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  1. Virtual Reality

    I don't think I could possibly play Beat Saber on console, it needs the homebrew music mods to make it worthwhile.
  2. CONTROL (XB1, PS4, PC)

    Ohhh, "essentially chooses her". Anyone else have to go back and turn on closed captions for that?
  3. This is just based on the fact that there's a listing for One Piece in the wrong category on Netflix?? How am I the only one thinking this is a real stretch? (heh)
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I honestly never even noticed that mode :/ and the fact that you can get trophies while using it really dampens things for me. I don't think I'll bother going for plat, with or without, but I'm glad I beat all the B-Sides without clicking it. I think it's a great idea as a mode, I just don't think it should grant trophies.
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Has anyone here got the plat for Celeste? I would be immensely impressed by that
  6. Well I mean, Mob has more in common with One Punch Man, it's a comedy about an overpowered main character who's a bit dense to their own ability. I wasn't really suggesting @bob would like MHA because its got superheroes like OPM (they're very different). It was more just a suggestion of how to make use of his orphaned Crunchyroll trial
  7. Thanks Admin

    You could all learn a little something about admin appreciation from this fine upstanding definitely legitimate newcomer.
  8. Watch My Hero Academia instead.
  9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

    The reason I edited my post to "current-gen" was because I knew plenty would have the Pikachu N64 and be rightfully proud of that blue and yellow beast
  10. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

    Exclusive to the Netherlands and Belgium is going to make it kinda a rare one. It's not really to my taste though, it looks cool and well made but really who wants their PS4 to be so heavily branded by something that will be out of your mind in weeks/months? Does anyone here even own a special edition/game-branded current gen console?
  11. I mean, you're not going to be happy then, because there's not much to see in the trailer but if one thing seems completely clear it's the return of random invisible encounters in tall grass
  12. Well articulated, @LazyBoy Similar to you, I'll pick it up because I haven't actually oversaturated my interest in the series by buying every single title, but it's impossible to ignore the untapped potential when you look at worlds and mechanics from Xenoblade, Zelda etc.
  13. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Impressive! Goes to show what a more reasonably priced SD card can enable. Just FYI it's Visual Novel not Virtual
  14. I don't really subscribe to Pokemon discussion, but that seems crazily short-sighted not to see that Lets Go was little more than a tie in to Pokemon Go, least of all because it was set in the first region with only one generation of pokemon, and was announced after they had said they were already working on a new mainline title. Well, that's not really a can of worms that needs opening but I'm glad a year or so of poor assumptions have been proved wrong.
  15. Surely nobody was expecting Let's Go to be anything that derailed the direction of the core games? I didn't play Sun/Moon, but what do people think of the scale we've seen of playable environments? Does it seem like a step up/towards a fuller-scale RPG, or does it hint at being limited to a familiar degree
  16. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    This board has generally been quiet, and we've learned to manage expectations. Anthem didn't show off very much at all so there wasn't a lot to talk about, that doesn't mean we weren't all hopeful. As I say there was a gap in the market that many of us want filling. It was a regularly occurring conversation in the Whatsapp group and PS party chats of people I play Overwatch with, which is almost entirely comprised of the group we built to play Destiny with. I'm also saying this as exactly the kind of person this game was aimed at. I gave Destiny something stupid like nearly 2000 hours of my life, logged in constantly for events, bought all the DLC and season passes, pre-ordered the ultimate edition of D2 as soon as I could. So I was ready to pounce on this the moment the demo landed. But the demo crashed both times I tried to load a level, and it was downhill from there.
  17. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    If the game was a 9/10, it would've broken sales records, if you don't believe that and are trying to blame it on being a new IP, you're in denial. There was a lot of expectation and a lot of buzz behind this game. Plenty of people following it with high hopes. Not only did people know what they wanted, but they were shown exactly what kind of game this could be. Most of them were unhappy with Destiny 2 and had already tried and failed to fill that hole with Division etc., it was perfectly poised to reap in millions and millions of players, if it had been executed properly.
  18. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Remember when games were made because companies had a great idea for a game, not because bigwigs decided they wanted a slice of pie from a particular market. And those developers knew they could make something great, and they worked on it until they knew it was done and then they released it? Remember Mass Effect?
  19. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    That's not so much overrated, that's undersupported. Judging the machine for its capabilities and wasted potential rather than its library, its a great bit of kit.
  20. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    The PS Vita is the machine that let me play Persona 4 Golden, that alone makes it a memorable entry in my collection I don’t really play handheld systems at all anymore but I’m sure if I did, the Vita would’ve reigned supreme for me. Great piece of kit! I still maintain they should’ve made memory cards cheaper many years ago as that was a prohibitive factor for many people considering picking one up.
  21. good stuff thread.

    Congrats 'wolf I proposed once and did exactly that, I got a cheap but cute ring as we were in Italy and I thought we could pick out a nicer one while we were there. The less said about how that engagement eventually ended up the better though
  22. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Just in case that sounds like a bargain to anyone, I should point out that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is £21.95 at The Game Collection
  23. Hi

    Welcome to the boards! I'd also love a good excuse to revisit the old Metroid Primes. Never picked up the trilogy for Wii and it seems almost perfect a port for the Switch.