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  1. I sold but got booted out right after and it didn't save, so I'll have to come back, sorry. Nobody's quitting without going through the airport, are they?
  2. Oooh we might pop over, thanks Happ. We've still got potential for a spike but I've spent my life savings here, not sure I can risk it Also it'll take a few trips if we do. Sorry everyone. Edit: Tomorrow's looking like 90% chance of a large spike now, 200-600. So maybe we'll just make one trip to you. Diversify!
  3. I've got a 50/50 chance of large spike or decreasing
  4. Might finally be our turn for the large spike. Which is lucky because we both have four trips worth of turnips each this week
  5. Thanks for letting us visit @Tales - very cool island! We were in a bit of a rush cos we were both late for work by the time we finished
  6. I’m on my way over? What’s the purpose of watering another islands flowers? Sorry I’m a rookie!
  7. I'm going to set myself multiple reminders to check this thread!
  8. Code Geass is a weird one for me, I never ever understood what people liked about it, how it ranked among all the best series. The art style is like some weird 90s throwback and the main character so unlikeable... and it seemed to constantly hop between relying on grim, unsettling misfortunes and weird school anime tropes... I tried a couple of times but could never get more than a couple of episodes in. I'm not trying to trash something you've just given high praise to I just never got it. Should I have given it a better shot?
  9. Thanks @Sméagol but I don't reckon I'll be able to get on this morning offer well appreciated though
  10. Ah man! I was on here checking prices nearly all day then this goldmine sprouts (heh) up right after I log off for the day... Anyone else still expecting a highish spike soon?
  11. I promised myself I'd remember to check every am/pm this week so obviously I forgot this morning already.
  12. Well if you can find a place with a turnip sell price of 500 then you'd have to be spending less than 20k on turnips to not even make 99k. You can get over 16k bells a day just hitting 1 rock! I did find somewhere selling in Saturday evening for 500+ but there was a queue, I entered in 98th position at 8pm, by 9pm I was 38th, and then suddenly the gate closed There’s only one money rock between two of us, and I don’t play every day. I do know I could’ve got a good deal if I’d come here on Thursday but I just didn’t get chance to look that day. It’s not like I’m complaining here, I don’t really mind how things turned out, just that not everyone plays the game the same, I’m happy with a much more chilled approach. If it takes me months/years longer than everyone else to build my house, I don’t mind
  13. clearly you’re underestimating how different our financial situation as your “even just” is more money than I made on my last exchange and the suggestion that I would require multiple runs
  14. If you're willing to use Twitter or Animal Crossing-specific community websites it's a dead cert you'll sell them for loads. Just got to look in the right places and try not to let the insane load times/people joining get to you. These people all seem to be asking for silly tips though. Like some of them want more in tip than I will earn from the turnips. People don’t realise not everyone powergames AC...
  15. Anyone got even 100+? Be nice not to make a loss.
  16. Anyone got any good prices this morning? I couldn’t get on yesterday and looks like I may have missed some good prices
  17. Oooh I feel like there could be a better price later in the week
  18. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I don't have an Xbox but I'd like to revisit PSO, if just for the nostalgia. I'll give it a try when it appears on PC.
  19. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I definitely like this game a lot more in the second half. There's some consistently infuriating parts and the dialogue/cutscenes occasionally get barf-level corny but the overall gameplay etc is much better. I'm pretty close to the end and then I accidentally read a trophy that sounds like a huge spoiler, but we'll see.
  20. Thanks @darksnowman - I still don’t really know what I’m doing and feel nervous carrying around my SO’s lifetime investment in turnips. I may be in trouble for not collecting any apples while I was there
  21. Can this game really have such daft online that I don’t even know if I’m going to the right persons island unless I ask them the name of their island first
  22. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    So I have to say my initial reservation about only one island on the Switch definitely proved to be founded. I don't play the game at all, because it's my SO's. And she likes to do everything every day, shake every tree, hit every rock, hand in every creature and fossil. I couldn't bring myself to take that away. So really I'm just a blight on her island still in my first house with one room and a camper bed. I don't mind, I didn't buy the game and I'm happy to let it be hers. But I wish I could have my own island, too.
  23. @darksnowman I'd like to sell at your island please! Do you need anything?
  24. Ours are falling and falling, 84, 80, 76, 71....
  25. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    When I got to chapter 9/10 I started to like the game more, I think it gets a lot better from there. The combat is a lot better against easy to medium enemies, but anything fast or particularly dangerous it's still very frustrating. There's just not enough ways to counter fast moving attacks, and the amount of things that can interrupt your attacks and magic really make you feel powerless at times. However, yeah, I would definitely say overall I'm liking the game a lot more now.