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  1. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I don't think that ever went away tbh, it's just a rare occurrence.
  2. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    I've only watched the pilot and I thought it had potential, but lots of things really bugged me about it. Lens flare, filters, awkward close ups, weak CG (her head floating in that suit wasn't even lined up properly...) and angled shots everywhere. There's a bizarre disconnection between the captain and Number 1, despite saying they've been together seven years there's no sense of trust or understanding between them at all. Mutiny within minutes! Reminds me of Kirk breaking the Prime Directive within 30 seconds of the second new movie, it undermines Starfleet a lot. Unless something changes about this commander significantly soon I don't think I could possibly stand her as what I assume will be the frontrunner of the show. Some really dumb moments as well that never would've been in Star Trek before, like how would anybody not notice that you weren't walking in a circle if you did sharp 100 degree turns to draw an angled shape and what kind of radiation only starts affecting you after exactly 20 minutes of exposure to it? I did really like the designs of the new aliens though, and the look of the Klingons. That moment with the Klingon on the outside of the ship was pretty epic, or certainly could've been if delivered with a bit less orange glow.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    You'll be able to cancel that within 14 days if you want to use a price comparison site. You should've at least got a renewal letter, maybe it went to an old address? In which case, the policy will have the wrong address on it and be invalid anyway... Either that or you got email that you ignored/went to junk.
  4. Destiny 2

    Yeah definitely, I like the style and idea behind this raid, but figuring out is nowhere near as fun, because each round (well, we've only seen two) is so quickly punishing. You don't get time to figure it out, you either figure it out or you wipe. That's nowhere near as fun as past raids. So far it's been more fun working out the in-between parts of the raid area.
  5. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I reinstalled the spoiler plugin so it may behave better now.
  6. Downloading this now, gonna plow through it in on my holiday
  7. New Software!

    Sorry, must've been a change that came with the software update. Not a lot I can do about it, in general I'm quite annoyed with the things that changed.
  8. Netflix

    I've heard a lot of people say that's great but I could never get past the first episode. Didn't gel with me at all... does it deserve another shot?
  9. New Software!

    Your members should no longer be squashed on the default theme.
  10. good stuff thread.

    Going on holiday tomorrow with 6 friends and the gf! Work has been really stressing me out lately so I need dis. Just wine and food and swimming pool and repeat. Maybe some D&D in there somewhere.
  11. Destiny 2

    Sorry, I'm going on holiday so I thought it would be best not to sign up in case we have to go back in over the course of the week. Also wasn't high enough PL anyway. I should be around next time!
  12. New Software!

    I guess it happened to everyone, IPB just couldnt distinguish between trash and live messages from VB.
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    I have it on PS4 so I'll leave that open to @The Bard - unless he doesn't want it - thanks for the offer though!
  14. Awesome. I have a 3 hour plane journey the day this comes out so I know how I'll be whiling the hours away
  15. PC Gaming Discussion

    I have a 1080 but not sure I know enough about it to help. Also loving the look of that keyboard. Actually I'm getting tempted by those lovely simplistic keyboards you see on /r/mechanicalkeyboards. I have a Corsa K90 but the clack is a bit much and it's quite big.
  16. Sorry if this is a daft question but will this be on the eshop on release day for the same price as the physical copy on the nintendo store?
  17. New Software!

    We had to do the update because of security issues. Tbh I'm quite surprised how much they changed the theme though, that was a bit unexpected. I will try to improve the theme when I get chance.
  18. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I was enjoying this a lot but then my compulsion to keep playing faded very quickly. So many other games to play and I just can't see this deserving my time.
  19. Everybody's Golf (PS4)

    I can't believe I'm coming into the PS4 thread to say this but wish something like this, or Mario Golf or Lets Play Golf with Friends... was on the Switch. It'd be perfect for it.
  20. Destiny 2

    Zero chill @drahkon glad you're enjoying it though.
  21. Destiny 2

    Making the opposite effort on this game to you guys and determined to never play anything solo had great fun last night getting back into it although I hope I don't run out of things to do too quickly.
  22. I had an idea to chat about an old Nintendo game, with a new thread every Friday morning. I'm going to take a game that came out a significant number of years ago close to this date, or something we were chatting about on N64-Europe/Cube-Europe etc. Talk about your memories of the game, waiting for it to arrive, where or when you played it. How much you anticipated it, whether it lived up to your expectations, if you ever beat it, if you've ever been back to it since. Many of these games you may have replayed on Virtual Console or remakes, but try and stick to your first experience of it. So where to start? Well I may be 12 days off a 32 year anniversary, but I couldn't think of anywhere more ideal than to go than back to the beginning with... Super Mario Bros (1985). It might not be Mario's first appearance (as Jumpman in Donkey Kong) or where he got his name (his next outing in Donkey Kong Junior). It's not even the first "Bros" game, which would be the arcade title that this is technically a sequel to. However, for me and probably many others, this was our first experience of Nintendo, and a game that changed everything for us and paved the way to where we are now as gamers. Too young to play DK at the arcade, my first experience of Mario was at the house of one of my Mum's friends, down the street. Her son Jason had a NES. Up until this point, my only video game experience had been on an old Commodore 64, so I was blown away by how smooth and colourful it all seemed. By this point the game had been available for quite a long time, but at that age it was all a bit more transient, you didn't need or even know about the newest and best games, but what was new to you could change everything. Although Sonic would come later and redefine speed, Super Mario Bros. employed an impressive running mechanic, which immediately put it streets ahead of anything I'd played to this point. Frankly, if you weren't holding B down all the time, you were doing it wrong. The tight NES controller was a million miles ahead of the clunky, clicky joystick I had been used to, and you could use it to sail through levels, bouncing with satisfying 8-bit sounds on a huge variety of fun enemies that behaved in many different ways. And the power ups! They didn't just appear, they tried to get away. Grabbing a mushroom gave you a second chance, grabbing a star made you feel like a super hero. Discovering all the secret routes and shortcuts could only be done with effort or word of mouth, as there was certainly no internet to aid me, and at this age video game magazines weren't even something I knew existed. At the time I wasn't one to appreciate a soundtrack, but that doesn't mean that the expertly crafted tunes haven't stuck with me nearly 30 years later. It was probably another couple of years before I got my own NES, a second hand gift from a family friend who was upgrading to a Mega-Drive. When I did I would sit in front of this game for hours, restarting if I failed, flying through the warp zones and bouncing over every bullet bill and lakitu with muscle memory that my older self is now envious of. I would play with my Sister, it was the game we could play without having to swap at "levels or dying", because it had a built in mechanic for multiplayer (although one that would leave you hoping your sibling would plummet to their doom, as control only swapped when you failed). And she always thought she was winning being Mario, but I always secretly kinda liked Luigi's green duds, he looked super cool in white when he picked up a fire flower. I was guilty of "thumbing" the controller which meant to press the appropriate buttons on the second pad, even when I wasn't the one playing. But this was all part of perfecting your reaction times. On the other hand, my Mum was guilty of leaning half way out the door in order to aid making a particularly difficult jump. Years later Shigeru Miyamoto would look back at comments from Mario players and worry that games were too easy. That you needed infinite lives or save points or magic golden feathers to get people through a level if they were stuck. This just breeds weak gamers. But Super Mario Bros made us strong. It was difficult, punishing, and if you got to World 8-3 and lost all your lives and continues well, you just didn't try hard enough, time to start again. But I wouldn't say it was brutal, but certainly unforgiving. Remember that one block ledge you had to land on? The first few times you did it, that was a slow precision jump. Then you realised that you were better letting instinct take over and leaping in two quick taps while never releasing B. Super Mario Bros redefined gaming in a way that I wouldn't experience again until the same frontman entered 64 bits. From this point onward I was well and truly a gamer. I coveted nothing as much as the second and third titles, getting lucky and scrounging SMB2 from a car boot and begging Santa for SMB3. The latter of which may have taken the format to its perfect form in the NES era, but it was the original that set the standard for 2D gaming for years and years to come.
  23. House buying is the worst

    Yeah I've watched some videos which have 10mm spacers around the room, hope that's enough? I can borrow a cheap circular saw from someone at work, not ideal but I might be able to make it work.
  24. House buying is the worst

    Finally considering some decorating. Fitting laminate floor and a new skirting board, is it something that a noob can do?
  25. Destiny 2

    Against everything I believe in, I ordered from GAME, so I'm hoping for delivery tomorrow but no idea if it'll happen....