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  1. SNES Classic Mini

    I still sort of agree with Jimbob. It's not about too little stock (they stated it's meant to be a limited edition item), it's about allowing third party retailers to sell as many as they like to whoever they like, meaning loads of people immediately bought 20 just to make a profit and screwing over the real fans. They should've just only sold it themselves.
  2. SNES Classic Mini

    Just gone on sale on the UK store https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-classic-mini-hardware/nintendo-classic-mini-super-nintendo-entertainment-system/11495711.html
  3. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Unfortunately that's one date I just can't do as I'm away that weekend.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I seriously miss the days when every game on XBLA had a free demo. I think there's plenty of digital games I would pick up if I could just try them first to be sure.
  5. SNES Classic Mini

    They haven't even gone live on the Nintendo store yet have they?
  6. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    If you receive a bug where links to the individual boards do not work, please clear your browser cache.
  7. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    The new software and hosting are performing well, the hosting is just running out of space which brings everything to a halt.
  8. SNES Classic Mini

    This actually looks great, I wasn't fussed about the NES one but this is a collection of games I'd actually love to play. Definitely going to try and get one.
  9. New Software!

    Before we spend too much time on themes I'd like everyone to give the default a go for a bit. Most of peoples' aversions to it I think will just be because it's different. The old forum had very harsh, dated table-cell lines between posts that's been far from the norm for a long time. Personally I find the new layout much more readable after giving it a chance for bit. More themes can be added in the future of course but lets let the dust settle for a bit first
  10. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Recent errors this morning were unrelated to the old issues, and arose because we ran out of disk space - partly because we still had copies of the old database etc which are very large. May mean we have to upgrade a bit in the future but for now it seems ok.
  11. New Software!

    I haven't experimented with it but I believe there's a pretty comprehensive way to browse new posts using filters and all sorts. The background processes have completed at last so these features should be up and running.
  12. New Software!

    Responsive design means there is essentially no mobile and desktop versions. Everything just shuffles about as you resize your browser, different style rules depending on the width of your screen. You can see it by just resizing your PC browser down to mobile size. Looking at that screenshot I'm guessing Android and Apple behave differently when requesting desktop though because for me on iPhone it has no effect (because they're not different templates). Android is presumably essentially breaking the page by modifying a meta tag that delivers the screen width to the browser in order to make it zoom out like that. I can't imagine why you'd want desktop on a phone now as its all the same content and styling but with a lot more pinching and zooming, and I hope people will consider the mobile template as I think it's the fastest, cleanest and most complete way to browse on a mobile. That said as long as everyone has a solution they're happy with it's ok!
  13. New Software!

    I don't know what you mean by floating/unfinished, the majority of this theme is IPB's default theme. Not sure what dead white space you're referring to either? The only thing that I think looks a bit wonky/unaligned is the announcement but we don't use those much anyway so that'll be gone soon. The "unseen"/"last post" type features require the index to be up to date, which as mentioned yesterday could take as much as two days.
  14. Netflix

    Oh good it does work then
  15. General TV Thread

    I've really enjoyed Better Call Saul consistently. Gutted that the season has ended already!
  16. I'd really like that keyring but otherwise I'd rather just go digital
  17. New Software!

    This is the case more often than not :p I remember an outrage when we switched to vbulletin and avatars were 150px wide instead of 50px.
  18. New Software!

    Tapatalk should be on, not sure if anything needs changing in the app though. in the mean time consider the mobile site, it has lots of new features
  19. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I didn't really mention this along with the new software, but we're also on new hosting, just for the forums for now. Early days yet but hopefully it's much more reliable.
  20. New Software!

    You're just mad cos your avatar doesn't fit in a circle.
  21. New Software!

    I'd... be quite surprised if switching to desktop mode did anything since it's a responsive design not a mobile theme. The broken buttons were an issue with my custom header, should be sorted now.
  22. New Software!

    Ok those big ads are a bit more intrusive than I realised, no idea they hijacked links, I've turned them off.
  23. New Software!

    @Happenstance Is that just the discardable ones or the ones that are there all the time? Can you send me a screenshot? Thanks.
  24. New Software!

    The links work now that I've turned off Friendly URLs, I'll try turning those back on after reindexing/after support gets back to me!
  25. New Software!

    Quite a lot more homepage links are down than I thought. Reindexing is crucial for that apparently and taking longer than expected.