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  1. 3D Printing

    Well I finally got my 3D printer but I haven't been able to get it put together. The Z-coupler on one side just doesnt seem to attach properly to the rod that goes into it. Think I overtightened it and ruined the thread inside. Every video I watch nobody even talks about the Z-axis really, they just adjust some screws a bit and start moving it. But mine came with some new type of z-coupler seemingly, which is "loosened for protection during transport" and then has very vague inaccurate instructions for tightening back up. Basically that's on hold and I've ordered a new coupler from amazon arriving tomorrow... Ugh, the whole thing has completely pissed me off, and after 35 days waiting for it to arrive, as well.
  2. bad stuff thread.

    My usual means is to get a 0% purchases credit card to pay off monthly, much safer than a loan, I'm not big on loans (even if they're essentially the same thing, I'm very anti-APR) Problem is I'm still paying off my motorbike. Now the weather's clearing up I can actually use the bike to commute but it's not so easy for ferrying friends around or picking up the shopping! I'm pretty lucky with buses where I live and work, bus stop right near my house and a straight line to the office. So for now, I'm just gonna get the bus and leave the car as a problem for future-me to deal with.
  3. bad stuff thread.

    Driving down the motorway on Saturday I noticed smoke pouring out of my car. Pulled up and called the AA, waited an hour and caught a cold, head gasket gone. I was exactly half-way to my destination, my AA package only covered me for a local tow, not much point doing that since the car was basically DoA. I'd have to pay a fortune to get it fixed in the middle of nowhere, get home somehow, get back for it later.... So ended up paying £103 to upgrade my AA and get towed home instead. So now I've got a dead car on my drive that will cost hundreds to fix. Damn car isn't even worth hundreds, but I can't afford a new one either Time to sell the dream bike maybe.
  4. Metroid Prime 4 (Switch)

    Retro had a lot to prove but nothing to disprove... if that makes sense. They were an unknown and they delivered. Namco on the other hand have high highs and low lows on their track record. That said, hopefully Nintendo is staying close to the project, and they will borrow a lot from what made the previous games great. I hope they steer away from any and all motion controls and abandon entirely the embarrassment of character development that Other M tried to touch on. I would say that right now this is the one and only announced game I'm really looking forward to.
  5. Jessica Jones

    I had issues with the first season but still watched it beginning to end, which is more than I can say for Luke Cage, Iron Fist or Punisher, so I'll definitely give it a shot. Hope they get a bit more superheroic visuals in this time. Also it would be good if they don't constantly revisit the old alcoholic miserable git angle.
  6. 3D Printing

    Yeah it's pretty awesome the little practical things you can make with a 3D printer. The model Happ and I have bought is an upgrade from the original CR-10. If you bought the previous model, the recommendation was that the dozen things you printed were actual upgrades, brackets, supports etc for the printer itself that made it safer and more stable/secure. A device that builds its own upgrades! Brilliant.
  7. 3D Printing

    What software are you using @Happenstance?
  8. Time to raise my APM...

    Is this birthday mode? I'm so sorry
  9. 3D Printing

    Well now I wish I'd paid the extra £100 to get it from amazon still waiting for mine....
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Was this rolling around the rumour mill or is this something some people just say every time?
  11. What Have You Bought?

    Only just, 21 days later yodel has updated to say they're expecting it soon, which hopefully means it's in the country!
  12. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Actually played this game with a group of six friends, was brilliant and hilarious. Just putting that out there
  13. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Yall need to chill The way of teaming up to play online is cumbersome at first, but the more you play the faster and heavier investigations and optional quests roll in. I would just avoid teaming up on story quests, send an SOS if you need help in one. Saving group multiplayer for straight up hunts. At first I was super irritated by the whole thing but once you're in a squad, starting in a squad server, and cutscene/story lockout isn't a thing (which, if you stick with it, is going to be 99.999% of your experience), it's really not so bad. Also, party chat > voice chat. Imagine if you're still playing in a month, you're going to look back at that tiny experience of being locked out by cutscenes and think, "what was I complaining about?", I guarantee it. Try not to rage so much just because things are a bit different to the past iterations. From what I can tell people complained in the past at the lack of story, now they're starting things off with a story people are complaining they can't just launch straight into vanilla hunts. But it all comes thick and fast if you persevere a little. I actually really like the system of joining teammates, preparing, readying yourself etc. - joining people who need help. I think it flows really smoothly once you get into it. This is my first Monster Hunter game and I'm loving it. Mastered the insect glaive and just levelled up my poison iteration + paralysis kinsect combo. Need to go back in and hunt me some more ice dragons!
  14. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I got rid of the flash ad because that was breaking the forum. And really who uses flash anymore. I've changed the in-board ad to appear further down the list.
  15. Suggestions

    Yeah we've toyed with that before, not sure best way to implement it...
  16. Suggestions

    Putting "Nintendo Europe" (with or without fansite) the whole front page is Nintendo themselves, and their own Youtube channel. Can't compete with that. We're not long after on the second page though. Writing for the site is a voluntary task which comes with no particular degree of pressure. We probably need fresh, young blood, as the site had the most content when the majority of writers were in secondary school and as such had the most free time. The best thing we've ever done for N-E in the past x years was to make the NEShow, but that dropped off after a few episodes for the same reasons. And to answer Bob, no, we're not making any money anymore, even before google adsense dropped us just because we have threads talking about games like Catherine.
  17. Suggestions

    Renaming the site at this point would be detrimental to our SEO standings. You don't need the most gaming sounding name to get up there on google. Look at kotaku, ign, neogaf, polygon, giant bomb. What you need is content
  18. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop)

    Yeah it's unlocked. The option's not even there until it is, right? Either way we both spoke to the person in Goldenrod. I've lined them up pretty well! How far apart should they be? I'll give it another go this week. On an unrelated note I caught Lugia and beat the Elite Four last night
  19. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop)

    It does! If memory serves, it's how the circle pad connected. Plus, it has a shiny bit of plastic that looks a lot like the one on it's New counterpart.
  20. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop)

    Anyone know why I can't do Mystery Gift on this? Seen youtube videos and Gamefaqs that say it should be possible, but nothing happens. Could it be because one is a 3DS XL and one is a New 3DS XL?
  21. Questions

    That's not an option as far as I can see, no. Couldn't you just ignore them like... with your brain?
  22. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I think the server time might've been wrong, hopefully it should be sorted now.
  23. What Have You Bought?

    Chinese I think... it's not clear, the 10S didn't have an option and wasn't specific. It'll arrive in 10 days or so though.
  24. What Have You Bought?

    CR10S, from Gearbest.
  25. What Have You Bought?

    Not even 100% sure why