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  1. Destiny

  2. Destiny

    Beta downloading!
  3. Destiny

    Should be up today according to Playstation Blog.
  4. General TV Thread

    Yeah I watched the first season when it was on, loved it. Currently watching season 2, more people should watch this.
  5. Destiny

  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yeah, they usually sell out pretty quick. Not a bad time to dive in to be honest, like @Sheikah said, we're finally getting some good prices on PS4 games now. I've picked up AC 4 for £18 pre owned and Wolfenstein for £25 brand new in the last few weeks. Also, loads of games will start hitting come Sept/Oct time.
  7. Resogun

    Amazing game and still one of my favourites on PS4. It has a great trophy list that pushes you to try and go further in the game. The DLC is really good as well and is worth checking out once your done with the main game.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    For anyone on the fence, PS4 £299.99 at shopto eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171301472534?clk_rvr_id=667395691272
  9. Destiny

    Cheers, will check it out a bit later. I should also have a spare PS4 code tomorrow if anyone still needs one. Also see that Amazon have dropped the price £15 on the limited edition now, bit more reasonable considering it has the expansion pass stuff. http://www.amazon.co.uk/ACTIVISION-87122EN-Destiny-Limited-Edition/dp/B00L8IW9ES/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1405526405&sr=8-2&keywords=destiny+ps4
  10. Watch Dogs

    Cheers, added you back. Yeah, the online modes can get pretty tense!
  11. Watch Dogs

    I found the driving frustrating at the beginning but it definitely improves as you add more skill points and hacks, would of liked the ability to drive and shoot for certain situations but i guess they were trying to distinguish itself away from something like GTAV and push the hacking elements of the game. Saying all that I did love the motorbikes for getting about swiftly and for taking jumps off raised bridges, great fun!
  12. Destiny

    Requested to join as well.
  13. Assassin's Creed Unity

    Bastille day Revolution trailer. Playing through Black Flag at the moment and loving it, so I'm looking forward to this now.
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Just had the random disc eject problem on my PS4, sad times.
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    Same here, still waiting for Shovel Knight to spend my premium points on.
  16. Guacamelee! (PSN)

    Cheers, got it for £3.29, downloading.. Been playing AC 4 this week, will get back to Resogun though, scores to beat....I wish!
  17. Guacamelee! (PSN)

    I have this untouched on my Vita, is it worth skipping straight to this new version instead? Is there much difference?
  18. Shovel Knight

    Any news on a price and release date on this yet? I have some Premium codes that are burning a hole in my eshop.
  19. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    Wolfenstein New Order £24.99 on PS4/XB1 at Smyths. As this has been getting a lot of praise I might pick this up later. http://www.smythstoys.com/ps4-games-1245sc/wolfenstein-the-new-order-ps4-135978itm.aspx
  20. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    Cheers, will give it go, didn't want to waste time on it if it was a bit shit. Played some more single player, loving it! Looks great, plays great, faith in the Creed series restored!
  21. Alien: Isolation

    Trailer for the Pre order DLC Looks like I'm pre ordering then, dat music gets me every time.
  22. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    Just started this on PS4, late to the party with it as I was fairly burned by AC 3 but this seems loads better, impressed so far! Anyone played the multiplayer, any good?
  23. Drive Club

    Seems like the delay was definitely worthwhile, looks and sounds amazing!
  24. Destiny

    Yeah, I pre ordered and registered my code yesterday. Did consider skipping the beta as I took part in the Alpha but couldn't resist another go as it's just to much fun! Will be interesting to find out how much the Expansion stuff is on its own, sounds like the some of the Expansion stuff is playstation exclusive as well. Not a fan of this to be honest, give both consoles the same content.
  25. Destiny

    New Beta trailer. Beta dates.