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    DS, gamecube, at one time though I owned like all of them!
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    my favorite game is the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
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  1. I like the box are for ALTTP........oh and i just now got my own computer set up you guys, so now I WILL be posting on here A LOT more than I have in the recent past!
  2. I think that us as true Zelda fans should have enough support for Nintendo to buy both versions Wii and GC regardless of if you can play the GC version on Wii. so I'm getting both!
  3. you guys should check out this music! http://www.zthl.net/multimedia.html
  4. why are we talking about Tingle instead of Twilight Princess?
  5. ok guys, you know why I stopped posting on here? is cuz I'm fucking sick of TALKING about the game! I want THE GAME. but...................well I got bored so....... yeah....... im back!
  6. I'm back everyone!!!!!!! woo hoo! what have I missed?? :P
  7. you know something,not all gay guys are queens....most of us are just as str8 acting if not MORE than you! okay...so uh..." stick that in yourback pocket! ;)" argh! I meant to quote lazy boy on that. it messed up!
  8. I want to see the most horrible, evil looking Ganon ever and for the fight and the music and everything to be really epic and give you chills and for it to be a real complicated battle that'll make your hands sweat so bad, it's hard to control your controller from the sweat. last time I experienced a battle that intense was back in 98 when I beat Gruntilda on Banjo-Kazooie!
  9. Those videos cost money to watch and you have to have paypal.
  10. I loved that aswell. first arriving in Hyrule was verymagical...I remember...seeing thetriforce symbol, that music, it gave me chills.
  11. Dragon Roost was my fav and Outset was my second fav, only cuz it's Link's home island.
  12. I still got a good sense of adventure and emotion for WW and still do. Like when Link's sister gets kidnapped,it's really sad...and the ending almost made me cry...not sadness...it was a happy well happy/sad feel. happy in the sense they were off to find a new land and sad in the way where Link had to wave bye to his friends and family AGAIN! so sad... but happy...
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