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  1. Fifa 2011

    It has always taken them forever to update the squads. This news pleases me.
  2. David Cameron is common.

    This is the most anti-lol thing I've read this year
  3. David Cameron is common.

    It's funny because Paul actually does go door-to-door for the Labour Party. I'm not taking the piss out of him. Thank you good people of N-Europe.
  4. David Cameron is common.

    Paul, your hate for the Conservative Party is profound. You should start going door-to-door convincing Conservative voters to change their ways. Forcing little old ladies to struggle painfully to the door just to have you blab about your great, all powerful leader Eddy Miliband. Oh wait...
  5. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Yes, it is. As for other free games on PS Plus you're going to complete them before your subscription runs out. I started Stacking on Saturday and got 100% in a few hours.
  6. What the hell is she complaining about then?! 18 months Xbox Live Gold = ~£60 119500 Microsoft Points = £1023.72 =£1083.72 (close enough) EDIT You can now buy MP in 6000 chunks. So he bought points no less than 19 times, presumably many more but in smaller amounts and over a peroid of time.
  7. If the mum wasn't clever enough to put parental restrictions on then it is either a) her fault for being careless with her card details or b) Microsofts' for not making parental controls clear and easy to use. "It is ridiculous to allow someone of his age to make payments without any checks being done. When I put my card details in 18 months ago I thought it was just for his membership to play online with his friends." I think her statements make it clear that she took no time to research anything before inserting her card details. Considering you have to manually buy Microsoft Points (no more than 4200 at a time) she should have spotted the deductions on her credit card bill at under £100. Yeah, the mum is a dummy.
  8. Football Season 2010/11

    I was listening to BBC 5Live yesterday and one of the pundits said that Newcastle forced Carroll to make a transfer request so it looked like the club wasn't cashing in. Carroll told The Evening Chronicle - "Llambias asked me to hand in a transfer request, so I was pushed into a corner and had no choice. I wasn't wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money.I'm gutted that I wasn't wanted at my home team after everything I have done and the progress I have made. I didn't want to leave at all. Make sure they know I didn't want to leave. The players, staff and fans were fantastic." I wouldn't have blamed the board for wanting to sell at £30 million, but this is a new low even for them.
  9. Lamebook pics

    I've been reading lamebook this morning and found my favorite.
  10. Football Season 2010/11

    We can wonder, but at the end of the day the team/club is always going to be shit solely because they are Mackams. Amirite?
  11. I'd much rather have the Nolan series over the old, there is just too much jest in the portrayal of the characters. Bane concerns me. Scarecrow's hallucinogenic is fine, but I'm not sure how a military serum will work in with the realism of Nolan's take on the universe. Much love for Tom Hardy though.
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    I love the Total War series. They are all brilliant, it just depends on the era you want to play in. However, Rome is heavily dated now though.
  13. good stuff thread.

    A 'your mum' joke. Brilliant.
  14. 3DS Console Discussion

    When was a date confirmed by Nintendo before today? 'Reggie said focus groups were consistently saying 3DS was worth between $300 and $400, "but of course we're not going there." The price: $249.99.'
  15. 3DS Console Discussion

    I predicted ~£250 as a high estimate for the 3DS to friends. I saw the NA $250 price tag first and thought that Nintendo might be a bit cheeky with the European pricing. So far, I'm being led to believe (by press more than Nintendo) that the 3DS is so completely amazing and that any price tag is justified. I guess £230 is their compromise for those 'casual' users. As for the release date, I'm surprised that it is so close to NA. I really thought that it would be months behind because everyone hates Europe, especially Japanese publishers.
  16. Battle: Los Angeles

    Looks pretty good. Terrible title though.
  17. Football Season 2010/11

    Ibrahimović, Robinho and Pato? I'll gladly bet on Milan.
  18. What Not To Buy

    I have heard good things of Darksiders. If you haven't played Viva Piñata go straight for the sequel - Trouble in Paradise. Crackdown is a must, but don't go in expecting it to offer more than just simple fun. Stay away from everything else, especially Prototype.
  19. Good shit or bad shit? The main draw is Scott Bromley and Brian Altano as they have funny stories nearly every week. Scott's "bangin' bitches" persona gets old though.

  20. HDTV Thread

    As Will said - Blu Ray is designed specifically for High Definition format, that is at least 720p. Standard Definition displays are 576i so trying to display HD is useless. You need a HDTV or Monitor with the correct resolution. HDMI is the standard input/output. The cheapest method? You can get a 1080p monitor for less than £200, but that doesn't really apply if you are looking for a home cinema. The PS3 is the obvious choice of Blu Ray player being a gaming forum 'n' all.
  21. Football Season 2010/11

    Does anyone know when the Champions League final tickets go on sale and the best place to get them? I'm guessing after the last semi-final on the 4th May. Has anyone been to a final and knows the ball-park ticket prices?
  22. iOS Gaming Thread

    RobBurgess is mine. Follow Caris if you need someone below you in the leaderboards.
  23. Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I'm going through it first time on Veteran like I did with Modern Warfare. I've probably spent the most amount of time just before the tunnel area and in the lab area inside the tunnel on the Rocket mission. I've just done the hill bit in Vietnam. Going down took a bit of know-how, but I went up the other side in one try.