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  1. General Switch Discussion

    If I'm honest I'd be totally happy with the app as a replacement for whatever means of talking on a mic, if it worked really well. And we can't just keep saying "this is their first attempt, this is a beta, it will get better in the future". They should be getting these things right first time, plus the games that this functionality is wanted for are out now.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Sorry! I just don't get it. I wanted to. Feels so clunky and constrained to me.
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    One of the worst games I ever handed over hard earned cash for IMO, I just do not understand the appeal at all.
  4. Want Face

    I had a YBR125 for about 8 months, I got this over a year ago though! Man it's like you guys don't subscribe to every post I make in the purchases thread or something. Y'all know I got a house too right??
  5. This is a reasonable theory, but I don't think there's enough recent examples to really prove it. There hasn't been a Metroid game for a long time, and a good one for much longer, so how do we know how it will compete these days? I think Metroid would do fantastically without any real change in the formula, all they really need to do is make it. Do you really think "mainstream" gamers were won over to Fire Emblem because they made it less punishing? I think realistically the market has just grown, and Awakening got oustanding feedback and was available on a hugely popular system, plus added more social functions. It would've sold well even if it had unavoidable punishments, as long as it got the kind of scores it did. I never felt that Metroid was particularly hard, punishing or frustrating in the first place, at least since the original NES/GB games. Frustration was alleviated by smoother controls which is what made Zero Mission such a good remake.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    If you've got your smartphone out and you've opened your app store, you might as well use a proper, fully fledged app at this point right? One that can be locked, switched with other apps, make calls, send messages and work when the game is closed, like... whatsapp, discord, google hangouts, your phone's built in software...
  7. Overwatch

    Control annoys me especially because of the length. Even in quick play if you're doing badly you know it's going to drag out for 2-4 rounds and it's not worth it. I don't really understand why it's best-of in QP at all to be honest. If anything, it's the game mode that least deserves to reward the sum of multiple rounds because unlike swapping the payload on Escort, for example, there's no reward for getting 99.9% of the way on attack even if you would've crushed them on defense.
  8. Destiny 2

    I'm very torn on the beta. I loved a lot about it and was very meh at times too. As suspected, it really just feels like I've gone back to Destiny but they've nerfed my character, it doesn't feel like much of a departure from D1 at all. It doesn't really look any better and it doesn't feel any better because it's only 30fps and I've been playing so much Overwatch. The strike boss is another uninspiring bullet sponge. But, it was great to be back to chatting with N-E folks and the co-op gameplay is still great fun. I actually enjoyed the PvP, love the new Titan and Warlock supers (although they feel a bit samey), I like the new weapon loadout a whole lot. I just hope there's a tonne more to do and the game generally feels busier and more alive. Looking forward to the social space being added because it's missing a lot without patrol or social.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Brilliant, thanks for letting me know! Both for <£7, worth the wait - a 76% saving on The Witness, can't argue with that.
  10. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Split the thread to try and grab peoples' attention! I find this quite interesting actually! One person in our group said "if you didn't know who he was, you wouldn't have thought anything", but I wasn't sure. I thought his part just didn't fit in very well or make sense, and his line was delivered poorly. If anything, they should've just let him get stabbed in a battle or something. I thought it was a great start to the series, if a little tame. It didn't take any risks, it just kinda carried on the story, and didn't have an epic Season Premiere feel. That said, a lot of things are finally coming to a head and I'm very much looking forward to where we're going next.
  11. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I'm also playing it because there's a free ten hour demo available on all platforms now. I'm liking it myself, not got very far but I love the jump jet movement and the design of the planet. The music in the character creation screen was rad but there hasn't been much epic since then. I had a sneaking suspicion that I would probably love this game (if never as much as ME1 or 2) if I could get past the animation, so a demo was probably a smart idea.
  12. Want Face

    Soz @Goafer - here's mine Mine's a 2013, the one you posted is the older model with the twin, higher up exhaust. You can out-jealous me by buying a 2018 765 RS though
  13. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Sorry for downtime this morning, had not set up renewal properly on the new hosting
  14. Overwatch

    You're in overtime for as long as someone is touching the goal. The longer overtime goes on for, the quicker it drops off if the other team dies or gets knocked off the point. Also I think there's a limit at which overtime eventually just ends. If you can knock the enemies off the point a second before the game ends, there'll be no overtime. I think that the point is that if a team's evenly matched, they shouldn't win at the end just because they took it first. Or something? The fact that the team managed to wrestle it from you at 99% without you knocking them off and then subsequently gain the last 76% without your team ever taking it again even for a second suggests they deserved the fighting chance! Usually it happens because their team finally switches up the approach to counter, and the team that was originally winning does not adjust accordingly. I actually really like the overtime mechanic as a last chance for flipping the tables, as it brings an otherwise uncoordinated PuG in for one last concentrated push. Here's a game with a couple of N-E folks from over a year ago where we had to hold the payload at overtime to win, all they had to do was knock me off (Lucio and Pharah serve this purpose well!) it and it would've been over ('scuse the average accuracy, I'm much better these days honest/was panicking):
  15. New Software!

    Sorry but I've no interest in significantly refining the theme. Darker means of separating features looks dated and ugly and would require more significant overrides to the default theme, which would break responsively or when new features come out etc. I've gotten used to it very quickly and I can't for the life of me understand complaints about newly updated threads, they're both bold and have a symbol next to them. Also the software does not seem to allow installation of a source-code view I'm afraid. Says the addon is already installed but doesn't give an option to put it in the toolbar.
  16. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Are you saying you could do the 12th?
  17. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Personally I'm not flexible on the 12th, it's a family weekend thing that tickets have already been bought for. However if others can only make the 12th, no hard feelings from me
  18. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    You guys are too optimistic. I am not bringing my Switch because it will get broken/stolen/stolen then broken. Confirming interest in escape room.
  19. Netflix

    Anyone watched Castlevania? Disappointed how short it was, pretty cool stuff reminds me of Hellsing and Berserk.
  20. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    It is kinda strange that while you're online, trophies can't just sync instantly. It's just a few bytes of data. But then, there's always been something clunky about their online architecture. I imagine it's a nightmare to work on inhouse where nobody dares suggest any modern improvements for fear of being thrown through the window, business suggestion meme guy style.
  21. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Well whatever suits most people, but I can't make the 12th.
  22. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    a) its on the 19th b) do we want to risk the crazies showing up
  23. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    If everyone does that then nobody ends up coming
  24. Netflix

    Yep, to be honest I couldn't make it all the way through IF or LC. JJ might be a bit better, but none of them come close to DD season one in my opinion, which was real quality TV.
  25. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Well, are you coming to London next month then?