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  1. Cool and kinda creepy
  2. Return of the Great CE Quiz!

    Man I remember you having that dutch name. Was it zwartevos (direct translation :p)
  3. Isss There A God!!

    I hope there is a god, I don't want to die and be nowhere and nothing. It's too miserable an idea.
  4. Aw why spoil this movie, figure it out yourself Only the censorship of the ladybits bothered me. It wasn't so much that I wanted to see them, just that having a big blur on my movie bugged me. I agree with thecreepingmess, Eraserhead will screw with your mind. Pretty much any Lynch movie will though :P Or you could try animes like Evangelion or Lain.
  5. Cashmakers.co.nr - feedback wanted

    Dude you already made this thread once. Just because these are new boards doesn't mean you can go repeating yourself. This isn't a board for advertising or plugging your site, it's about design and creativity. Sorry but this has to go.
  6. 1 = 0.9999999...

    I can't believe I'm saying this on a primarily nintendo based internet forum, but you guys are a bunch of geeks.
  7. Marmite anyone?

    It's not as bad as it sounds :P
  8. Computer Wont Shut Down

    They should call tech support ^^;
  9. 1 = 0.9999999...

    Mathematically a Bee cannot fly. Thus the only true solution is: Math = Wank.
  10. Does anyone here play WoW?

    I play City of Heroes. Ok, ok, I'm leaving.
  11. Converting a phone video file to a .GIF

  12. Next Gen Mario Art

    Erm why would Mario changing into a girl make it ok. It's still the mind of a fat Italian male plumber brought up in Brooklyn.
  13. Penny Arcade Revolution Comic

    I think it's what Scott said in a post after it came out. He's always seemed decent enough in the couple emails sent back and forth, but he was kind of harsh on the controller, surprisingly so. Thing is, he's just one person to me :P To some people he's some kind of God to be fanboy-worshipped upon, and they're annoyed that his opinion doesn't lie in sync with their own.
  14. Marmite anyone?

    I like Marmite on toast, not too strong, marg or butter needs to have been added ASAP after toasting to soften the bread. After I moved to NJ, USA, I realised how much I want it, and had my parents send a couple of jars Edit: Incidentally I though much more people would've been saying they hate it. All of my college friends hated it I think.
  15. Jet Lee Unleashed

    Hate to be picky, but isn't his name Jet Li?
  16. Sig, Avatar requests.

    We've had stickied singular request threads before, they don't work. You want a signature I suggest simply... try and make one yourself! Everyone starts somewhere. I always made my own signatures even when I'd never used a graphics program before.
  17. Beginneth of the Batman

    OK, I thought the DVD release date was October 21st or something. It's not better than Spider-man, because the fight scenes are just flurries where you can't follow, Bale overplayed his Bat-voice and the Scarecrow sucked. It was a great film, but flawed.
  18. Beginneth of the Batman

    Er, didn't this film come out in June?
  19. Adverts That Blow - Secondary Remix

    Yknow what always bugged me? Those spot cream/cold sore adverts where the actors were always complaining, even though they had flawless skin.
  20. Nintendo Stars Catalogue

    Yes, but since no one has postcounts anymore, no need to fuss about it :p
  21. Nintendo Stars Catalogue

    Almost bought Donkey Konga 2, then I remembered... I don't want it.
  22. If You Were Moderator...

    It's an instant classic either way :P
  23. If You Were Moderator...

    Thread repellant bat spray would've retained the humour better :P
  24. Opera is now a free browser.

    Opera not being free was never the issue with me... there's... ways around that. I just prefer firefox for other reasons :P
  25. Glad to hear that it's good often hear some worrying things about anything with "LE" or "SE" stuck on the end, but sounds like this is ok. I recently bought a new card too, Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro, it's nice to see all the new things like pixel shading and shiny-ness huh?