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  1. Destiny

    No problem brah, was the last mission I planned on doing, I did a small patrol on the moon after and then called it a night. Like others are saying we'll have to sort out some clan strikes, pvp, etc. Dem clan strike and raid trophies!
  2. Destiny

    It's good to have Destiny back, at one point all my online friends were playing Destiny, good times! I played up to where the Beta ended and left it there for the night, briefly joining @drahkon on the first moon mission which we powered through no problem, team Titan! Looking forward to playing the new moon content tonight, it sounds great. If anyone wants to Co op through the moon tonight feel free to join my fire team.
  3. Destiny

    Home from work and Amazon have delivered my copy, updating now.
  4. Destiny

    Destiny is getting a custom audio mode for the wireless headset.
  5. Batman: Arkham Knight

    True dat, next February is already looking busy, giving this more time and space won't do it any harm. The other collectors edition.
  6. Batman: Arkham Knight

    Batman Arkham Knight releasing 2.6.2015 with 2 collectors editions. That's quite a delay!
  7. Destiny

    The headset you get free with the PS4 will probably get you by for a little while, I used it during the Beta and it worked fine. When you upgrade I recommend the Playstation wireless headset, a few of us on here have them now and they're excellent.
  8. Destiny

    Clans got reset after the Beta, I think we can set our clans again tomorrow.
  9. Destiny

    Yeah, mine just shipped from Amazon as well, not banking on it turning up Monday though.
  10. Destiny

    From the planet viewer, frabjous!
  11. Destiny

    This time next week..
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Was going to play some AC4 later today, will definitely be using the headset now!
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yeah, what @Sheikah said, I've only had mine a few days and I love them already, great headset. It also has a companion app where you can upload dedicated sound modes for certain games or types to the headset.
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Was testing mine out last night, really pleased with it. Like you said, Hotline Miami sounds great, as did Hohokum. The custom mode for The Last of Us is amazing, really adds another layer of immersion to it, I hope Destiny gets a custom mode of its own.
  15. Nice redesigns but I probably won't be investing, my XL hasn't had a great deal of use this year so can't really warrant upgrading for a third time. As for Xenoblade, I think I would of preferred a HD remaster for WiiU with improved graphics, frame rate, character models etc rather than see it compressed down on to a handheld, I'm sure it will appeal to some though.
  16. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I sunk hours into the PS4 version, loved it, but like you say it will be a great fit on Vita so I'll probably lose hours to it again.
  17. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Don't Starve: Giants Edition coming to Vita on 3rd September. Cross Buy, another free game!
  18. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Mine was shipped today.
  19. Wii U General Discussion

    This has been my grievance as well and the end of year releases are not my sort of games either as I rarely play hack and slash or fighting games, although I'm still looking forward to Shovel Knight when it releases. Saying all that, 2015 is looking loads better with plenty of variety as long as they schedule them well and nothing gets delayed.
  20. Rayman Legends

    Have left a low score on the weekly extreme challenge, if you beat it 30 times the trophies are yours! Everyone's playing Diablo..must...resist.
  21. Rayman Legends

    Picked up the challenge trophies on this morning thanks to @drahkon giving me some scores to beat :p and now I'm only a couple of trophies away from the platinum so I'll probably go for it, but man are they going to be a grind, a million lums and the last level of awesomeness to go.
  22. The Last Of Us

    Yeah, was part of a marketing campaign, more locations here. http://thelastofus.eu.playstation.com/en_GB/destroyed-cities Kind of why a sequel in another country appeals to me, the locations look amazing!
  23. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yeah, I managed to get mine directly from Amazon, a third party seller was slightly cheaper at the time but I went with the security of Amazon direct. The prices on these on the UK site have been jumping around all weekend (back at £63 at the mo) might be worth keeping an eye on them on Amazon.de.