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  1. Sumo hiring for new racing game

    @5 Outrun Online Arcade? It needs to be Sega Rally, a good one.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Excellent game. The nicest thing about this game is that it is one of the few games where the 'achievements' actually add something to the game. They are well designed and ensure that you are encouraged to try different sorts of challenges. It reminds me of being a child when I would invent all sorts of daft limitations to what I could do to make the game last longer.
  3. Who Remembers: Hybrid Heaven

    I always thought that Hybrid Heaven for N64 was badass. Not many people are aware of that little gem.
  4. Recommend me some Gamecube games

    Super Smash Bros Melee Metroid Prime Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Resident Evil 4 Animal Crossing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Super Mario Sunshine Viewtiful Joe Sonic Adventure 2 Battle I am not committing to this list, since it's been a long time since I've even touched a GameCube.
  5. Wii remote or Wii U Pro Controller? Why?

    A wii U pro controller is only about the same price as a new game ($50) but for Super Mario 3D World you can use the gamepad, classic controllers, or even just wii remotes and nunchucks.
  6. Your Favorite Demos?

    for me it was NFS most wanted demo i was so addict to play racing car when i was kid :P
  7. Your Last Game

    last game was Metal gear rising on PC.... this game rocks
  8. Windows 8

    Thanks @Ike didn't know that till now
  9. If the drive is not spinning, I recommend the "frisbee" method of recovery. Take your hard drive in your hand, hold onto it and flick your wrist as if throwing a frisbee (don't ACTUALLY throw it, please! Just make the motion). I had an external drive fail on me and doing this loosened the platter enough to get it going again. Still works almost a year later. hope this helps