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  1. Virtual Reality

    Holy shit, Robo Recall. This is mindblowing. Everyone should experience this.
  2. Other collectables

    Tbh that would make for a way cooler collection.
  3. Virtual Reality

    Pretty annoyed at myself right now. I didn't pick up a display port adapter. I had no idea modern graphics cards would have one HDMI and 3 display ports... All my monitors are either HDMI or VGA, no dvi... and the card doesnt have vga obvs. Tried going through the rift setup with Teamviewer but it wouldn't work, I think (or rather hope) Teamviewer itself was interfering. So all this kit I've just acquired and I can't do anything til Amazon prime brings me a £5 adapter tomorrow. First worldiest of problems I know but damn, that's frustrating. On the plus side I have a beast of a PC now....
  4. The Witness

    Only one puzzle has fully stumped me on this game so far and I'm a bit annoyed by it. Not sure if I want help, just to vent...
  5. New Software!

    It definitely works, I just tested it:
  6. New Software!

    There was an issue with password reset emails but I believe they were fixed weeks ago. Other than that I don't think people could be locked out permanently. You could sign up again and message me, message through the main site, contact on Facebook, Twitter etc etc. Mokong stopped posting months, maybe years ago except for when he makes a new YouTube video, and he offered to step down as admin a long time ago, I just never did it. An email to members is something I'm sure I said already we intend to do, just haven't had a chance yet.
  7. Virtual Reality

    I think Robo Recall is part of 6 games bundled with the rift, but I'll wait and see. I might actually just stick with free experiences for a little while!
  8. Virtual Reality

    Well it came back in stock and I nabbed one! What must-have titles/experiences should I be checking out as soon as I'm set up?
  9. PC Gaming Discussion

    I haven't tried it. My only experience with VR beyond a phone strapped to my face has been the Vive, a couple of years ago at EGX, for about 3 minutes. However I've wanted one for a long time, and for £399 with the touch controllers I couldn't stop myself I will need a much nicer monitor to get some good use out of the video card at some point... but my bank balance hates me enough for now.
  10. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    Well you could always still do the 12th if you can rearrange it! Then maybe @Mr-Paul could make it as well.
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    Got four new computer parts and an Oculus Rift arriving tomorrow
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    Actually I've decided I probably will jump in now after all any suggestions on a particular 1070 @Choze @Nolan
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    At £300 for 1060 and £430 for 1070 it seems like more than a little jump for more power! Well either way, I'm going to hold off for a little bit I think til money evens out a bit. That feedback was very appreciated though.
  14. Virtual Reality

    Seems to have gone out of stock while I was mulling over it
  15. PC Gaming Discussion

    So, PC bros. To use a rift I'm looking at about £710 for a Ryzen 5, 1060 6GB gpu, 16GB of RAM and a mobo. Does that seem about right? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/fTryPs
  16. Job woes/wins

    I'm sorry doing what on the phone
  17. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    It's funny but in many ways it feels like it's regressed to ME1. Planet scanning is really slow and irritating and the quests when you actually land on a planet are similar to those as well. ME2 and 3 made things a bit more linear and a bit more refined, but in a good way. ME:A sought to improve by revisiting original ideas, but vastly expanding the scope. However, IMO, they failed on that front. Ultimately with the feeling that they ran out of time or money, not so much out of laziness/poor design choices. It's still a good fun game, I bought it recently when the trial ended, but my interest waned quickly when I got into repetitive sidequests. So much of it, however, retains that Mass Effect quality. Especially the storytelling (if not the overall story itself, which could have been much more daring) and the voice acting.
  18. Persona Q2 (3DS)

    Persona Q was a lot of fun and my favourite revisiting to the Persona universe. Although despite that, somehow, I couldn't really stick with it. I guess the Etrian Oddysey/map drawing RPG world just isn't to my tastes. That's not a dig at the quality of it because that was fantastic, but it just didn't work for me. Agree with the above though. Now is the time for Switch. Or even both platforms, is that not reasonably straightforward?
  19. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    So five people filled out the spreadsheet, one can't make it. No Dannyboy, no Cube and presumably no Rez.... end of an era? With the cost of train tickets I'm now wondering if it's even worth bothering :/
  20. Virtual Reality

    I'm considering buying a Rift... although I know I will also need significant computer upgrades. Is it worth buying having if you don't have room to bother with sensors?
  21. Overwatch

    Super proud of turning this game around. The assault had been consistently useless, seemed like a cake walk for the enemy who was mostly just setting up bastion behind shields and mowing down my teammates who repeatedly ran in one at a time. Took it into my hands with baby D.va and 20 ish seconds on the clock
  22. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    A few years ago I got into weights, probably chronicled most of it on here. A year ago when I moved, I put the bench and rack in the garage thinking that would be a great place to work out without taking up any space but... as it turns out, it really killed my motivation. Along with a bunch of other complications, I ended up just totally stopping, and generally getting out of shape again. But! Over the last couple of weekends I have spent a lot of time tidying my house, throwing things away and making space. Last night I cleaned everything and moved it back into the house, ready to start again. Did some fairly light reps that would pretty much have been initial warmups before, but it felt pretty good to get back into it
  23. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Feel like the quality took a turn for the better in episode 3 although I still feel like there are some very strained, weirdly directed dialogue scenes. The world just doesn't feel as real or as alive as it used to, either. I'm going to attribute it to saving budget for epic episodes incoming.
  24. I really want to the DLC but I don't want to pay £40+ or particularly have any plastic figures or whatever, what do I hope there's still things to unlock in the game, at the very least there better be different endings for different completion %s as that's just classic Metroid.
  25. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Why do people keep breaking the price down as if that proves a point? It's only 13.6 pence a day guys! That's a really small amount! The fact is, it used to be free, it's not particularly fast or reliable, the quality of free games has plummeted instead of going up with the price, and a huge majority of games use P2P connections and only use servers for matchmaking etc. It doesn't really matter if it's not much per week because the price you're quoting is only true when paying for a year lump sum, and it's that amount that matters. And whether or not you in your cushy job can afford it isn't always the issue, what's the 13 year old budding gamer like yourself from [redacted] years ago gonna do when that annual sub rolls around?