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  1. Virtual Reality

    Yesterday I set up my Oculus sensors onto wallmounts, cheap ones from amazon. Work really well! I followed a guide on reddit and now I have some much better 360 degree tracking. I also bought a new desk and rearranged my room a bit and now I have much more space. I had some friends over and I gave each of them the robot intro game to play, didn't really explain anything except how to "grab" with the touch controllers and they were all blown away.
  2. Netflix

    I couldn't really sit through Death Note. The adaptation wasn't badly made or anything, but right from the start they were messing with the best things about the original. Didn't like L at all, either.
  3. Retro Chat Weekly: Super Mario Bros.

    I definitely found out from word of mouth, same way I skated over the top of World 1-2 or learned that you could hold "down" on a white block on SMB3. I guess it probably came from a magazine originally, but mostly spread among kids by word of mouth! Maybe an older brother read it. Kinda wish I had been a twenty-something gamer in the 8-bit years sometimes. On another note, turns out Super Mario Kart was released in the USA 25 years ago today so maybe that should've been the pick of the week maybe next time.
  4. Retro Chat Weekly: Super Mario Bros.

    Did anyone else use the warp zones so often that you barely played half of the worlds? Did anyone have a rare copy without Duck Hunt? This is one of my fav videos to get you back in the mood, two speed runners racing through the game side by side
  5. Destiny 2

    Yeah they don't let you have a hyphen in the clan name much to my annoyance!
  6. Virtual Reality

    The Oculus store is a bit of a shit show isn't it. You can't find half the titles you can on the web browser, and things you add through the web browser don't seem to show up right away (if at all) inside the app. Well anyway I just tried a free title called Aircar, little more than an experience, but gave me my first feeling of really confusing my body, at times felt like I was falling!
  7. Destiny 2

    Was playing the beta on my 1080 earlier, just out of curiosity. Shouldn't have done it. Going back to console to play with friends will be a big step back in the visuals department! @ArtMediocre when you say single and multiplayer are you actually referring to PvE and PvP? Because if you think the actual campaign content will be Halo level I reckon you might be disappointed. Destiny really shone when playing co-op strikes and raids with friends, really that's where all its longevity lay. I know a few people who tried to just play it solo and they had fun, but then found there wasn't enough to keep their interest and dropped out. Of course D2 may be different but I'm willing to bet its replayability still comes from that MMO style challenge with friends, hunting loot and solving then rinsing raids. There are no "soldier" classes per se btw, they're all based around an ability, a grenade and a super ability basically. It's loosely attack, support and defense but you can pretty much take any role with any class. Remember it's a beta not a demo, the final game will walk you through your class and unlock abilities gradually.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Sonic Mania thread!
  9. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Might be my second retail Switch purchase I love these kinds of games.
  10. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    It's... a bonus for coolness, not a cool bonus.
  11. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    I'd say it's probably to reward you if you did well, had a lot of rings, didn't get hit much, discovered lots of secrets... but then lost all your rings? Since the levels are much bigger it's harder to get a good time score as well. I'm just theorising though, the answer is probably out there on the google.
  12. New Software!

    @Charlie where was my thanks for sorting those commas out for you?
  13. Jurassic World Evolution (PS4/PC/One)

    Hopefully there'll be a lot of things to build. I assume it's more about building the park than dealing with escaping dinosaurs a la the movies, in that sense it should be no more repetitive than any theme park sim etc.
  14. Honestly I couldn't make it all the way through Luke Cage or Iron Fist but I'm not really feeling like I missed much going into The Defenders. I've only watched about 5 or 6 eps so far but I never found it slow, in fact I've been loving every minute of it. The action is so much tighter and the dialogue and acting so much better than anything since Daredevil Season 1 IMO.
  15. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    I know you're joking but it's the detachment there that's really hard to get past. You see it as a meet up of "you", rather than "us". Everyone's invited but it's only the same small group that makes the effort each year, and that group is getting older and smaller all the time.
  16. Virtual Reality

    Glad I discovered bigscreen! Much better than steamvr. Not done anything special lately except watch Game of Thrones on a cinema size screen
  17. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    I'm gutted that I accidentally read a spoiler about that boss. It seems to have put a smile on everyone else's head. That said 32-bit? You wanted something that looked like it was on the Playstation? An odd choice, but they do have Sonic The Hedgehog 4. That would've been great if it wasn't for some strange physics and some poor level design choices. So many 2D sonic games in the last 20 years have had a huge flaw: loads of places you could fall off the map. Actually, the 3D games had the same problem. Mania proves that that's absolutely not necessary, and in fact goes above and beyond to add layers and layers so that never really happens.
  18. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    Tbf if they had released this to compete with Mario 64, how well do you think that would've gone down? How would you have convinced that approach to investors? They had to try and keep up, they took a lot of misguided attempts and IMO never really nailed it. In the end they're lucky that in the last ten years, people have embraced paying around 40% standard RRP for titles like this, and that they had some third party in touch enough to make it happen. I'm really loving the game. Not played much. I kinda suck at the new special stages and finding the giant rings.
  19. Holidays & Travels

    Sometimes it feels weird telling the whole internet my personal information Last year we went to the South of France, this year it's somewhere a little cheaper but with a few more conveniences nearby. Had a staycation earlier in the year with a hot tub rental, highly recommend that!
  20. Sonic Mania - Can you feel the sunshine?

    Seriously excited for this I hope it captures some of the atmosphere of S3&K.
  21. What Have You Bought?

    I honestly had no idea anyone still used photobucket until they started preventing hotlinking.
  22. Holidays & Travels

    Going away with 7 nerdy friends for a week next month! Can't wait. Got our own villa, pool, pool table, ping pong, food, wine, sun and D&D
  23. Virtual Reality

    My jaw just dropped just from playing around in Google Earth VR last night. I know it's really not much more than the desktop version which is pretty much just a bumpy sattelite view but I was still in awe. I zoomed in on my home, then I looked up and around and felt like I got the layout of my city better than ever before, glancing all the way to the city centre then out to the countryside. So cool. And that first time you zoom right out.... My only concern right now is the cost barrier to other games.... I didn't really do my research, I just dove right in, and a lot of very short games/experiences like Batman are so expensive for what they are. Even though I know it's going to be incredible, I can't really justify that now.
  24. Virtual Reality

    Holy shit, Robo Recall. This is mindblowing. Everyone should experience this.
  25. Other collectables

    Tbh that would make for a way cooler collection.