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  1. Could Anybody make a Avatar for me??

    You can't upload a sig, you need to host it somewhere, a quick solution being http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.photobucket.com, then put it in image tags in your sig. Since it's already hosted somewhere maybe redshell won't mind leaving it there. Whether he does or not the code will be: [center][img=Image URL goes here][/center] Redshell those are nice
  2. Could Anybody make a Avatar for me??

    Nothing special really...
  3. Niggling annoyances

    That's just being picky :p - it's one thing to leave the apostrophe out of a little 'word' like "c'mon" posted lazily in a thread - but to have a misplaced one in a name that floats above your head on an MMORPG for everyone to see is just annoying to me!
  4. University Applicants.

    I got a deferred place at Sheffield Hallam University starting next year doing English Studies.
  5. Guild Wars - To get or not to get

    Weeell, I haven't played it myself, but I believe it's by the people behind City of Heroes, thus it probably rocks. Plus I've heard great things about it from this board alone so, I'd say grab it, 'specially if there's a trial period and you're into the whole MMO genre.
  6. Niggling annoyances

    For me far worse than 'wot r u up 2' is 'da' and 'der'. Anyone with something like 'wots der time' or 'da dawn of da dead!' in their msn name is up for removal. Grammar kind of bugs me. I had to leave my supergroup on City of Heroes because the name was "Eye's of Ra", I mean cmon, if you're not sure about apostrophes, at least leave them out. 'lol' only bugs me when I'm standing beside someone who types it, when they didn't. Then I say "No you didn't", they precede to look at me and say "...didn't what?". At which I roll my eyes and walk away. It makes me feel big.
  7. So I passed my driving theory...

    I can't even remember what score I got on my theory test... I passed though, but I was really nervous, didn't think I was going to do very well and was worried about having to pay for it twice.

    If it's just going to be a black silhouette, why bother using a real picture of you? No one will know if it is you anyway.... Also, ideally you could've done with a further out picture which showed more edges, ie chin, no shoulder, face on shot, head not cut off the top... but hey, I think this is what you wanted. PS if making this turns out to be illegal pretend you did it.
  9. Does anyone put jokes in their essays?

    Not necessarily, in certain circumstances it can be the difference between a definate and a conditional.
  10. That sidebar looks kinda ugly to me, it would look better straight, and more transparent (hopefully optional). It just looks weird empty like that, but I think would look cluttered if it was full. I don't know if I'd be using that....
  11. Sig Request :D

    They're all good IMO. Chris, genius Lammie, professional as always Redshell, the perfect blend of simplicity and skill
  12. iSUBSCRiBE

    I stopped buying video game magazines about 2 years ago, to me subscriptions aren't worth it. That's only because personally I saved money by judging issues by their cover and avoiding two or three in a row, so in a year I saved simply because I only bought about 3.
  13. arab_freak, your pics aren't loading, you should try posting, and perhaps confine to one post? Was two necessary? You could always attach them to your post
  14. picture and audio in forums

    If you use imageshack don't use the code they provide, but rather open the large image and copy the url direct to the image itself. The code with imageshack is what makes the tn. Alternatively just host your image somewhere else. Google suggests you could try hosting both your picture and music here: http://www.myfilehut.com
  15. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    I think your third point is the most valid :p and the actual media still costs next to nothing to mass produce...
  16. Smilyes that dont work

    Is the fact that smilies is being spelt with a 'y' bugging anyone else or just me?
  17. Actually for the first time I would agree with Schpick. Especially if you don't care for games, apple could be the way to go.
  18. How Good is your comp?

    I finally got it to work and it stuck at 40%... I try again when I get back to broadband ^^;
  19. Stardock

    Windowblinds/stardock etc are not good because they suck up RAM and just cover over your desktop. You're best off using that patch or installing styleXP and getting visual styles instead. They're generally of much higher quality anyway. Best place to find them is dA.
  20. How Good is your comp?

    It says I need to use WinXP and IE6, when I clearly was.
  21. #3 Photoshop this.....Largo

    Meik's is great
  22. original game boy!?

    My original gameboy isnt the first grey model, it's yellow, but at the time all I played was Super Mario Land 1 and 2.
  23. AVI to DVD

    Ah, I didn't really take this into account but like I said, I don't make DVD's myself.
  24. Revolution's Graphics

    Graphics aren't so important as higher performance levels. I want to be able to have bigger, more complex, more detailed rather than "looks more realistic".
  25. Gmail invites

    You need to specify an email address for someone to send it to.