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  1. Pokedex 3D, Pullblox and Freakyforms also have updates, I wonder if these updates are some kind of compatibility patch for Circle Pad Pro use? Can anyone test to see?
  2. You'd be amazed at the amount of people who've told me that they've never have a virus scanner and have yet to get a virus. Now spot the immediate glaring flaw with that logic. Anyway if you want all around pc protection I'd recommend Comodo Internet Security Suite if you like to know exactly what's being protected/blocked etc. It comes with Firewall, Virus scanner and a nifty feature called Defence+ which tells you whenever something tries to run enabling you to block it if you want. http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/free-download.html Despite what the website says, the free version offers exactly the same package as the pro just without support. (It just says Firewall but you get the full package) *edit* expect lots of pestering for the initial week, but get over that and your golden.
  3. This may sound like a stupid question... but what does the P wing do on this game? I've only ever seen one and I accidentally lost it the moment I picked it up :< It was in one of those cube levels, absolutely filled with leaves, stupid me picked up the P wind then started picking up the leaves without even considering they would overwrite it.
  4. Got the game earlier and I'm enjoying it so far, I wish the later levels weren't all locked though, the first three worlds seem rather easy. I had a go at making a puzzle, It's probably not all that difficult but at least it looks nice
  5. So far the hats I've found are...
  6. Ah thanks, I'm going to give it a go finding him in the marsh I think, wish me luck on that. XD
  7. Uhm... I'm just wondering... Has anyone obtained and completed the "What is Courage?!" quest in
  8. After registering everything I could find I've managed to go from 0 stars to 6200, I only need 800 more to afford that Snes style classic controller! If those codes had worked I'd have had enough... *edit* Nice, found a load of DS games in the attic I hadn't registered yet, surprisingly the codes worked So now in a few weeks I'll be in possession of one Snes style classic controller!
  9. Oh great, just went to register my Wii VIP codes only to find out some of them have expired... any idea which ones WON'T be expired? *edit* Oookay... Out of all my games (quite a few of which were launch games! including Excite truck, and Zelda) the only ones not to work were Warioware, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3... *edit* and apparently my Smash Bros code is downright INVALID
  10. I've never really been able to get into the Professor Layton series, the way the puzzles are rather disjointed or very loosely tied on to the story put me off. Now Phoenix Wright on the other hand...
  11. I noticed that too, so I took to wearing a Luigi hat :p I hope they update the streetpass plaza with perhaps more "ordinary" hats, the Nintendo themed ones are nice and all but some standard ones would be good too, perhaps once you found a hat in the plaza, it could be unlocked for use in the mii maker? I'd love to have a hat on my friend card
  12. Question: Does the light on the 3DS turn off when its finished charging? I left mine on charge overnight and the light still hasn't turned off, pretty sure it did last time I charged it but I could be mistaken, I'm also positive it shouldn't take over 12 hours to charge...
  13. This has been bugging me for a while now, the touch screen on my 3ds is misaligned, when the system is on you can easily see it, the black boarder on the right is significantly larger than the border on the left, it doesn't seem to effect game play (so far) but might get annoying if I ever have to touch the far left side of the screen. Anyone else have this? :/
  14. That's understandable though, how else will the game get previewed :P Never really occurred to me that anyone from my home town would get the game early considering the lack of any form of gaming related journalism.
  15. Question: This game isn't out yet is it..? I had a streetpass hit today with someone who's apparently been playing the game... So either a retailer has been naughty and released the game to their staff early or... I cant think of any other reason.
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