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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

    There seems to be lots of walls placed randomly and all looking exactly the same just for you to throw enemies through...
  2. Walking the streets...

    Yes that's why they nicknamed it The Armpit of America.
  3. Walking the streets...

    I've moved to New Jersey. I wouldn't walk the streets alone at night ever. That is the chavvest thing anyone has ever said on this board. Ever. Edit: In retrospect this board's not been going long enough for that to sound as effective as hoped, so I include C-E in my brutish assault.
  4. deviantart anyone?

    Anyone who watches me, I'll watch back :P
  5. Name that screenshot!

    Well Meik, thread maker, said let's all post. But I think it would be more co-ordinated if we just wait for winners to post.
  6. Name that screenshot!

    Isn't that from Battle Royale? edit: omg 2 people beat me to it, neither was there before I hit send. the fact Atif was beaten too makes me feel better about myself though.
  7. 'Scary' Films for Halloween?

    Devil's Advocate was the first film to scare me.
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    It's ok to think hentai and fanservice is cool if you have lost your virginity.
  9. Mockup adon thread.

    That's someone trying to post html on a forum, definately a nono, what Stoof was aiming for was
  10. Mockup adon thread.

    Yeah except that that makes the turning bit look about 3/4" long which is kinda teeny! Would have to hold it between a finger and thumb :/
  11. Only Sonic game I ever hated with a passion.
  12. Why the controler is so cool.

    This could be as big a change as when I first saw Mario 64 and shouted "Mum, Mum, you can run in and out of the screen as well as left and right!" But I'm not too confident just yet, need to see it in action first.
  13. How far off were you?

    Remember the fake mockup of the drawings and prototype of the weird one handed thumb thing with the analogue stick? That was the closest I think!
  14. what consoles do you own ?

    Back in Merry old England I have me a: Commodore 64 NES N64 Gameboy GBA GBA SP Gamecube Used to have a GBC and a Mega Drive but alas, they were lost in the great sale of '96. Or somewhere around there.
  15. How many magazine covers?

    You might be surprised. A lot of Nintendo fans are immersed in the world of Nintendo specific news right now. Other things have been revealed for other consoles lately too. Nintendo DS was speculated over for a long time and didn't appear on that many big name magazine covers. Edge will probably take this opportunity to make a very sweet looking cover though.
  16. Revolution not completly revealed?

    Well they suggest that there will be several extensions available. The extra extensions might not be "revolutionary", but they haven't been released yet either.
  17. Colours

    some mixture of black and white.
  18. If ideas are stolen, so what? That means more innovative development, more chances to play better games. Who cares who does it best/who has more, as long as we get to have fun playing games.
  19. Two Controllers

    I should imagine you can plug a regular gamecube controller in if they don't package a traditional controller. Notice in the Nintendo TGS announcement they said the "Nunchuk" style (that is, analogue extension and remote) would be packaged in the "standard release", perhaps we're going to get something remniscent of the two main Xbox 360 releases.
  20. Your top 5 songs of the moment

    They had a song on the end of Smallville Episode "Recruit". Something about "I just wanna scream." The lyrics were good but the whiney blink182 pop-punk voice put me off entirely.
  21. And what're all those boxes in the background, looks like a warehouse full of stolen microwaves.
  22. Freeing Up Space

    I used to be short on space, then I came to my girlfriends and now I'm filling up her 120 GB hdd instead! I just used to run through add/remove and get rid of what I could.
  23. They can restrict it to games that are played with the regular controller or don't require the motion detection. They're not all going to require maximum motion. If they can't manage it who cares, not many people make the decision to buy the console based solely on having a 2 minute go on a game in a store.
  24. VGcats hates the controller

    Lol, just because he owns a big popular webcomic doesn't mean his opinion should sway us in any way whatsoever.