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  1. Your 2015 Gaming Diary

    Challenge mode is a bit of an oddity, isn't it? It seems so pointless.
  2. Well done @Sprout! Possibly even better than the first video! It has made me realise that I've been neglecting Smash a bit. I need to have more matches in the future. Despite what the video might show, some of us are brilliant. Not me though, I'm better than average, I think. I don't voice chat. But I still enjoy online. You should totally join in, the amount of hilarious moments that happen are astonishing. (Which is a good argument for "For Fun" over "For Glory") Don't worry too much about winning or losing. That's what I do.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    Nice to see more praise for this! QUICK! Someone convince Square to put some Xenoblade music in Theatrhythm as DLC!
  4. amiibo (NFC)

    You know, considering how difficult some of these are to get and my internet accessibility. I best take some precautions. @Dcubed, as soon as the Greninja Amiibo becomes available, order me one. I will pay you. Can't risk bloody scalpers nicking my Ninja Frog just like you nicked my BLOODY GROUDON FIGURINE!
  5. Hyrule Warriors

    Silly Dr. Bob! You hit the plants with Bow and Arrows!
  6. Woah, I vaguely remember those forums. Geez, they were rubbish!
  7. Hyrule Warriors

    Ooooh... I can feel the impending backlash stampeding it's way here. EDIT: Bloody hell, it got here while I was typing that! If this is what you want from a Zelda game, Then perhaps Zelda isn't really for you.
  8. I never thought this day would come... Not about Club Nintendo, it's old and hilariously fiddly. I thought we were doomed to never get Flipnote. I don't think I've ever been so happy about an app! This has been a fantastic week for me!
  9. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    That's really tempting... But I want to keep my case, thanks.
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    It will appear every time, but it gets more forms when you put the intensity higher. One of them is just... well... I'm not gonna ruin the surprise. Find out for yourself.
  11. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    I mean, yeah, opinions and all that. Did you play the original DS NSMB? Because I'm finding it hard to comprehend that you think 2 is worse than 1...
  12. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    Huh... I always thought Wii U was too easy... Luigi U was way more fun thanks to the added challenge. It's also why I think NSMB Wii is the best game of the 4. Maybe I'm just masochistic...
  13. Your 2015 Gaming Diary

    I'm currently playing through Demon's Crest. No pictures due to not being able to post to Miiverse. I played the first Game Boy game a while back. This game is way better than the Game Boy one. But it's still bloody hard! Slowly getting there. Still haven't finished Captain Toad, that last level is constantly slapping me in the face really hard, like a jerk!
  14. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Someone never played the 3DS Smash. What you just saw was Master Core. Sakurai's new favourite pet boss for Smash 4. Because let's face it, Crazy Hand and Master Hand are a tad easy to predict these days. Best thing is, you only fought the easy version. Try beefing up the intensity and prepare for some true nightmares.
  15. Mario Kart League 2015

    Oh hell yeah! After coming 3rd last time, I'm definitely always in! My Master Cycle needs to tear up more tracks!
  16. Hyrule Warriors

    Only works for next level. You don't have to drink it. Don't worry, it remembers. Unless you flat out turn the console off or play a different game. Agitha is definitely a niche character. Good on you for not dismissing her as useless. It's a shame that Dinolfos are strong against light. But they are weak against Lightning. And the cool thing about Agitha is that she can use both! For reference sake, my Agitha was around Lv 55 when I A ranked this brutal mission. The trick to dealing with Dinolfos is to make some distance between you and them, then use Agitha's strong attack to ride the giant Butterfly. Agitha is completely invincible once it activates. Then use 3 Y attacks and finish with an X attack. As soon as you can, dodge out of the end animation, run away and repeat. This attack counts as Lightning and is much preferable when dealing with Dinolfos/Lizalfos. Unfortunately, it's useless on playable characters like Link. Once you have the pattern down, it's more than do-able to finish with minutes to spare. I have never actually gone out of my way to grind characters. I always do a quest where I can get some kind of reward and use the training dojo when I get a lot of money. I've got 3 more weapon quests to do on the Twilight Map and my characters range from 91 to 117.
  17. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    Where do I even begin with this week!? From the insanely creepy timing of World Ends With You to my favourite Chrono Trigger Song, Wind Scene, with a little bit of awesome sauce from Final Fantasy 8. It's an absolutely delectable musical sandwich which I'd happily throw money at! EDIT: BTW, @Dcubed. Small omission there. Final Confrontation is from Romancing Saga 3, not the first game. We already have the final boss music from the first game (Coup De Grace)
  18. Hyrule Warriors

    Dat 8-bit Great Fairy! Just when you think they've run out of 8-Bit stuff! I do like the sound of deleting skills, Gonna be great for getting that ideal weapon. The Sheik costume is a bit lame. Only criticism I have.
  19. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    Yes, because waiting around for time to pass is soooo difficult. Face it, the only difference this will is less time doing nothing. Great for handhelds. I welcome this.
  20. Wii U General Discussion

    The items. Quite frankly. I wouldn't like Mario Kart without them. I'm also not that great at the more finicky handling most other racing games have. Nothing bad about that, I look positively clumsy playing F-Zero. The only reason I downloaded the SNES one was because it was 30p. Still don't enjoy it.
  21. Wii General Discussion

    Definitely gonna pick up Sin and Punishment. I remember that game being fun, but I don't own the game.
  22. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Why do I get the feeling some of you don't understand how to mark a monster? You hold R and face the part of the monster you want to extract from. Then let go. There should be some kind of mist if you've marked it. Then whenever you have an opening, unleash the Kinsect. You don't have to unleash the Kinsect as soon as you mark a monster. Funnily enough, I think the Charge Blade is better than the Switch Axe. You might just be too used to the Switch Axe. (They're both heavy weapons, so I don't like either) But give it more of a chance before dismissing it completely. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Read the weapon manuals! Even if you know a weapon well. Most of the old weapons have new moves!
  23. Wii U General Discussion

    BTW, I know it's probably been said. But I really want to hammer this point home. Metroid Prime Trilogy for less than a tenner is too awesome for words. If you don't have a disc version, get it. Get it now! If you don't, I seriously have to question your proficiency with money.
  24. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Bugger... It would have been nice, but oh well... No making countless Miiverse posts about Disaster for me then. (I would honestly rebuy Disaster for added Miiverse support, too many golden opportunities for funny there.)