the demo for almost a week now. If anyone wants a code, let me know and I'll get back to you! (Best do it before 8pm, I won't be online for the rest of the day then)
  16. Hyrule Warriors

    Not so keen on Young Link though, it's a bit too obvious. I expected something more surprising from the guys who decided Agitha was a great choice. Bit odd making the Kokiri Sword two-handed, isn't it? I hope the masks play a bigger part than just Fierce Deity does special attack. I want different mask effects depending on what combo you do. (A lot like Lana's Summoning Gate) Still, at least he seems to have the Keaton Mask. Kafei kinda gets in? That map has me intrigued though, I hope the moon isn't there for show. Clearly intended as an "F you" to America then. They hate Tingle.
  17. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    That still leaves me left out. I have a Windows Phone. Geez, I'm having no luck with this!
  18. Wii U General Discussion

    Are you including the Gamecube in that? Because I thought the Gamecube had some pretty "Mature" games there. (I hate that word. "Mature")
  19. Nintendo Direct 14th of January

    Before people freak out. Someone needs to point out that if this is real, it's a Gamestop thing, so it's American. Oh wait, I just did. If it's fake, it's a good fake. Although, "Have you seen it?" sounds so silly.
  20. Wii U General Discussion

    If their non-kiddy games were going to dispel the kiddy image, wouldn't it have done so before the WiiU even came out? It's never gonna happen, they could make the most violent, gory game ever, and people would still see them as "kiddy"
  21. Nintendo Direct 14th of January

    You know, I completely forgot SMT x Fire Emblem was a thing... again, until I saw this GIF on GAF.
  22. Wii U General Discussion

    Star Fox? Serious? This image always makes me laugh. Command is a very odd game. Star Fox is many things, but serious is not one of them. It's so famous for it's cheesiness, that even Google can't help but do a barrel roll when you search "Press Z or R twice" I know that's not the point you're trying to make, but I literally snorted Lucozade out my nose at that thought. And for that I thank you.
  23. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    You should try out the Insect Glaive. I know I said it before, but out of all the MH3 weapons, the LS is the closest to it. Quick, Fluid attacks with nice reach.
  24. Nintendo Direct 14th of January

    You... You mean Japan, right? Because if so, you know full well what I meant.
  25. 3DS Console Discussion

    OK. You need to calm down a bit. Go play something fun.