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  1. Nintendo at E3 2019

    It's gonna be open-world isn't it?
  2. Nintendo at E3 2019

  3. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Digging the building a new town from nothing. Not digging the delay.
  4. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Suddenly, Panzer Dragoon!
  5. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Oh snap! Today!? And it seems that Seiken Densetsu III is getting a 3D remake?
  6. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Still no concrete release date for Luigi's Mansion 3...
  7. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Oh, it's 4 different different Dragon Quest heroes! Nice. Like the Menu mechanic a lot!
  8. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Righto, less than 10 minutes to go. I've got my Bingo card ready. Wonder if I can beat my 8-square, no bingo from Microsoft.
  9. E3 2019

    Probably yeah. Maybe some amiibo though. I'm thinking that this is the wrong place to talk about this when there's a Ninty E3 thread in the Nintendo Gaming Board.
  10. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Yeah, fair enough. Can't argue with that. I like the characterisation of Barret in this game. He's not constantly throwing censored swears all over the @*!?$%& place, but it's quite faithful to the personality he gave off through the original game. The true test will be the more poignant scenes with Marlene.
  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    That's not news, dude. But it does look fun. Hopefully, it doesn't cut out too much stuff from the original version. (The Gold Saucer is so not getting in)
  12. E3 2019

    Started great, got really lame near the end. Overall, not bad. Kinda sold on FF7 Remake.
  13. E3 2019

    All this Marvel stuff is turning my brain off.
  14. E3 2019

    I never want to play FF8 again. Dreadful, dreadful game.
  15. E3 2019

    I wonder why they're only releasing one of those Romancing Saga games on XBox.
  16. E3 2019

    That's a really unfortunate advert for Square Enix Music.
  17. E3 2019

    Materia DLC? Groan... Suppose there always has to be a catch.
  18. E3 2019

    OK, this looks like a lot of fun. Very interested.
  19. E3 2019

    They're not gonna mute the audience during trailers, are they?
  20. E3 2019

    Righto, so who's staying up for the Square conference? Apart from Nintendo and Devolver, this is the one I'm looking forward to.
  21. E3 2019

    It beats the many times I've seen a person walk on to the stage and attempt a joke only for it to fall flat. Devolver puts some proper effort in their presentations to stand out and entertain the viewers. Humour is subjective, I get that. But compare Ubisoft's to Devolver's and the difference is night and day. Devolver could come to a conference with absolutely nothing and they'd probably have me laughing in the aisles because they'd twist it into something funny. They've seen an opportunity to use E3 to do something unique and it's landed really well. And they commit to their gags, those fake credits were full of great little nonsense names ("Who puppeteers the puppeteers? - WHOAAAAAAA!"). And when those credits said "Download the soundtrack at...", I broke a huge smile when I found the tweet advertising the conferences soundtrack. Seriously, who does that!? Devolver Bootleg was very inspired too, and the icing on the gag cake was finding the introductory offer of a 1% discount for that. It's so stupid, it's endearing. Their conferences work for me because they take many of the negative aspects of gaming and E3 conferences and exaggerates it to a colossal degree. And they're not shy of taking digs at Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. It's funny because it's kinda true.
  22. E3 2019

    I mean, if you don't find them announcing a game for the arcade format even a little funny, then I don't know what to say.
  23. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    Yep, I just heard. I was wondering what @Happenstance was going on about during the Ubisoft conference. I had a seriously ominous feeling over the past few months that Epic would be throwing an obscene amount of money at Shenmue to get that PC exclusivity. Sorry for those PC backers expecting a Steam key.
  24. E3 2019

    That camera angle approach to the main character was sooooo Breath of the Wild, it was painful. For me that was an average Tom Clancy... Sorry, Ubisoft conference. Nothing grabs my attention.
  25. E3 2019

    Yeah, strange. Probably quite early in development, I'd guess.