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  1. Resogun

    Finally got beyond day 5 and completed the Heroes trophies, can't see me getting near your high score though, amazing!
  2. Resogun

    Ships are done, should be ready to download. Dat score will take some beating!
  3. Resogun

    Yeah, 2 or 3 of those I won't be going for, ridiculously hard! I'll complete the Heroes trophies and leave it at that.
  4. Destiny

    Dis game, really can't wait! But with all the media coverage and the Beta it's gonna be hard not to overdose on it before the game actually releases. Should go on blackout but know I won't be able to resist the Beta. That companion app looks sweet as well!
  5. Resogun

    *Tips hat* Awesome score! You reached day 5 as well, the one trophy I'm missing! Will have a go at this over the weekend. Nice little 4th of July update on this as well, with the humans turning in to Uncle Sam's! It's the little things..
  6. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    Playstation EU big japan sale starts today Insane price for those 2 games!? More here http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/07/02/big-japan-sale-returns-ps-store-week/
  7. Watch Dogs

    I'm picking up Assassins Creed once I wrap up Watchdogs, I think it's pretty cheap now and have only heard good things. Why not go for the cheaper Ass Creed and by the time you finish it if you still have an itch to play Watchdogs It should of had a price drop. Plus the Destiny beta is only a couple of weeks away if you plan on taking part.
  8. No Man's Sky

  9. Watch Dogs

    I'm nearing the end of this now and have enjoyed it for the most part. High point, gang hideouts, really good fun and loads of ways to approach them. Online, interesting concept, hacking, tailing and being invaded by another hacker all get pretty intense. Low point, driving mechanics (no drive and shoot?), not a patch on GTA V's driving. It's not bad in my eyes but not the game it could of been. From the game we first saw to the game we ended up with I think this may of suffered by being cross gen and they ended up unable to fully realise the game they wanted to make.
  10. Resogun

    Seems I have some ground to make up in both modes! If you like any of my custom ships let me know and I'll change the attributes to what you want for you to download.
  11. Resogun

    No problem, I'll send you a request, need to start adding some of you guys.
  12. Resogun

    Yeah the DLC is great! Loving the tactical side to demolition mode, it's a nice change up from the other modes. Finally grabbed the platinum in the main game as well! Glad I got back in to this!
  13. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    I nearly picked it up today, then held off. Would be nice to get some first hand impressions of it, also i could see it being on Plus in the future. Hmmm?
  14. Resogun

    For a season pass to be available I imagine Housemarque have more DLC planned for the future, plus it's only £2.50 more than the Heroes DLC.
  15. Resogun

    Addicted to demolition mode, dat shit gets crazy! Season pass covers you for all future DLC.
  16. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    So this released today, totally forgot about it. Seems to be getting decent reviews, anyone thinking of picking this up?
  17. Resogun

    DLC is available, picked up the season pass for £6.49. More Resogun is never a bad thing!
  18. Resogun

    Ship editor is pretty cool, I was totally predictable and made an X Wing first.
  19. Resogun

    Free update coming for this before the DLC hits this week. Adds: Ship Editor. Local Co Op. More trophies. Hall of fame. Ship editor sounds awesome!
  20. Release Dates: PS4/PSVita

    Hohokum on August 13th, also on Vita. October is gonna be a nightmare, at least Drive Club is free on plus so we can pick up the full game when things have calmed down a bit.
  21. Destiny

    So this is awesome! Played last night, got my Titan to level 8 and did the strike. Although I hear the warlock is the best class to play so might start another character class before the Alpha ends. Did some bounties and exploring today and the public events are amazing, loads of randoms joining up to complete a common goal. Got a few gold tiers taking down spider tanks within a time limit, lots of dancing followed! From what I've heard Alpha progress won't crossover which is a shame as I have a decent set of level 12 uncommon armour I won't get to use. It also sounds like the beta will have a level cap of 20.
  22. Destiny

    Same here, won't get to play till tomorrow now. Will add some of you guys if that's ok, my PSN is MPryer.
  23. Destiny

    Just got my Alpha code, downloading now, 6.7gb.