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  1. Overwatch

    Every time you die you get a random hero The only thing I think is a shame is that ult charge is wiped clean every time you die.
  2. Overwatch

    Have you played Mystery Heroes? Most of the N-E group don't like it but I enjoy it, although you can end up unfortunate and against a stack of 3 Zarya's or something, I like being forced out of my comfort zone from time to time, or getting to play Widow/Hanzo without feeling bad about it (although if the team is close to winning and we already have a sniper, I may throw myself off the closest ledge)
  3. A wild Birthday appeared!

    Happy Birthday Joe The relationship thread misses you!
  4. Destiny 2

    We pretty much all did, but I think most of us will be back, too! All "Destiny 1.5" grievances aside, the strikes and raids and social aspect are still going to be top tier for me I'm sure.
  5. Destiny 2

    Still can't have a hyphen in the Clan Name. #literallyunplayable #justareskin #destiny1.5
  6. Destiny 2

    Even if I enjoy D2, I don't think I'm going to have the same completionist drive I had in D1. That's because the mystery has gone, and nothing has changed from Destiny 1. You understand how the weapons drop from the outset, there's a fixed set of weapons and a fixed set of exotics. Unlocking the majority of them is going to be at the whim of RNG, and only a set few are going to be fun/worth having/worth using in PvE. Within a few months you will be scorned for using an exotic weapon you like on a raid boss because it's less efficient than a sniper rifle or whatever. I was kinda hoping they would change things up a bit and that playing would feel more like Diablo, where any purple drop gets you excited, but lets be honest, that stopped being the case for most people a long time ago with D1, and if they're not changing that, the feeling will simply continue.
  7. Fertility Plummeting In Western Males

    I find it strange that you mention a scientific study but then move to something not covered by that study. Unless I'm missing something, where's the evidence supporting a connection between effeminate men, and this issue?
  8. Invisible, Inc. - PS4

    This is a game I was looking forward to for so long, but when it arrived it didn't grab me at all. I guess the fact that Transistor was a massive disappointment after Bastion didn't help Did you check out Xcom 2 at all though, Flink? Might be your cuppa tea.
  9. Overwatch

    Mei wall on friendly spawn... this is just something idiot players do, you'll see it again many times no doubt There's always more than one way out of spawn though, just don't stand at the one Mei is waiting at if you expect idiocy (always expect idiocy). I have actually caught people hanging out with enemy players that are clearly friends, doing emotes and stuff though >.>
  10. New Software!

    Idk why we made any other themes Just stick with my default theme and you won't have any issues.
  11. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    The game doesn't make things bigger or smaller depending on how far away the backdrop is does it? If you pointed that at the floor it would look 5cm tall.
  12. New Software!

    @Dcubed To be honest I forgot that board was live, thought it got merged. Not sure it was "popular" really, there were no posts in the last month it was live and then none through March and April! What do you think about just listing trades amongst the rest of the threads? Or maybe we could have a special sidebar block for it. @Sméagol I've found the best way to move quotes around is to put some linebreaks/text/spaces in where you want the quote to be, then drag the quote into that space.
  13. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    No I made it do that on purpose but only for you and there's only like a 1% chance of it happening
  14. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Yeah I've spotted this but I'm not clear yet what causes it. It doesn't seem to happen on other Invision Boards but I haven't changed anything from the vanilla js so I'm at a bit of a loss.
  15. Want Face

    I appreciate that breakdown sorry for getting ultra defensive. Learning to ride and buying a bike was something that kept me going in a rough patch a couple of years ago so it kinda means a lot to me. I was just being rhetorical/making a whimsical reference there, didn't mean you in particular so sorry if it sounded presumptuous. To get back on the want face topic, I want a 55" 4k HDR TV - @Deathjam weren't you going to jump in with a suggestion for me here?
  16. House buying is the worst

    Followed up my electric works installing a Nest thermostat from Prime Day went much smoother except for the gash I put in my thumb with a pocket knife while stripping flex... I spent most of yesterday tidying my house and I'll probably spend most of today on it too. Took 2 whole bin bags of stuff to charity! Gradually killing the hoarder within.
  17. Want Face

    Unreliable, untrustworthy... what do these things even mean from an outside context? I'm very confused. "Basically they can go quickly while zipping in and out of others." < I'm struggling to even see how this is saying something negative, but assuming you're saying they move back and forth across lanes (dangerously?), it's worth mentioning: people ride very differently in London to the rest of the country (maybe this is the typical Londoner forgetting London is not the whole world?). There's no winding in and out of traffic in most towns and cities,you can usually just filter down between lanes. Not that there's anything wrong with lane filtering, it's completely legal and the reason Deliveroo gets you your sushi on time. Not that the behaviour of riders has anything to do with bikes themselves.... you talk as if the bikes are autonomous and what they're doing isn't the fault of the decision of the person sitting on it. I ride my bike on mostly empty twisty country lanes, 99% of the time no pedestrian comes near my bike, no other vehicle has to worry about me, I'm just enjoying watching the sights fly by and feeling the rush of leaning into the twists, it's like a rollercoaster but you're in control and you can just ride it all the way to Europe if you feel like it. All bike, car and bus pollution is pretty irrelevant in a world where something like 15 cargo ships produce more pollutants than all the cars in the world combined. Noisy, I can't really argue with that, but the loudest noises I hear around where I live are usually from cars with decked out exhausts. However again that comes down to the behaviour of the individual. They are not loud on their own when being ridden normally and using the gears properly. I get out of urban areas before I hit the top of my rev counter. Funnily enough I think if you told me "I hate most bikers" I'd be less irked than I am right now, how strange to have something you love ranked on a chart by someone with no experience of actually using it. It's like if I just waltzed into the Xbox One thread and told them that I rank their console #2 worst ever behind the Virtual Boy despite never using either.
  18. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Me too! Happy with any of the options on that site you linked.
  19. One Piece is getting a Hollywood Live Action TV series. Not sure how to feel about this! http://comicbook.com/anime/2017/07/21/one-piece-is-getting-a-hollywood-live-action-tv-series/
  20. Want Face

    I still can't get used to that new fangled name for N64-Europe. Why do we need more bits than 64?
  21. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Do you want me to confirm it again or was the other two times I said it ok? Where abouts is this escape room and is there somewhere nearby we could go for food before/after and then just hang out after. Is 19th locked in? If I'm robbing two other people of being there, it's not right and I will sit it out. Also is there only like... four of us going to be there or something? Not seeing a lot of names here
  22. Want Face

    I had no idea Ratchet and Clank had such a devout following
  23. House buying is the worst

    I replaced a light fitting in my house. I thought it was going to be super easy, but everything went wrong. I feel a need to document this: The flex on the light was way too long After cutting it, I realised there was no easy way to tell which was Line and Neutral, so I had to buy a multimeter After figuring out the live wire with the multimeter, I realised there was actually a tiny blue thread in the neutral so I didn't need it after all Couldn't get the wire screws out of the old ceiling rose because my mini screwdriver was too crap so had to go to B&Q to buy another Couldn't get the old, tough wires into the terminal box so had to cut that open Thinking I was at the last step, realised that this very heavy light fitting was near impossible to put up by myself because it couldn't be left to hang from the fitting while screwing the wires together. I actually had earth and switch live in at this point, all I had to do was get neutral in and I was done, but... impossible. Not wanting to give up, dragged a bookcase downstairs that I want rid of anyway, putting dents in the plaster on the way Leaned cheap bookcase against coffee table and put the light on top of the bookcase, realised it was too far away Moved coffee table, bookcase and lamp fell and hit me on the head, thought I was going to pass out from the pain/impact, probably looked like I was in slapstick comedy Finally with everything in place, lost the last small screw for like ten minutes Bought myself a massive pizza - this is on the list of negatives because I was doing pretty well calorie wise - because of feeling sorry for myself and because the electricity was off (didn't trust the old labels on the circuitry or my cheap voltage tester) so I couldn't cook anything Light in place, Hue bulb in, noticed at the last minute that Phillips Hue dimmer switch holders are not wide enough to cover the gap left by a standard light switch, wth Phillips. But at least I didn't get zapped.
  24. Want Face

    That's a bit... harsh! What don't you like about them? Bet you'd change your mind if you were sat on the back of mine doing 130 70mph around Snowdonia or the Alps.