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  1. PSP or XBOX 360?

    i have both muah personally i would get a 360 because theres nothing else to buy part from gta for the psp and there are tonnes of mint games out and coming out before the summer ie PDZ, Kameo, Call of Duty 2, PGR, Halo 3, GRAW, Burnout...... and i could go on and on plus the live experience beats... nothing at all
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Gota say when i saw the GRAW clips in November ish I was really physcd... then I found it wasnt out for 360 release... and then it had been put back..... and back..and forward...and back, defo gettin it tho , duno about any other march releases tho very probible battlefield 2 and maybe the godfather p.s u probably dont care but i really have 2010 gp and just havent been on live for a while
  3. Questions

    how come HTML for my sigs is turned off
  4. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Got a psp in september haha... and just sold wipout (just want going anywhere!) and lord of the rings ( a bit boring) for DOA4 (360), still got gta though does anyone know if all (any) the premership teams are in fifa 06? is it any good? what about championship manager? cheers
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    so do i... bought DOA4 on monday pre-owned (?) (bargain) and completed the story modes just today all hail me
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    and the 360 extends to new limits if its all true... leaving ps3 and revolution at the bottom :wink:
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    either (by the photo) he has just been stabbed in the back with a knife, goes to a speicalist school, or has been playing to much DOA4 lol
  8. Questions

    how do u import your gamertag from xbox live to your signature:S???