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  1. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I remember what the foreign account problem is. If you try and buy something from the store it will IP block you.
  2. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I thought I read it somewhere, but I've just tried it and it's fine. Maybe it is coming soon.
  3. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Sony have just started IP banning accounts.
  4. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    If you don't have your old serial number it'll be on Xbox.com somewhere in your account area.
  5. The iPad

    Of that's right, the same can be said of any gifts my Uncle has brought over in the last 20 years. He has never been charged a penny. At the end of the day, even if they are searching through every single bag at customs it is very difficult to prove. Nobody is avoiding it, if they want import tax I'll pay it.
  6. The iPad

    When I questioned about the warraty to Apple Manchester and Newcastle I explained that I would be getting an iPad from the US and would be bringing it back to the UK. Neither of them said anything about 3G not working in the UK. Caris tells me that according to MacRumours forums it works fine.
  7. The iPad

    My Uncle is coming over from the US. Had I given it more time I could have avoided using PayPal for extra savings, that's why it is around £80. The exchange rate can also give me a bigger saving (sometimes £5 between days).
  8. The iPad

    Is that a dig? iPads have international warranty, I've checked and double checked.
  9. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Thanks O2. I have a 3G but my name isn't on the account. I guess I won't be able to go in-store next week then. What to do...
  10. The iPad

    I'm saving around £80 by importing a 32GB 3G model from the US, more with a better exhange rate and no charges. I was totally opposed to the idea until I played with Caris's iPad. Regarding Flash, it is being phased out of the web for sure. At least I was told to stay well clear of it at Uni, with the lecturers stressing the importance of websites being able to perform the same functions on as many browsers and devices as possible.
  11. Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

    Spiderman video-game rights are owned by Activision.
  12. Metal Gear: Peace Walker

    Yes it can.
  13. God of War Collection

    I've been trying to get through these for about a week. I'm 7 hours into GoW and at the Architects Tomb. I am on track to get all of the trophies except the 5 hour one, I've read that there is some costume unlock that can help with this on a second playthrough. You sir a trophy monster:). I watched you get through those games - starting GoW at 2pm and getting the Platinum at 9am. I'm actually finding it difficult and some of the platforming is terrible. I think I'm near the end. I should be able to run through it again in under 4 hours, most people get around 3 and a half.
  14. The Pacific

    I watched it, it was really good. I feel there wasn't as much build up to Guadalcanal as there was to Band of Brothers.
  15. Heavy Rain

    Just got the platinum. Awesome game.
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Where are you going? Just in case you meant wondering, Live tv can be played at either low, medium, or high quality. On Demand can't be changed, and I don't think it is HD.
  17. User Image Gallery

    I should probably think about doing that. I think I am already ... Yeah.
  18. User Image Gallery

    Oh I see. Now that everyone is saying you are overreacting it is all a joke.
  19. Lost: The Final Season

    Ive got a feeling that I'm not going to enjoy this season. I think it will lack the suspense and mystery of the fiction, and ultimately less exciting to watch. Season 4 and 5 were great for me, I couldn't wait for the episodes each week.