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  1. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Portability was more important to me than online play back then. In fact, it still is, just not substantially more. WiiU version was useless to me. My TV is small, I don't have easy access to online play (I have to lug my WiiU around if I want to do that.) I don't regret skipping the WiiU version one bit, and I'm glad MH4U is on 3DS for exactly the same reasons. Plus, I live in London, I make a lot of bus trips. Sometimes long enough to hunt a monster. Where better to kill a Deviljho with a tinchy little sword and a miniscule pathetic shield which can magically guard against anything (I had the Guard skill) then on a double-decker bus? Ah well, I guess I'll just be the mysterious N-Europe hunter who is seen and never heard. I shall be Glen-i! Text Hunter Extraordinaire!
  2. Wii U General Discussion

    A bit harsh, isn't that? Yeah, they make a lot. But it's not all they do. Dillon's Rolling Western is fun, damnit... What you like may not be exactly what the majority of gamers like. I wouldn't buy a new F-Zero or Wave Race at all, just like I didn't buy GX or Blue Storm. They don't interest me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world who thinks so. And that's great, more props to you. I'm sure they're fantastic for what they are, but what they are is not my cup of tea. But while I may be a minority around these forums, I would bet that taking every Gamecube owner into account, the majority would be with people who owned neither.
  3. Wii U General Discussion

    I never really was a big fan of Wave Race or F-Zero on Gamecube. So it always feels surreal when I see how much they are loved around here. If they did release HD versions, I would just shrug and not bother with them. I guess I'm just not a fan of the more technical racing games.
  4. Nintendo Direct 14th of January

    OK, let me rephrase that... Guys! This is it! Every non-Ambassador European New 3DS comes pre-packaged with Flipnote 3D! BELIEVE! I will always be bitter about this...
  5. Nintendo Direct 14th of January

    Guys! This is it! Every European New 3DS comes pre-packaged with Flipnote 3D! BELIEVE!
  6. Wii General Discussion

    I'm not sure whether I like this statement or not. I mean, I like Other M, even more than Prime 3, but I don't like it more than Skyward Sword. Oh well, I would also take out Mario Kart Wii and replace it with Disaster: Day Of Crisis. That game puts such a massive smile on my face. I'm not gonna say it's got groundbreaking gameplay or anything like that. But it's so silly (They kidnapped... HER!) and it plays that for all it's worth! Plus, I'm convinced Pokemon ORAS nicked the finale and used it for Delta Episode.
  7. Wii General Discussion

    Sequel, without a doubt. Less faffing about, has a better soundtrack (opinion!) and let's face it, Green stars are way more fun than play the whole game again with Luigi.
  8. Oh yeah, that contrary Snivy is available. Serperior might actually be somewhat useful now. If anyone could hook me up with one, I'd be very grateful! (Or the other hidden ability starters for that matter)
  9. Mario Kart 8

    It's cool. But it is no Wii Sports Totaka Song. That still boggles the mind with how obtuse that one was!
  10. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    You're assuming everyone has the WiiU version... But no, I see how it is, I get the demo first and you all suddenly don't want to chat with me. Jerk. I'm not bothered really. I'll just customise the shout-outs.
  11. Nintendo Direct 14th of January

    And I've already played it to death! Hey, might as well get in the bragging while I can, it doesn't happen too often.
  12. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Noble, eh? I like the sound of that. From now on, I want everyone to refer to me as the "Earl of Glen"! I'm not even remotely sorry. I hereby renounce my short-lived "Earlness" I believe everyone will remember me for my good work of taunting Mokong that one time, so long ago. ANYWAY! On to more important matters, I've been playing more of the demo. I'm gonna put my findings in spoiler tags. Nothing majorly spoiler-ish about them, just want to save space a bit.
  13. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Had a quick go. Couldn't resist. Demo contains local and online multiplayer, but online isn't available right now. Tried out the Sword & Shield (My fave weapon from 3) and the Insect staff. Sword & Shield is pretty much exactly the same, but more fluid. I get the feeling a lot of the weapons from 3 will feel like this. The insect staff is an interesting weapon. You use a "Kinsect" to basically leech stat boosts and health recovery from monsters, what you get depends on where you hit the monster with it. I'll have to play with that a bit more. Obviously, being able to pole vault can open opportunities to ride monsters. I'm sure most of you know about the jumping on monsters mechanic. It's really simple. Basically, when an opportunity arises, performing a jump attack (X in the air) and successfully hitting the monster can cause you to ride the monster and get more attacks on it. Keep mashing X until the monster thrashes around, then hold R to cling on. If you get the stabby bar (Capcom, hope you're reading, you should call it that) full, then you stun the monster. I can already see jumping on monsters being the difference between success and failure! It changes so much! I can already picture the multiplayer moment when someone is about to get whacked, but then some awesome hero performs a successful jump attack and everyone cheers over the hopeful voice chat.
  14. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Guess who's downloading the Special Demo. Psssttt... It's meeee. Will give some impressions soon. Currently in a DKC 3 race with @Dcubed. (Don't bother asking how, it's not publicly released and I can't help you get it)
  15. amiibo (NFC)

    Geez, what a git... I think I'd be able to punch him square in the face and actually get cheered for it.
  16. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I'd be more inclined to do the challenges if some of them weren't so ludicrously hard! I've almost finished 3DS, but I'm never going to beat all the challenges in WiiU. And I'm OK with that.
  17. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it sounds to me like you've forgotten that the original notebook told you exactly when events happened. It's how I always "discovered new events" in Majora's Mask. This sounds to me like it's gonna show some more of the obscure, un-important events. (Anju's conversation with her grandmother, etc.) It seems like this will make it easier to find those backstory moments. And I'm perfectly fine with this. Mind you, I could be wrong. On another note, I don't see this revamped save system as an issue for me. I know I'm not gonna abuse it, so I'm cool with it. Maybe some of you need to stop wanting everyone to play the way you want.
  18. You've done the 4th gym, right? So you should have access to the desert. At this point, I think you might not be looking hard enough. Just off the top of my head, you could get a Trapinch and a Cacnea, do a bit of backtracking and you could get a Zangoose. Roselia is a very good Pokemon, thanks to Roserade existing. And I've always liked Grumpig, even if I'm the only one here who thinks so Manectric is also a good choice thanks to it's Mega Evolution. And I'm sure some people here could vouch for Breloom's awesomeness. And that's available from before the 1st gym! That's more than 6 decent 3rd gen Pokemon right there, and there's more coming up. I've purposefully left out Pokemon from the first two gens, so that gives even more choice.
  19. Hyrule Warriors

    All we know is that there's 2 characters, 3 costumes and a new adventure map. I have a feeling the next Nintendo Direct will be when we find out what they are.
  20. Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers

    You know you don't have to gather them all at once, right? You can just bring them to the lift one at a time.
  21. Wii U General Discussion

    You'd always be amazed at just how low people can stoop when it comes to understanding technology.
  22. Awesome Games Done Quick Jan 4th - 10th

    How do you even speed run Animal Crossing!?
  23. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    I sure hope so. I'm not gonna claim that the lack of it will ruin the game, but it would hurt. Goes without saying, but the 3DS MH3 didn't have it for obvious reasons.
  24. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse I actually missed the first few notes because I was giggling too much.