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  1. New Software!

    Ok, quote button should now be available at mobile sizes. Members can now hide their own posts from all users except staff (to prevent abuse).
  2. House buying is the worst

    I envy you R_A, so motivated and... non-lazy! I have hardly touched anything in my house since moving in, although I did happily spend more for a place that had a lot of work done already. The ceiling in my bedroom is the only bit I don't particularlylike, it's curved down at one end, covered in that artex stuff and has an out of place papered corner beam on it. I'd like it to just be simple flat plaster but I'm afraid of what's even under there if I peel that paper crap off....
  3. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    I've never done an escape room, count me in for that though.
  4. A belated happy birthday! Hope you had a good one!
  5. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    We did that 2 years ago so definitely up for that, however I was more thinking something... sustainable from early day onwards.
  6. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    19th I can do Would anyone be interested in shaking it up a bit, if any London natives have any suggestions? Something beyond tinnys in the park and ninja.... The highlight is always gaming at Zell's, we should be able to do something better in the day!
  7. New Software!

    Everyone was using Thanks like a Like here anyway, so it makes more sense as "Like" IMO!
  8. Sugar Cube Gangster

    Stellar Celebrations Galore Slightly belated Happy B-day serial thanker liker, hope you had a good 'un
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Idk, this is the PS4 thread though
  10. New Software!

    It's a bit hacky to change this, I'd rather not modify more templates than we need to, and the fix would need applying to every theme and future theme. Also I tried it and couldn't figure it out Any chance you can just like... never look at the post count?
  11. General TV Thread

    I plowed through seasons one and two of iZombie, but man I just do not care any more in Season 3. It's repeating the same trope and it annoys me that it's one rule for one character and another for another. And there's too much CW love triangle crap. I haven't gotten past episode 3 or so, should I try again?
  12. New Software!

    Ok. Both themes are grey so I thought you were referring to the lighter one. Paging @Cube re: any change requests regarding the Switch Dark Theme.
  13. I think it's out now... anyone confirm?
  14. I don't even remember any notifications like this if there are any they certainly don't last after the "intro" area.
  15. SNES Classic Mini

    Reliable for what? :p you say that as if they're not one of the biggest online games retailer in the UK. They're perfectly reliable, although they might not get you your stuff before streetdate like they used to.
  16. bad stuff thread.

    Look what you did
  17. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Wish Inside or The Witness would go on offer, I skipped picking both of them up when they last were which was a mistake.
  18. New Software!

    Not sure if serious
  19. SNES Classic Mini

    Just contact Smyths with their contact form and change the delivery address? Have it changed to a family member or something if you don't know what your next address will be.
  20. House buying is the worst

    I had my brick driveway fully powerwashed and resanded and weeds are already coming back just a few weeks later, there's not a lot that can be done, buy a big container of weedkiller and have a spare knife handy.... I've been thinking for a while that I might need to move, somewhere with a less high maintenance garden and nearer to my friends. I might sacrifice the bike and the garage to keep it in to get somewhere with a bigger spare room and simpler garden. However, the idea of going through the house buying thing again is a bit daunting to say the least, and now it'll be coupled with selling one too.
  21. Job woes/wins

    I just realised that I drunkenly stole your thunder when you were telling us that on OW the other evening. Congrats
  22. SNES Classic Mini

    My suggestion was that with this one, very limited edition product, they should only sell it through their website. I never mentioned restricting retailers.
  23. SNES Classic Mini

    There's a big difference between a huge range of digital games with a literally limitless supply, and a single limited run, special edition item. Nintendo used to give away items via the Stars Catalogue, did that mean that GAME refused to stock the Wii?
  24. SNES Classic Mini

    Yes it had a meltdown with order tracking etc, although the majority of systems were delivered on time I think, including mine. I pretty much swore against using them again at the time however this is a very limited item that can wait so I'm not too bothered.
  25. SNES Classic Mini

    Oh no, not uproar from retailers. Wouldn't want to upset those poor companies... What are they going to do about it, refuse to sell Nintendo products in the future? The responsibility to fans lies with Nintendo, not retailers.