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  1. I use http://www.dreamhost.com - very reliable, comes with a .com or .net
  2. wma -> MP3

    If everyone used Google this board would be no use :p
  3. AVI to DVD

    Grab a program called DVD2SVCD. You will also need the TMPGenc encoder installed Open the program and select AVI to DVD in the Misc section, then load your file, choose your border/size options etc and hit encode. It'll take some time, but you'll be left with a .cue file in the 'movie' folder of the program directory. Burn this using Nero (selecting burn image to dvd) and that should be it. Unfortunately I've not made DVD's before so this might not be the best way. If you need more help with this program or any other vid conversions, you should be able to find them on doom9 http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21859 Hope something here helps.
  4. More of my dumb questions...

    Macromedia flash player is just used when playing flash vids... sometimes shockwave too, especially if there's some interaction involved. You simply install it and it runs itself. http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&promoid=BIOX As for CD drives I'm no expert. These days speeds are overrated, they keep upping them even though they're so fast already. Depends also whether you want to read, write, etc. The speeds are usually listed in threes such as 40x/10x/40x, which is the read, rewrite and write speeds respectively. Incidentally you should look for around 40/10/40 and up. But since you ask about the difference between dvd-r and +r, are you actually speaking of DVD-ROM drives? As for the Dell, I didn't click on your link because I'm no expert on the quality of Dell products - but you could always google it for user reviews
  5. Agreed with revpwns there o_O. Select the layer you want to resize and hit ctrl+t, using the bar at the top of the screen enter a percentage (you want around 20 by the sound of things). If you can resize the whole image, not just a layer, hit image > resize and enter 200px width checking to keep proportionate. Perhaps I'm missing something.
  6. Petals around the rose game

    I remember someone saying (years ago, maybe from the first time this was posted :p) that apparently the longer you take to get it, the smarter you are, because your brain looks for complex explanations.
  7. N64 Must Buys (please)

    Forget all previous lists. Zelda: Ocarina of Time Zelda: Majora's Mask Banjo Kazooie Perfect Dark That is all.
  8. Post your Desktop (56K waring)

    Sorry, please go here.
  9. RAF

    I was in the ATC and went to do faux 'missions' on base, they were never like that then.
  10. DivX Create for free today

    Are you sure they sent it? The offer has closed.
  11. DivX Create for free today

    DivX Create is a tool for encoding videos. You greatly reduce the filesize and it's ideal for game trailers etc.
  12. Isss There A God!!

    Guys you're just arguing the entire point of agnosticism back and forward. Some people believe in God, some do not, some want to but find it hard. That's all there is to it, stop trying to force other people to agree with you, cos that's known as preaching
  13. Day of Defeat source!

    I was on 56k for a while, I have a decent card and a fast PC, but I hate a ping over 100 now that I've been on 2MB I don't want to go back. Not only that but I have had to install the game again and the update would take hoursandhoursandhours.
  14. I don't actually remember that scene :/ I need to watch this movie again.
  15. Yellow SNES

    Donkey Kong carts were famously yellow. Pretend it was meant to be that way. Maybe write "LTD ED IN YELLOW!!" on the box, see if anyone buys it.
  16. Revolution IGN Channel Banner (lol)

    That's very nice, although I would have to suggest a sharper "RESET" font, and tidying up some of those diagonals good work though.
  17. Dunst Confirms Spider-Man 3 Villains

    The original Green Goblin was killed of straight away, could be replaced by Harry as the next Green Goblin, so no need to worry about that. Doc Ock could be back I guess... who says Venom will die? I'm interested to know whether Venom will be a suit with crazy powers like in the comics, or if they turn it into something more technology based to make it more plausible.
  18. Yournotme! (This is a blatent steal)

    12 people with my name "There are probably more people killed in yoghurt, cream, marshmallow and fluffy thing accidents each year then there are of you."
  19. CSS anyone?

    I used to play quite a lot, finally got fairly good, but won't be back on until I get broadband again though. My user was soap_box.
  20. Day of Defeat source!

    Man I can't even play CS: Source right now since I was demoted back to dial up, and I'm itching for it. Now I want this too.
  21. Post your Desktop(56k no no)

    I went for ott minimal, can't be bothered to dig up where I got the vis style from, but I made the wallpaper myself w/vector. This is at 50% size (no longer on 1280x1024 )
  22. Help Me! what does this quote mean?

    This is very important in fact Most poets will write in a way for the reader to identify with a poem. A line can be interpreted in different ways, to reflect on different things. Writers like Cummings often use personification, the same way as Time and Death are given humanity to make them more inherently threatening, rain can be given hands to show the way touch is fragile, but at the same time has so much effect.
  23. best album for non sex/drugs

    Actually when that first came out, I was totally into that kind of music. I loved the band and the CD, and thought that I would never like any album better. Granted that was a good few years ago, and my tastes have changed, but I know where you're coming from at least.
  24. Isss There A God!!

    There's a difference between never having existed and a future not existing. Prior to existing I hadn't had a consiousness with which to fear the unknown, and even once born life consisted merely of human instinct and learning. Now we're at the stage where our head is full of theorising and what-ifs. Not only that but prior to being born, the future involved life. After death, the future involving nothing means an end, not a beginning.
  25. Miyamoto please sign here!

    It was on Sunday? I'm only 30 mins from NYC, but the big apple and only 200 people getting in? I'm not about to queue from 3am. A few people from these boards (and who've left) were at the London signing. Most people got people to sign copies of Zelda/Mario.