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  1. Destiny

    Good idea, so we'll make it Friday so @DriftKaiser can take part. So shall we say. This Friday 8pm, Hard Crota. Group so far. Me @Zell @MilaGi @DriftKaiser Two spaces left.
  2. Destiny

    No problem, everyone's response was super quick, you have to be fast to get a raid slot round here! Seeing as a few of us have missed out, shall we set up another hard mode raid for either Friday or Saturday, depending on what suits everyone. @Zell @Deathjam @DriftKaiser @MilaGi @ReZourceman And anyone else who may be level 32 by the weekend, let me know if your interested, if there is still space people's alts are welcome also.
  3. Destiny

    I'd be up for this if there is still space, my Titan is level 32.
  4. Destiny

    Sorry, I forgot to mention you got No Land Beyo......an exotic shard. Never seen an exotic dismantled so quick!
  5. Destiny

    Gjallarhorn from the Deathsinger last night, at last! Well done @Sheikah on getting Hawkmoon from Crota as well, some nice rewards from last nights raid.
  6. Destiny

    Sunday at 7pm is ok with me.
  7. Destiny

    Can't do Thursday till after 9pm, can do Friday or Sunday at any time though.
  8. Destiny

    I can run my alt tomorrow, count me in.
  9. Destiny

    Sounds good to me.
  10. Destiny

    Can do Thursday but don't think I'll be able to start till 9pm.
  11. Destiny

    Happy New Year! Tomorrow at 7pm is fine with me.
  12. Destiny

    I can do nightfall with my alt.
  13. Destiny

    Saturday should be fine with me.
  14. Destiny

    I had this drop today as well, just need to hit level 3 with Eris.
  15. Destiny

    8.30 is fine with me.
  16. Destiny

    I'll be up for that, what time you thinking?
  17. Destiny

    Wouldn't be able to do Thursday till 9pm, can do Wednesday anytime though.
  18. Destiny

  19. Destiny

    No problem, I'll be on for 9.
  20. Destiny

    I just rolled the dice on a helmet engram and got a new insurmountable skullfort, discipline is slightly lower than my existing one but its light level 36 so i should be level 31 soon. I'll probably buy the ruin wings as its a new exotic and may upgrade my armamentarium as the discipline is really high.
  21. Destiny

    I need to do heroic and nightfall, count me in.
  22. Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)

    New trailer Can't wait to play more Tearaway!
  23. Destiny

    Both dates are fine with me, looking forward to doing Crotas End but happy to still do the Vault of Glass as well in future. Again, cheers to @Blade for getting this organised.
  24. Destiny

    I just got nothing from the postmaster after a daily event as well, is it a bug or have they scrapped it? Sorry I missed your invite last night, didn't see it till I logged out. I would of joined otherwise.
  25. Destiny

    I can do any night this week, although wouldn't be able to start till just after 9pm on Thursday. Got my fingers crossed for more shards and boots