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  1. Football Season 2010/11

    Kaka's mum says the family is moving to London in August. She says a deal is already complete (Chelsea?). http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/89899.html
  2. Gears of War 3

    When at the main menu press start>multiplayer and select the retro lancer, press y and select the gold skin.
  3. Four Computer Scientists in a row. I demoed a little game I had programmed on 4th May. I have to write a lengthy report on it by next week. I also have to finish off some concurrent and distributed Scala programs whilst writing another report on Cloud Computing. No exams this time. I'm all finished by next weekend.
  4. Football Season 2010/11

    I am pleased for them after the mighty Glenn Roeder took charge. However, I can't help but feel that they will be the worst Premier League side ever, after Derby County.
  5. Bin Laden is Dead

    Woke up to the news. I think the BBC are right to question the security of Bin Laden's location in Pakistan, we knew that someone must have been harbouring him right? I am surprised by the news, as it has come out of the blue, but more so that details have been revealed hours after. We are still waiting for release clauses on WWI documents right? Obama revealed everything, down to the point that he was watching the operation like David Palmer. I cringed a little when I saw the partying in US cities, chanting U.S.A and the like. I understand why, but they were like schools in July. No class.
  6. Royal Wedding

    Forget the Danes, there is Bavarian monarcy currently on the throne. German blood has ruled for the past 300 years! I suppose such things are to be expected with European expansion and marriage. Yet some think that names can be swept away and all be forgotten. I don't think a date can be totally abondoned because Adolf Hitler occupies it. That date was taken by Hitler due to impending doom. He killed himself the next day.
  7. Portal 2

    The comparison is a disappointing for 360. This looks terrible - http://www.lensoftruth.com/wp-content/gallery/h2hssc_portal2/xbox-360-rollover_03.jpg
  8. Killzone 3

    I too have followed the peeps to Gamerdorks.
  9. Good lyrics for a tattoo?

    I'm a Barbie girl, In a Barbie world.
  10. Shogun 2: Total War

    I am definitely noticing a few differences to other Total War games with Shogun 2. I've played about 6 hours and it's really good despite some difficulties. I have never really liked playing the battles (which is half the game) and preferred managing from the campaign map. I went through at least 2 playthroughs on Empire and Napoleon without going into a single battle. This is not a game which you can do solely that. I'm playing on hard and reluctant to play at an easier difficulty, but the AI is super aggressive and has very large armies even at turn 3 or 4. I'm not just satisfied with having the basic Ashigaru which the AI is so keen on, and train many Samurai. This makes no difference at all to simulation. How can you update the AI without taking simulation into consideration? I think I'm going to start again and really get into the battles. I find the starting position difficulty misleading too. I like bow infantry, so the Chosokabe clan is a clear choice. Their difficulty is easy, because you start on Shikoku, but you immediately have a hostility with one neighbor. They conveniently have an alliance with every other clan on the island, creating two fronts directed straight at my capital. Whenever I venture out to one of them (using my whole army from the problems stated above) the other sneakily jumps on my city. What gives? I started again, managing to get to around turn 60 without a war, making tons of money from trade until some clan from Kyushu randomly wanted my head via an even sneakier two pronged invasion force. So yeah, very sneaky.
  11. Shogun 2: Total War

    Multiplayer is insanely addictive. I spent 9 hours straight last night playing coop with a friend. It's the same as single player, but your partner chooses a faction as an ally and the province objectives can be held by either player. You can also play competitively. We stopped because of a major bug - the turns stopped syncing. Since battles in either faction needed partner input (simulate/spectate) the game would effectively be stuck forever at a battle screen as the other player couldn't see it. It isn't even a patch priority 2 weeks after launch.
  12. Killzone 3

    If you got it at a discount I'll lose the will to live. I'll play tonight once I've activated my code.
  13. Wireless Router Recommendations

    The best router I have had is a Netgear Wireless N - http://www.amazon.co.uk/NetGear-WNR2000-100UKS-Netgear-WNR2000-Wireless-N/dp/B001E1SRZE/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1300732701&sr=8-5 I paid a lot more for an older model in white years ago and it has never been a problem and I know Caris has had the same model for a long time too. Whatever you do stay away from Belkin. I've had trouble with the G routers and I think that is a pretty good price for an N Router.
  14. I had the white sword. That black button made a noise! Yeah!
  15. Killzone 3

    I can't believe HMV dropped the price by that much so fast. I haven't even had a chance to play it. Super pissed.
  16. Football Season 2010/11

    Egos in football are just the worst. Ibrahimović and Balotelli are the biggest culprits in sport altogether. More intrested in money and sex than doing their jobs, and behave like spoilt children when they don't get what they want.
  17. Yeah, he posts some funny stuff.

  18. PC Gaming Discussion

    Yes, but Rome is a bit dated now.
  19. Killzone 3

    I know I said I would play last weekend but I've been waiting until I have some free time to activate my 24 hours of double xp. Soon my sweets.
  20. 24 Hour Panel People

    All I heard was: Excuse me David, the autocue died. Do that line again. Excuse me David, Biggins made a ridiculous comment over you. Do that line again. Excuse me David, we were displaying the wrong background image. Do that line again.
  21. 24 Hour Panel People

    There were so many cuts and retakes it's a scam to call it a 24 hour show.
  22. Killzone 3

    If people are playing, yes.
  23. Killzone 3

    Can I have a clan invite?
  24. Gears of War 3

    The beta has some unlocks for the main game. There are at least two. A gold 'retro' lancer, with a bayonet instead of a chainsaw - "If you play 90 matches and get, say, 100 kills with [the Retro Lancer] weapon, [the gold version is] yours. There's no other place to get it." Also a Cole skin which you'll need to play 50 matches to unlock in the beta and an additional 13 to unlock in the retail version. Blogs say the Bulletstorm Epic Edition (which retailers are screaming has limited stock) grants early access in April and there are other options for later access.
  25. L.A. Noire

    Final box art. Looks pretty sweet.